Healthy Plate, Healthy Pet

Pet owners are turning to healthy choices for their beloved pets. As the organic and health food trends are taking our tables by storm, there is a new trend that is directed at our pets. Pet owners are making the decision, despite a pinch to the wallet, to feed their pets with the same scrutiny that they give their own food. The trend is for more fresh and organic products. The plus side to this trend is a healthier and happier best friend. Multiple companies are making a push toward healthier products for pets. These companies include Freshpet Inc., Blue Buffalo Co., Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle’s, Mars Petcare, and Nutro Farm’s Harvest. These companies are providing products that allow pets to enjoy healthy foods more like their owner’s eat. With this trend some of the big companies are coming up with healthy choices for pets. Beneful is one such company that provides premium healthy pet foods that satisfy the nutritional needs of pets. Beneful offers eight varieties of dry dog food. The orginal blends include salmon, chicken, and beef. Specific needs are addressed in other blends, such as, weight management, puppy blends, and small dog blends. In addition to the dry food Beneful also offers twenty varieties of wet foods including chopped blends that offer real meat, vegetables, and rice. Also, available are wet blends that offer an international flare in the Tuscan Style, Romana Style, and Mediterranean Style. Beneful offers a beef stew and chicken stew, as well as. simmered and roasted medleys. These wet and dry foods by Beneful offer nutritional and tasty blends that will benefit a pet’s overall health. In addition to the wet and dry food blends, Beneful also offers a variety of healthy treats for dogs. Dental health is covered with Beneful’s Healthy Smile line of treats which are made for all dog sizes. The tasty treat line is filled with falvors that pets enjoy, like bacon, fruit, cheese, and peanut butter. Beneful is a great choice for a healthy pet.

Andy Wirth’s Battle With The Backers Of Incorporation In Olympic Valley

Olympic Valley in Lake Tahoe has been in a climate and politically related slump for the last four years according to a recent article in the Reno-Gazette Journal. Olympic Valley is home to some of the finest winter resorts and winter sports terrains in the United States, and for the last several years the weather has not been favorable to the area at all. The businesses in Olympic Valley depend on winter tourism from the largest resorts all the way down to the bars and shops catering to the visiting tourists, and it is imperative there be a long, cold and snowy winter to keep the area popular and lucrative.

The political and civic climate in Olympic Valley has been just as unfavorable. There was a move to incorporate Olympic Valley, which was met with aggressive opposition from many top resorts and businesses, especially Andy Wirth, the CEO of the popular Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The legal battle and battle words between the opposing factions divided the community, and the community was already struggling heavily due to the weather. Backers of the incorporation accused Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Andy Wirth of opposing the incorporation to avoid answering to a residential committee on various issues, specifically land usage, and the backers also accused Andy Wirth and his resort of spending large amounts of money to see the incorporation resolution blocked because Squaw Valley Ski Resort would rather keep using its influence on the land usage supervisors in Placer County, thus implying corruption. Andy Wirth dismissed those allegations and implied the backers of incorporation also had an agenda and had been spending quite a bit of money of their own.

The issues have thankfully been resolved for Olympic Valley. Favorable weather allowed for an early tourist season, and the political battle dividing the community has finally ended because the motion to incorporate was halted. Unfortunately, there is still a clear divisiveness in the community over the political turmoil.

According to the article, Andy Wirth is dedicated to heal the wounds of his beloved community by proposing improvements in transportation. According to his About Me, he is no stranger to healing wounds successfully. During a skydiving accident in Lodi, California, he had his arm ripped off and reattached. The accident inspired him to add another philanthropic project to his schedule by assisting Navy Seals returning home from combat in a program called Wounded Warrior Support.

How Legends Live On

Walking in the footsteps of a legend is never an easy task; it takes dedication, passion and je ne sais quoi to even come close to the real deal. Celebrity impersonators have made careers of it for years trying to pull off a believable Madonna, Elvis, Cher and most especially Michael Jackson. Some have succeeded, others fallen short, and a very rare few have made a name for themselves.

An impersonator that got his start as a teenager and has created a worldwide fan-base, Sergio Cortes, is the spitting image of Michael Jackson and has nailed the late pop-stars persona so closely that videos of the two side-by-side are deceiving and make it difficult to tell who is who. While Cortes naturally favors Jackson, the rest of the mystique came by studying, practicing, and obsessing over the smallest details to create a masterful illusion.

In an interview with  Noticias.r7, Cortes shared his story and rise to fame and opened up about the how the death of Michael Jackson affected him personally, explaining why he will continue on with his career. “I miss the live Michael. It was as if a part of my life had been taken away from me. I do and I will continue doing everything so that we can find strength and comfort for our grief. My performances are part of my tribute and homage to the artist,” says Cortes.

With a fan base of over 16 thousand followers on Facebook and a healthy Twitter following, it is easy to see how much fans adore him. A quick glimpse at comments and tweets and replies reveals fans from all over posting everything from emotional stories, to begging him to put on a show in an area, to thanking him for keeping the spirit of Michael Jackson alive. Sergio uses Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with his fans because he loves them but also because Michael Jackson was always loyal and showed great love to his. He places just as much emphasis on singing and dancing as he does on recreating the air of energy and love that surrounded Jackson during his life.

While no one can ever replace Michael Jackson or any other fallen celebrity, impersonators such as Sergio Cortes, who dedicate their lives to bringing their stories and songs to life and inspire new generations, keep their legends alive.

An angry George Soros Dismisses Donald Trump.

Well, a rare spectacle presents itself when two famous billionaires differ on matters of interest. On one side we have George Soros, a Forbes billionaire, successful hedge fund manager and philanthropist. The other party is the gullible Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Both men have achieved phenomenal success in their careers and fulfilled all their dreams to the letter. However, these men are as different as their background. Trump was born into a wealthy and influential family. He says his fortune began after college when he took a million dollar loan from his father to invest.

George Soros started out in the war-torn streets of Budapest in Hungary. He left his homeland to work on his dreams. The quest for a better life brought him to London where he completed his studies in Economics and Political Science at the London School of Economics. After college, Soros went into the lucrative hedge funds in London. As his career grew, Soros found himself on the shores of New York where he experienced his American dream.

In 1979,George Soros took advantage of his career success and dedicated a share of his fortune to philanthropy. Soros became synonymous with the umbrella body of the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Acting as the chairperson and founder, Soros sold the idea of Open Societies to the rest of the world and established these groups in over 100 states worldwide.

Soros looks back at the noble contribution the OSF has made to the welfare of the people of the world. In the last thirty years, they have come to the aid of oppressed people in South Africa, Europe and Asia. They have also educated millions of students around the world. However, the 21st century presents it fair share of challenges for the world to conquer.

George Soros calls for collaboration in problem solving. The refugee crisis in Europe has alarmed the world and threatened to spin out of control. The European Union has been accused of neglecting the millions of refugees flowing in from Syria and North Africa. Soros has written to relevant authorities and Western allies on the matter. He has even devised a plan to solve the crisis.

It comes as an unpleasant surprise, therefore, when presidential hopefuls like Trump make declarations disregard the plight of victims of war. Trump vowed to close US border to Muslims and other refugee communities so as to preserve the heritage of America. Soros was angered by those sentiments and called for sobriety from Trump in solving such global crisis situations.

Marcio Alaor Gives Us His Winning Formula

Marcio has announced the formation of a new bank named Banco BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to provide personal credit in a depressed market that has seen banks fail to provide personal credit.


This will not introduce any interruptions to BMG’s operation, and that is a good reason given by the vice president for the new collaboration.


The new bank has a capital of $ 1 billion and has been leveraged 11 times. It has 8 million customers with BMG providing 5 million clients and Itau providing 3 million customers.


In the new deal, BMG is expected to to earn up to $ 5 billion in 5 years. It will be payments for the 20 % stake it gave out and how it was leveraged. The bank has grown to become a leading lender in the market with 62 other banks.


BMG is today the largest group in Brazil. It has 80% of the consigned credit market. The Bero Horizonte bank recently celebrated its 85th year of offering top services for its many clients Brazil.


BMG was created in 1930 by Antonio Pentagon Guimares.It has over the years mostly served the mining industry. It entered the consigned credit market by chance several years ago and has grown in the industry to become what it is today.


Marcio is a patriotic citizen. He regularly posts advice on blogs all over the world on banking and finance. In a recent article, Marcio praised the current economic climate in Brazil saying it is ripe for takeoff. He advised interested investors to invest in Brazil in this severe environment since it provides the best chance for any meaningful returns.


Marcio was also full of praise for the Australian economy. It has not had a recession since 1990 despite being a primarily commodity driven economy. It is thanks to a government that knows what’s it doing and is willing to get ahead of the curve and make a difference.


Australia relaxes its tax laws when there is a crisis in the market. It doesn’t tax small business owners hence encourages entrepreneurship. It also adjusts its interest rates and controls inflation to expert agreed rates.


Marcio said Brazil can learn a lot from Australia since both are a commodity dependent economy with enormous natural resources. The biggest difference is Australia has an a much smaller population. It means it still depends to a great deal on the external market.


Marcio is an intelligent leader who knows a lot about the local market. It is a leverage he has used to grow his bank. He reports directly to Mr Guimares, who is another legendary investor. Together they make a solid team set to go places.

George Soros’s 2016 Warning

Billionaire investor George Soros is predicting on the financial-market doom akin to the 2008 crisis. Speaking earlier this month at the Sri Lanka Economic Forum, he warned: “When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”

China’s troubled growth outlook and currency manipulations are of particular concern to the Hungarian-born financier, Bloomberg reports. The Asian giant’s economy is transitioning toward services and consumption and away from manufacturing and investment – but not fast enough to keep December imports from falling 7.6% versus the year before.

“China has a major adjustment problem,” Soros told the forum, adding “I would say it amounts to a crisis.”

Investors fear Beijing will respond with ever-more yuan devaluation, which could kick off a currency war. Meanwhile, world markets are girding for a tighter liquidity environment following the U.S. Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate hike since 2006. The upcoming U.S. elections and worsening conflicts in the Middle East are only worsening the uncertainty across world markets. Among other commodity falls, crude oil is trading at its lowest point in more than 10 years.

MarketWatch quotes JonesTrading’s bearish assessment that “investors are left with a market that closes flat and is deteriorating from a technical perspective.” That downside pressure includes weakness in the materials, energy and biotech sectors.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is going so far as to urge clients to “sell everything except high quality bonds,” CNN Money. On the other hand, Money Market strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald writes that “It’s important that you don’t give in to the market sell-off – that’s what Wall Street’s big boys want.” Panic-selling, he rightly notes, hardly ever ends well.

Over at Seeking Alpha, one analyst says the market unrest bolsters the rationale for “a strategy of regular high quality dividend accumulation.” He suggests “buying best of breed businesses that pay dividends.” Starbucks, for instance, “has continued to sell coffee over the last few days without interruption.”

That’s not to say investors should go on a buying spree of any stocks that seem cheap. The trick is to find investments that offer long-term value, while judging which are overpriced and ripe to be sold. Soros’s guidance, which the forum’s website has available to watch in full, is simply to be “very, very cautious” and “very, very careful.”

Premium Dog Food Sales Drives Innovation

Dog food makers have been increasingly trying to innovate in order to capture a growing dog food segment; premium dog food. Customers have been increasingly driven towards premium dog food products due primarily to concerns about their dogs health. As such the push for premium dog food makers has been towards dog food that is more nutritious, fresher and with less additives and preservatives, and those that adhere to the health needs of their pets. Just how dog food makers like Purina Beneful are innovating to do this shows off their different strategies in the market place.

Mars is creating new blends of dog food that promise higher quality foods and in interesting mixes that appeal to both dog owners and their pets with their Cesar line of dog food. Food items have names that dog owners recognize from restaurants that they visit. Beef stroganoff is a good example. Don’t worry though dogs still love the dishes on and they are designed to be healthy and tasty for them. 

Beneful on, and it’s parent company, Nestle Purina, has made strides in improving on already award winning dog food by acquiring Merrick Pet Care who was one of the first certified organic produce dog food companies. This will lead to further improvement in their dog food quality and new premium dog food offerings for customers.

Further, Beneful has been pushing sales of its Bright Minds products which has amounts of medium-chain triglycerides which have been shown to be easier for elderly dogs to digest and process. Using this product can lead to a longer and healthier dog when it is in its later stages of life, which is truly a premium product for your dog. 

Freshpet has begun offering refrigerated products for your dog which help to improve the overall freshness of the products and reduces the amount of preservatives in their products. To distribute these products they have proprietary brand refrigerators in certain big box retailers which is certainly a new innovation in the market.

As we have seen brands have been trying to capture the premium dog food market in different ways including new technologies and higher quality products.

Nobilis Provides Healthcare That is Worthy of Praise

Nobilis Health is one of the best full-service health care companies in the southeast. My experience with Nobilis is linked to my time as a resident of Texas, but this healthcare company has spread out into other areas since that time. Since the time that I initially experienced healthcare through a Nobilis healthcare facility this company has grown. I have even taken to investing in this healthcare organization because it provides a great return on investment. The leaders that run this organization have played a part in building a foundation to more then 100 surgical centers. This is pretty impressive for an organization that did not even exist a couple of decades ago. I have a lot family and friends that work with Nobilis, and most of them have said that they have a great work experience with this healthcare company. Nobilis has become widely known as a healthcare company with specialties in the areas of pain management, spinal surgery, podiatry and orthopedic surgery. There are also specialists that work for Nobilis healthcare that provide ear, nose and throat care for patients. People that are aware of this organization are primarily in the southwest because this is where most of the surgical centers that are linked in to Nobilis are located. Nobilis also has ties to the south with a healthcare organization in the Tennessee area. This shows that the company leaders are expanding beyond the comfort zone that they originally started in. It is a great organization that has grown a lot over the years, but there is still a large amount of growth that can occur. The one thing that has made Nobilis as successful as it is is the full-service concept. There are positions in for professionals that specialize in a variety of medical practices, but this is not the only component of the Nobles healthcare company. To the contrary, this organization also has core competencies and areas such as marketing for promoting this healthcare organization. This plays a big part in the overall success of this company over time. The excellent marketing that is linked to this organization is what has allowed the company to expand. Marketing healthcare can be a difficult task, but the skilled professionals that are linked to this organization have provided a great way for this company to continue building throughout Texas and beyond. Nobilis has managed to provide excellent healthcare to my family.

Do CEOs need Social Media Training?

Earlier in the month Hootsuite founder and CEO Ryan Holmes posted a questionable photo to Instagram shortly after the company had laid off dozens of employees. The post showed a tight shot of his hand holding a drink. The caption said: “Cheers to my homies.”
Right after the post many of the dismissed employees expressed their objections in the comments section of the post. Shortly afterwards the post was deleted. As of now there have been no public response from Holmes or the company.
Sixty-five employees from the company’s San Francisco, Boston, Singapore, and Vancouver offices were dismissed. One of them made this comment about the Instagram post. “I love drinking after firing so many people.”
Alex Simon, a partner in the online reputation firm, Digital 86, had some advice about such situations as the Holmes post. He suggested running a proposed post by a couple co-workers to get their opinion before putting up a potentially damaging post. If such a post goes through, it should be removed, and an apology issued.
Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of the reputation management company, Status Labs, recommends that CEOs and top corporate leaders undergo some type of social media training to help avoid incidents like the Instagram post.
Status Labs, is an internet centered public relations company that specializes in online reputation management for companies and individuals, especially those that need their online presence to be as positive as possible. Status Labs can repair damaged reputations, protect good ones, and they can quell controversy once it arises.
It has been reported that twenty of the people let go by Hootsuite were from their corporate headquarters. Forty percent of those dismissed were employed at the Singapore office.
Was the Instagram post a serious infraction or just an ill-advised gaffe. I suppose it would be a matter of opinion that could be debated greatly.

How YouTube Could Make One Famous

Among the common needs for people is to be beautiful, and to be recognized. Fortunately, it is possible for one to achieve both. The good thing about YouTube is that there are many different methods to achieve fame. Many of these methods take time. The quickest way to achieve fame is to release a viral video. However, it would take a lot of courage in order to put together a viral video because it often takes humiliation in order to successfully create a viral video. The more sensible way is a slower way of gaining fame, and that is through networking and providing valuable content.

One of the people that have achieved fame through the more sensible way is Wendy Huang. Wendy Huang works under her username of Wengie. Her channel deals with beauty and style. She gives advice on how to experiment and find a look that one could be satisfied with. While people can be satisfied with other people liking their looks, there are some people that are more interested in finding a look that they are satisfied with. Wengie helps encourage people to pursue this activity. Wengie is one very popular among the artistic and experimental types in the world.

Wengie has achieved her fame through diligence and hard work. She has taken the time to network with other users. She has also used other social media platforms in order to gain recognition. The subscribers and views came at a slow pace. At the same time, she has shown herself to have a lot of self respect. This is one thing that people look for in a YouTube personality. If Wengie showed a lot of desperation to release a viral YouTube video, she might have gotten the fame. At the same time, it might have backfired on her and people would have ran to the next viral video.

True achievement of fame takes a long time for many. It is better to slowly build fame because as one builds his fame, he learns how to discipline himself and keep the fame going. Those who release a viral video might get overwhelmed by the sudden fame. They are often left with the task of having to live up to their viral video. Some people will lose interest and find the next viral fame. Meanwhile, the people that come with the slow rise to fame will understand the YouTube personality.