An Innovative and Inexpensive Wi-Fi Service From FreedomPop

A number of carriers offer data plans which enable users to connect to the internet through their mobile devices. The disadvantage with most of these plans is that they are a bit expensive. There are startup companies that are trying to provide inexpensive data plans through innovative products. One of the ways is to make use of hotspots.

A hotspot may be defined as a physical location that offers Internet access to users, typically, through Wi-Fi technology. Hotspots are found in public establishments like hotels, coffee shops, airports and other public areas around the world.

FreedomPop is a startup company that was founded in 2011. It offers free voice and data plans to customers. Though the free services offered are basic, they are helping to get rid of the digital divide between people. A number of users have been switching to FreedomPop’s free cellular service.

The company is also launching a new WiFi service that will enable a user to get unlimited use of around 10 million hotspots across the United States for a low price of $5. The service will also have an auto-connect feature to connect to the hotspots. This service could adversely affect carriers that offer LTE services at a premium price. The service also appears to fit the current usage patterns where for mobile users 90% of data is consumed over Wi-Fi. Though the initial rollout is for 10 million hotspots, it is expected to grow to 25 million hot spots quickly.

The service will available through an Andriod app initially and iPhone app will also be offered later. Freedom pop has not offered Wi-Fi service until now and this will benefit users who have been waiting eagerly for a low-cost Wi-Fi service.

Both the users who have carriers and users who have phones but no carriers are the target market for this service. For users that already have carriers, they can cut their data plans with this service. Users with phones but no carriers can use this service to get mobile service.

Colorful Expressions revealed from a Visionary Artist

Colorful Expressions revealed from a visionary artist
Don’t you wish you could just be able to express yourself on the outside as well as inside? Where did all of these rules come from? Why is it not okay to express the unique colors that are you? We are all accustomed to dull makeup pallets and a dreary outlook since this is the social norm. However, what if we wanted to let our hair down and bring out bold beautiful colors that get really noticed? If so, who can we turn to provide these bright beautiful colors in a makeup pallet? Are there makeup artists who dare to be bold enough to create this? The answer is yes and her name is Doe Deere, the founder of the Lime Crime makeup line. Lime Crime makeup offers bright unconventional makeup pallets that include blues, purples, pinks, bold reds, etc. The color pallets are anything but ordinary. Whether you want to highlight your eyes, lips, nails, or all of the above, there is a color pallet designed for you to show the world the colors that are you.
Doe Deere is not just your average boring executive. She is a visionary artist that portrays the message that success can come from living moment to moment, taking a chance, and going with a creative vision. She created this visionary Lime Crime makeup line after her careers as an aspiring fashion designer and musician were not a huge success. Here website shows beautiful bold almost childlike colors. If she had been successful in these ventures, would people everywhere have the chance to express themselves with bold exciting colors? Moreover, without the personal struggle of an artist that is trying to find their place to make their mark in the world, would there be creative collections such as the makeup line that Doe Deere created? She is often quoted telling others ‘Don’t quit your day dream!’ Does that sound like the words of a dreamer or a Visionary that the world should listen to. Expression through bold colors and bringing out the less mundane version of yourself is not only good for you, it is an inspiration to others. It is a reminder that in life we are given colors, a pallet, and a brush. What we do with what we are given is up to us. Lime Crime can help you choose. Color yourself bold or dull. The choice is yours and the time given is limited.

FreedomPop Sets Eyes on Asian Expansion

FreedomPop has gained some rather torrid market traction of late thanks to the persistent rumors that the company was going to be bought out in an M&A agreement. For the past few months we’ve heard that CEO Stephen Stokols was considering selling off the wildly successful L.A. based start up. As it turns out, those rumors were premature. Stokols came out to tell reporters that a sell would be “premature” and that their eyes were solely on the future at this point. Shortly later Stephen Stokols made good on that statement to TechCrunch as FreedomPop rounded up another $10 million in investments from two rather large sources.

First up Asian mobile carrier Axiata put in their investment dollars and in return they will open up an entire new market for the U.S. based company. Axiata already possesses more than 230 million subscribers within their South Eastern network and they now will be open to the FreedomPop brand. FreedomPop will be heading to Asia for the first time here and they plan to have some sort of launch within the next 6 to 12 months in Southeast Asia. Axiata is one of the most prevalent carriers in the area and they could put FreedomPop on a different level in terms of brand awareness overseas. Axiata has been firm, however, with the fact that the brand will not be directly associated with Axiata. Likely FreedomPop will maintain their name or use some sort of slogan such as “powered by FreedomPop”.

Next up the unnamed big American tech investor has a bunch of people talking. the investor plans to go public with their investment within the next month or so but already they figure to be a game changer for the FreedomPop brand. The unnamed investor is apparently going to help develop the FreedomPop product in order to make it competitive with Google Fi. This big announcement could be huge for what FreedomPop is trying to do in America. It could change the way their brand is veiwed while making them a stalwart competitor in the corwded mobile wireless field in the burgeoning American markets.

Always Working Hard For Justice

Dan Newlin is definitely a man that has risen to the top through hard work and diligence. Dan Newlin is a man that always had a love of justice. He wanted to do good for people and work in law. Since that was the case, he began working in law enforcement when he was only 20 years old. He worked for the police and fire department of Chicago and Indiana. Later he went on to work at the Orange county sheriffs office. He was able to work his way up to being the sheriff detective in this office. Working as Sheriff Detective engulfed many different facets of Dan Newlin’s life. Newlin worked in areas like the fugitive division, narcotics enforcement, auto theft, and much more. Dan
Worked very hard and tirelessly in order to enforce justice while he worked as a sheriff’s detective. He was able to arrest many dangerous individuals, and because of that he gained much acclaim and awards for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Dan Newlin decided that he wanted to extend his career in law and do more work as an attorney. Since that was the case, he decided to go to law school in 1997. After graduating law school Dan Newlin went on to begin his own practice in Illinois and Chicago. Dan Newlin still holds that practice today and he works with accident and injury victims. His firm has gained much success and he has helped his clients to attain over 150 million dollars in their behalf. Dan Newlin’s firm boast of 18 attorneys, and over 75 different employees. The team that works alongside Dan Newlin focuses mainly on motorcycle accidents, personal injury, construction accidents, auto accidents and wrongful death.

Dan Newlin, written about in this Yahoo Finance article, has a law firm that is made up of board-certified highly experienced lawyers and other highly trained individuals that have been able to provide first-class representation to their clients, and they have been able to help them win their cases and have justice done.

It is evident that Dan Newlin is a man that loves justice. Even from young age he wanted to get into the legal field in order to be able to help individuals to have justice served. Now he is a lawyer working in that same facet. Through hard work, diligence and persistence, Dan Newlin has become one of the most well known lawyers in The States.

Finding New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey is one of America’s most visited states. People come to New Jersey to get access to beautiful area beaches, delightful national parks and the region’s many liveable cities. People who live in New Jersey also enjoy access to an excellent job market that provides access to good jobs for many residents. Those who are thinking of moving to this state will need to have the right housing for their specific living arrangements. A family of three kids will need to be able to have access to good local schools. Someone who is single may want to have an apartment that puts them right in the heart of a city with a lot of nightlife and close access to New York City or Philadelphia.

Many people want to live in apartment. An apartment allows people to live in place where they can often be in the center of a city and in walking distance of important amenities such as good restaurants, public transportation and weekend activities that are a lot of fun. Renting an apartment can also allow someone to reserve their funds for other activities that are important to them such as travel. The apartment renter may not need to care for a lawn or spend money on homeowner association fees.

Many fine apartments are available for New Jersey residents. Those who are searching for a New Brunswick luxury rentals may want to look closely at The Aspire. The Aspire offers luxury housing in one of New Jersey’s most congenial cities. Many other options exist as well for those who are looking for an apartment to call their own here. Anyone who is looking for an apartment in this region of the country should take the time to investigate all potential options that may be available to them before picking one out.

If possible, the resident should take the time to speak with area apartment complexes and find out information such as the kind of rent that is being charged as well as the kind of amenities offered. Many apartment managers are happy to show potential tenants their apartments for rent directly via a tour. The potential tenant should take the time and look closely at each potential apartment in order to consider what it has t offer them directly. One may be closer to a job while another may have excellent views and an onsite community center.

Mr. Sender’s Contribution

I have been a contemporary artist since the late 1970s. My career has seen some ups and downs, but it has allowed me enough to continue to produce art. I have a day job, but I must engage my craft daily and that can be expensive. My work is in the upper tier, but I am lacking a breakthrough. Furthermore, the market for contemporary art in the last recent years has been dominated by a buyer that was amassing a large collection of this style of art. This increased some attention on the genre and sales picked up as a result. I had many more visitors to my galleries during the housing bubble of course.

However, after the recession, I did not lose as much business as I would have expected due to the circumstances. The recession did not affect the types that are my bread butter much. The recession has delayed my breakthrough, however. The generated interest from those that did not fare as well as a result of the recession probably contained the patronage that would have allowed my work to thrive on its own. Because of this, I have lingered at a certain level, but the increase has been enough to allow me to produce art on a larger scale.

Sometimes these large pieces are necessary as attention grabbers, and they also fit the average size that my type of client needs to fill the large ceiling heights and corresponding wall space. Scale is an issue in buildings and homes such as these. Recently, tremendous interest has been generated by the onslaught of very desirable contemporary art pieces to the market. These works have been released by super-enthusiast, Adam Sender (Observer). Sender had acquired all of the major contemporary art works by the most consequential artists in 50 years. The release of the works to the market would seem to be a problem for working artists, but the expense of the works make people without that level of resources seek artists like me that are looking for that aforementioned breakthrough.

The amount of traffic has steadily increased since the initial announcement that he would be parting with the pieces, and has only continued to grow as he has sold some of these amazing works and donated others. The larger, more complex works were donated to museums that are capable of properly displaying important works like those that Mr. Sender has released. I have received commissions for my contemporary art work from the types of dealers that can catapult an artist to fame and recognition. This is all thanks to the massive interest that has been generated from Sender’s release. If this is not my year, at least I have made my galleries a success.

FreedomPop’s Latest Marketing Move

The mobile app carrier known as FreedomPop has done wonders for new technology on mobile phones. At one point the carrier was planning on being sold off to the highest bidder.

According to a Recode report, there has now been a change of plans since FreedomPop has decided not to sell itself but rather remain where it is. Along with that, it has also managed to raise $30 million in funding for any of its future moves. This funding was led by Partech Ventures, a company from Europe, which is important since the company announced it was expanding into Europe just last month. Other investors such as DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, who were already working with FreedomPop, shared in some of the funding as well.

For those who don’t know, FreedomPop is a new brand of carrier service that operates on a different business model, while at the same time allowing that same service to be provided by a major carrier. In addition to all of the money made from their extra services, the company also allows for new data and texting plans for those who use their app.

Stephen Stokols, who is the CEO of FreedomPop, said that the company had been presented with several offers to sell but ended up not doing so because it was too early. He added that one of the factors that led to him not selling the company was that he felt that it would be worth up to four times as much as it is currently in the upcoming year once they started growing business internationally.

As for whether the service will be available in stores, Stokols said the company is currently looking into retail partnerships but for the moment, it’s solely available as an online service.

Goodbye Gap

Well if you shop at Gap, it’s something to keep in mind next time you head out to pick up some new clothes. Your local gap may no longer be there. This is because the Gap made a big announcement today. It’s one that will affect where a lot of people shop, and where some people work.

According to Reddit, the company announced today that it will be closing 175 stores in North America. It might not seem like a huge chunk, but that means only about 800 stores will remain open. This is an early anouncement, so right now it’s not known where the stores that are closing are located. A few things are known however. One of those is the fact that it is just Gap that is closing, not their affiliated brands like Banana Republic and Old Navy.

When it comes to those employees being affected, the main lay-offs will be seen in the San Franciso headquarters. Gap has been struggling and by doing this they are hoping to cut costs and boost sales. For a while, customers have been changing how they do their shopping and many of them have been switching to online. That’s a main reason why brick and mortar stores aren’t as necessary as they used to be.

In the meantime, the and Andy Wirth say Gap will still be looking into more ways in which they can restructure their company and make more money. There’s another meeting coming up soon where they will reveal more information on their plan. As time goes on, word will be out about which Gap stores are closing, and where those employees will be headed.

There Are Many Homes In New York Real Estate

New York City is a place that many people aspire to live in. There are many movies, stories, books, TV shows and more that are about New York City. Since the city is such a popular place, it’s not unusual for many to choose New York City as a place to live. New York City is popular, but for those who live there, they may not be able to move as quickly as they’d like. Since it can be difficult for people to find a new home in the city, some will stay in their cramped space for several years.


The best way to find a new home for yourself and your family is by hiring a realtor to do the work for you. A realtor can take the time to search all the listings they have available. A home doesn’t have to be a house, a home can be any dwelling that you feel comfortable in. When you’re ready to start looking for that place to call your own, then it’s best for you to go with TOWN Real Estate. TOWN Real Estate is a premier realtor that deals with luxury locations in New York City.


The locations that are listed with TOWN Real Estate are some of the best that the city has to offer. Those who are looking for NYC luxury real estate they can find great listings with TOWN Real Estate. Working with TOWN Real Estate is as easy as contacting the company, and you can choose your own personal realtor. You’ll be able to give the information about the type of home you’re looking for, and your real estate agent will do the rest. There’s no need to sit by the phone waiting on a call for a potential rental or home that you want. Your real estate agent will contact you when they find something you want.
Many people choose to look for homes on their own, but it may be difficult to find great housing in New York City without a realtor. Ease the stress off of yourself, and let your realtor find you a place of your own. If you live in a cramped space, your realtor can find you a luxurious place to call home. TOWN Real Estate agent experience in finding the best real estate in the city, so all you have to do is hire them, and wait for the results.

The Dorchester Collection, A Five Star Hotel Experience

The Dorchester Collection is a chain of luxurious, five star hotels that is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency. Their hotels are located in five different countries, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, and France. Not only does the Dorchester Collection own hotels, it also owns restaurants and spas within the hotels.

The original Dorchester hotel is located in London, England. This hotel is simply called “The Dorchester”. The hotel is located in the center of London, and it overlooks Hyde Park. Many famous people, such as celebrities, politicians, and even royalty have stayed in this hotel. The Dorchester features fine cuisine, a spa, and a room with beautiful artwork. In fact, there are multiple restaurants in this one hotel!

In Europe, there are also two other hotels. There is the 45 Park Lane Hotel. This is the smallest of all their hotels, and it is also located in London. In England, there also is a hotel in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Ascot is a small town located west of London.

In the United States, there are hotels by the Dorchester Collection in the Los Angeles area. The Beverly Hills hotel is located in Beverly Hills, California. Like the other hotels in the Dorchester Collection, it is a five star, luxury hotel. The other hotel located in the Los Angeles area is hotel Bel-Air. This hotel is located in the Bel-Air neighborhood, in the western part of Los Angeles.

There are also two hotels of the Dorchester Collection in France. Both of these hotels are located in Paris. They both have been given “palace distinction”, a French designation for the finest hotels.

In Switzerland, the Dorchester Collection owns a hotel called Le Richemond and it is the oldest hotel in Geneva, dating back to 1875. This hotel also features an exquisite spa.

Italy also has two hotels by the Dorchester collection. These hotels are located in Milan and Rome. The hotel in Rome is known as Hotel Eden. Last, but by far not the least, Dorchester manages one in Milan is known as Hotel Principe de Savoia.

Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan
Effortless elegance meets timeless tradition, at the luxury five-star Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Dominating the Piazza della Repubblica, this landmark neoclassical building has been the natural home for international travellers and cosmopolitan society since the 1920s. Experience the true spirit of Milan, a fashion-conscious city with a reputation for exceptional style and world-class shopping.