EOS Lip Balm for All Seasons

The peak time that blueberries grow is through the months of May, June, July and August, depending on the location of the crops. Blueberries are known to have a sweet taste similar to that of green and red grapes. If you enjoy blueberries, this is what you will find and taste with one of many EOS lip balm flavors, namely the product Blueberry Acai. The jojoba oil and shea butter ingredients in the Blueberry Acai EOS lip balm will sooth your lips and enhance your overall look for any occasion. Go to usmagazine.com for more fun articles to read.

To begin with, it was entrepreneurs Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra who created and developed the EOS lip balm products with many fruitful flavors, like blueberry. Each lip balm flavor is made with natural, healthy organic ingredients with antioxidant-rich vitamin E. The letters EOS in the company name stands for evolution of smooth, and millions of EOS products are currently being sold per week, read more here. According to Elizabeth Segran, Ph.D., a writer at Fast Company, dated Aug. 2, 2017, EOS products is selling globally and is expected to sell about two billion dollars by the year 2020 because of peoples’ demands for organic products.

From EOS lip balm flavors of blueberry and pomegranate raspberry . . . in the summer season, you will simply enjoy the flavor of honey and apple mixed together in the fall season. The EOS Honey Apple lip balm product is popular and a quick seller, available here at makeupalley.com.

No matter the season, spring, summer, fall or winter, you will be able to find that just right, and favorite, fruit taste to sooth your lips with EOS lip balms. Experience EOS lip balm products, such as Honey Suckle Honey Dew EOS lip balm, a fruitful flavor for the spring months to vanilla bean and winterberry flavors during the winter months and holiday season.

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The Epic EOS

Holy Lip Balm! Say good bye to the boring lip balm flavors that remind you of your grandmothers purse. I have possibly discovered the best and most delicious flavored lip balm out there, click here. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, lip balm is amazing! See also this related story here on blogwebpedia.com. Not only is it organic and extremely safe, but it works better than any lip balm I have owned. It also have become the lip balm brand with my favorite flavors. Here are my top favorite flavors! Amazing offer here on amazon.ca.


  1. Sweet Mint

The Sweet Mint is the first EOS lip balm I tried and it hooked me! It is minty, refreshing, but with a sweet, vanilla like twist. It almost reminds me of a mint ice cream. It was unlike any other lip balm or chap stick that I have ever tried. This is why I continued to purchase EOS and try all their different flavors.

  1. Summer Fruit

This one is exactly how it sounds! Super fruity and delicious, prefect for a little pick me up. It smells delicious and is a great summer flavor. The best part is that is avoids that super artificial taste that many lip balms have.

  1. Coconut Milk

Evolution of Smooth hit a home run with this one! This is a flavor in the line of their visibly soft lip balm. It is the sweetest and bet flavored lip balm I have ever tried. It is my go to flavor now.


This is just three of the many flavors that EOS offers. Try them all!


The Exotic Nihi Sumba Resort

Indonesia has a magnificent beach known as Nihi Sumba previously called Nihiwatu, in which a beach hostel was built. The hostel’s existence ceased from being in the year 2012 when an incredible duo of Chris Burch and James McBride came together and purchased the hostel. They invested $30 million in renovating and refurbishing the hostel to a five-star resort. It was officially reopened in 2015.

The grandiose resort has since received the privilege of being rated as the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure in two years. This can be attributed to the outstanding architect and features found in the resort. Nihi boasts of 27 private and luxurious villas, including Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home. That particular section has a main house and four additional villas, each with its own private plunge pool making it ideal for holidays. One gets to enjoy the great sceneries across the Indian Ocean as well as the breeze.  Related article on wingsjournal.com.

There are various activities to engage in while on the beach. To add up the fun bit, there is a huge entertainment area catering for both indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, there are two tree houses which give the guests a feel of the wild while enjoying the modern facilities in the houses that is, a lavish bedroom, washroom, balcony and a private swimming pool.

The resort is also known for its unique antiques that have deep meanings in relation to the history of Indonesia. They include Ikat prints, Sumbanese antiques, and local wood. To provide treatment to the body, mind, and soul there is a beach spa with professionals who will see to your needs and give you world class services. If you prefer not to go to the beach spa, you can also request for treatment inside your room. The resort also provides surfing sessions and training to those who want to learn. There are also beautiful waterfalls close by for you to take excursions. The resort undoubtedly has an amalgam of various sceneries and facilities to be enjoyed.  Additional article about Nihi on businessinsider.com.

About Chris Burch

As the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur venturing in sectors like technology, fashion trends, and real estate. He basically has vast experience in the entrepreneurship world. For his latest cool offering in the market, click inc.com.

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He kicked off his career with the support of his brother named Bob when he was still at Ithaca College. They started a company called Eagles Eye Apparel and saw it grow to $165 million then sold it. At the moment, he serves as the principal of Burch Creative Capital. Visit the company’s website, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

To read more, visit the website at http://christopherburch.com/

Berry Nice Lips

Do you want berry nice lips? EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm has changed the shape of the general lip care stick into a fun shaped sphere that you won’t lose in your purse or your pocket. Now that you can locate your lip balm, wait until you try it. There are several EOS lip balm flavors, but for now, let’s uncover the berry nice flavors. Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai and last, but not least, Blackberry Nectar.

Strawberry Sorbet comes in a pink sphere container. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a Red, Blueberry Acai in baby blue. These flavors of lip balm are in the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm line. The Blackberry Nectar is in the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere collection. All these berry flavors roll smoothly on your lips so get one now here on ebay.com.

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I am a fan of all the “berry blends” listed, but EOS has several other flavors to choose from, depending on what you like. The EOS lip balm is a moisturizer and makes your kissable lips soft. Each lip balm smells and tastes just as good as their “berry” name. The Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere, Blackberry Nectar, serves as a lip conditioner. With EOS lip balm, your lips will thank you for a product that incorporates natural oils and vitamins that keep your lips soft. Did I mention EOS lip balms are Gluten free products? EOS lip balms are like health care for your lips. Try them all, and if you need a place to start, I suggest starting with the “berry blends,” these EOS lip balms are Berry Nice.

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Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Flavored Visibly Soft Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm will do exactly what it says by making your lips visibly smooth. This vanilla mint flavored lip balm comes in a unique container that looks like a painted Easter egg with an almost spherical shape and blue and white wavy stripes. With the unique form and color of this lip balm, you’re bound not to lose it in a bag or drawer like traditional stick shaped lip balms, read more. Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm is long lasting and does not contain preservatives such as petrolatum or paraben and instead contains shea butter to help moisturize your lips and make them silky and smooth. It’s 99% natural and contains vitamins C and E, which help with your health and are beneficial antioxidants. Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm smoothes on clear and is gluten free for those in your life who have sworn off gluten or have a gluten allergy. Read more interesting stories here on frenchtribune.com.

EOS’ Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm makes a great gift for your friends and family. You can grab the similarly designed Coconut Milk and Blackberry Nectar flavors you can make a cute little Easter basket with these lip balms for your family and coworkers instead of giving out the usual candy and chocolate.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Uses Rejuvenation Therapy for Cancer Patients

Rejuvenation therapy has been used for years in the cosmetic industry. It is something that he is the best cosmetic surgeons use to make sure that they are helping people and to show them that they can get more out of the things that they have going on. They can treat wrinkles, lines and sagging skin with it. Mikhail Blagosklonny knew this but he also knew that it had to have a more practical application in medicine. He wanted to use it to help people and he knew that he would be able to do this no matter what was going on or what people wanted to be able to do.Mikhail Blagosklonny used rejuvenation therapy for his patients. He is an oncologist and decided that it would be a good treatment option to try for people who were battling cancer. He used it so that he could help those who had weakened immune systems. He felt that this would be the best way to make things better for his patients and for the issues that they were suffering from. He also knew that it would be something that he could try to make better for all of the patients that he had.

Mikhail Blagosklonny found out about the method from the peer review publication that he started. He was confident that it would work in the way that he wanted and he also knew that it would be something that he could show people what they were missing out on. Since Mikhail Blagosklonny had been treating cancer for years, he saw the negative effects that came from trying to make things better and the cancer treatment options that he had to use on other people to make them better. Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted to fix this and provide them with immune support and was able to do that with rejuvenation therapy.Rejuvenation therapy allows Mikhail Blagosklonny to be able to help people who he was unable to help in the past. Before, he had to rely on just treating cancer and the aggressive treatment methods that went along with it.

Now, though, he is able to make sure that his patients have their immune system supported while they are doing the treatment. He is hoping that this type of therapy will allow him to kill cancer without trying to kill the other cells of the body and, eventually, killing the patient.A huge part of the treatment came from ideas that he learned from Oncotarget. The peer review publication allowed him to learn more about the things that were going on in the world of cancer treatment and in other areas of special medicine. It was something that Mikhail Blagosklonny relied on and something that he had to try and make possible for other people to do more. While Mikhail Blagosklonny was learning all of this, he was also using it so that he could help his patients and support the opportunities that he had to make things better for other doctors who were a part of the publication.

Jason Hope an Entrepreneur, Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope is known to be a skilled entrepreneur and futurist. He earned his reputation as a result of his passion and clear understanding of technology. Hope uses the knowledge he has on technology to watch the industry and make a prediction about how the future will be in terms of technological progress. Based on the present trends in technology, Jason has a belief that the power of (IoT) Internet of Things may be important in the future since most devices are turning to connected devices. This is one of the major predictions he has made about the future, using current information and trends on technology.

Insights and advice from Jason about technology are of great assistance to modern businesses. The advice is also useful for people who are looking for the best possible strategies to implement for the purpose of capitalizing on future technology. This fact gives a clear impression that his insights can be used by many people for planning processes. Hope is a native from Arizona Innate who grew up in Tempe, and during the time he received Finance degree from Arizona State University as well as his MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey Business School. The idea of his grant program is meant to help young minds with great ideas.

Hope takes in business ideas through Hope’ official website, and he picks the most interesting ideas from the list. Future of technology, according to him depends on the great ideas formed by young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He brings his idea to life through keeping things basic, and he does not over-complicate things. According to Jason over-complicating issues only leads to wastage of time and it encourages failure. He communicates his ideas to people who are close to him to get feedback, and he works on a project one step at a time.

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In Violation

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin do not violate human rights. They support and protect them as best as they can through the Frontera Fund. They started this initiative. They continue to proudly carry it through to greater and greater achievements. They are not alone.

In fact, countless individuals and organizations appeal for such causes, and for that, many are grateful in turn. Even the thousands of groups and agencies that now exist must have come from somewhere; you may be surprised to learn that there were countless others before them too.

If you really want to trace the dates back, you can probably go back as far as the story of Moses in the Bible as he freed the people of Israel from the bondage that the current Pharaoh wanted to retain them in: “Let my people go”. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

Moses was one of history’s very first recorded human rights activists, and since then, the movement has only further grown to what we now have today, and it is no less than spectacular altogether.

With one person, anything can happen. Imagine what can be accomplished with two or more. The possibilities are infinite and too good to count.

The political arena is now one that needs human rights champions more than ever before. Many modern government leaders have abused their power beyond belief and must be checked. When any government confers too much power upon its officials, then this tyranny is allowed to happen; do you remember what has happened with Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, North Korea and the Czech Republic in the last few years?

These are perfect examples to prove the point: Every human right imaginable – and one more – has been trampled upon mercilessly. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Human beings everywhere, regardless of status, race, color, creed, religion, power or past, have the right to stand up and fight for themselves. If they do not do it, then who will do it for them? The answer is likely no one, except for those wonderful rights agencies and individuals that serve as the brave and the bold, those few souls who risk it all to make a difference – such as Michael and Jim.

Without people and businesses like this to spread awareness and stir the people to action, perhaps the situation would be even more difficult in these countries now. Imagine if there was no voice at all; who would lead the people and start a movement?

Even in Pharaoh’s time, there was someone willing to stand up and make a difference – so it must be in every generation, if all is not to be lost. That nasty Pharaoh was no king but a serious human rights violator who needed to either step down or be removed, which happened perfectly.

Kim Jong Un is a violator. Nicolas Maduro is a violator. Adolf Hitler was a violator. The list goes on, but the point is this: What do we know now, and what are we willing to do about it now?

All The Best Of EOS

Lip Balms Over The Years

EOS is the lip balm company that was able to achieve amazing things through their concepts and their innovative measures. Chapstick was the main lip balm for over a century. Chapstick is the maker of unisex lip balms that come in a few general flavors. The reason why Chapstick was the favorite lip balm is because it was easily accessible. There were no other company that tried to take over the lip balm market. Even if there was a company that tried to outdo Chapstick, they generally followed Chapstick’s model, and those lip balms were not able to hold a candle to Chapstick when it came to sales. Jump over this related site, blogwebpedia.com.


What Made EOS Different

When the creators of EOS decided that they wanted to make a lip balm that would beat Chapstick, they decided that they were going to have to think outside of the box. They did not want their lip balm to be unisex, but they wanted to tailor their lip balm to a woman’s needs. They decided to do surveys and ask women what they wanted in a lip balm. They also got in contact with some very popular female bloggers, and those bloggers tried EOS and suggested the lip balm for their audience. Now EOS is the number one selling lip balm; they were able to tap into a market that needed to be revolutionized. Find out more amazing stories here on thebrotalk.com.


The Favorites Of EOS

EOS has a plethora of different lip balm flavors, but there are definitely some flavors that are most popular. Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, and Vanilla Bean are some of the most popular EOS lip balm flavors. The great thing about EOS lip balms is that they are made with organic and cruelty free ingredients. EOS lip balms are made in smooth cylinder containers, and the lip balm application experience is enjoyable for women. EOS lip balms are lip balms that are like no other, and that is the reason why they were able to rise to the top in an industry that was virtually untouched for years.

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Make Soft Sultry Lips A Reality With EOS Lip Balm Products

Do you dream of beautiful soft full lips with the appearance of their youthful luster? EOS lip balm products have become very popular among young adults and professionals as the go-go tip balm for organic protection which really works. Canadians everywhere have been snatching them off of the shelves and making them a cool trendy product among their friends. That’s right, Canadian’s everywhere can be seen taking the cool pastel packages from their purse or pocket with easy to use containers. You’re invited to visit your local retailer participating stores like Walmart and Costco for a collection of products on their beauty care aisle. Available also in makeupalley.com.

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Embrace an ancient remedy used for centuries to heal and repair the skin. In fact, popular brands like EOS contain essential vitamins, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Ladies will have no problem blending their ordinary lipstick products with the Evolution of Smooth, view now! They also offer organic shaving cream, hand, and body lotion to their customers. You can enjoy the perfect blend of moisture and protection against UV rays, cracked skin, and extreme temperatures. Thousands of women are choosing the benefits of EOS lip balm products over once preferred products like Chapstick.

You’re invited to try EOS lip balm products today by visiting the official Evolution of Smooth website. Watch also their video review here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.