Relmada Therapeutics Inc. Seeks to Amend Their Complaint against Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and brokerage firm. The company has been offering advice on alternative investments and wealth management to public firms, private institutions, and high net worth investors in the United States and the United Kingdom. Matthew D. Eitner heads the company, and James Ahern is the Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets. Headquartered in New York, the company has over 150 employees who run its operations under FCA authorization and FINRA registration.

Laidlaw offers banking services, which include capital raising, financing the acquisitions, AIM-listed transactions in UK markets, U.S. trading markets, initial public offerings, and arranging the national exchange listing. Additionally, the company gives advice on the balance sheet optimizations, acquisitions and mergers, stock purchasing, and strategic alliance among others. Apart from the investment banking services, the company also gives wealth management services with interests in portfolio management, investment advisory services, and financial planning.

Relmada Therapeutics Inc. announced they had filed a motion to amend its complaints against Laidlaw & Company in January 2016. This is after they filed a lawsuit against the Laidlaw and its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern for the dissemination of false and misleading proxy materials. The amended complaint involves an additional legal claim of Laidlaw’s breach of the confidentiality rule that it owed Relmada while serving as the Relmada’s investment banker. It also sought compensations on the costs incurred responding to the December 4 press release and prevented from any future harm by Laidlaw & Company.

Relmada Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company that develops proven products that aid in the medical treatment. The company emailed the information about Laidlaw’s action to their stockholders as a way of assuring them of their commitment to protecting their rights. Relmada stock that was previously trading at $4.03 per share has drastically dropped to $1.65 following the Laidlaw’s press release.

Mike Baur’s Ingenious Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur has love finances and banking ever since he was a teenager. He grew up in a lovely town called Fribourg, located in Switzerland. Later on, he managed to make a career out of his passions. He earned a Master of Business Administration as well as an executive Master of Business Administration when he attended the University of Rochester. He also studied at the University of Bern.

Mike was a very successful part of the banking industry in Switzerland for twenty years. He was promoted through the banks, until finally he became a member of the executive board at one of the larger banks. He worked at some extremely well known banks, such as Clariden and Sallfort.

Mike did not start to become an entrepreneur until 2014, when he was thirty-nine. This was when he founded the Swiss Startup Factory with two other individuals. The idea of the company was to take young innovators in the digital field and give them the support and mentoring they need to succeed. The company was financed independently and is owned privately. This is also the only company of this type Switzerland has ever seen. Their specialty is programs for techpreneurs that are so accelerated they last just three months.

Ones of Mike’s biggest passions is for the youth. He supports and coaches their efforts in becoming entrepreneurs. For the individuals who show true promise, he offers them financial assistance as well. Mike is both one of the founders as well as handles all of the financing and company fundraising at The Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory was founded in Zurich in 2014. The company finds individuals who excel in the digital field and help them to become entrepreneur’s. What these individuals are taught includes networking, investing and technologies of the digital age. This accelerated three month program gives them the ability to understand and succeed in the market on a global scale. They are fully tested to make certain they can both develop and then have the ability to sell their ideas. They are then shown how to approach possible investors.

The younger individuals who have a lot of ambition do very well at the Swiss Startup Factory. These people are waiting until they have what it takes to set the world on fire with their passion and their abilities. They also have the opportunity to corroborate with other innovators in an environment where everyone works as a team.

Cotemar-An offshore service provider

Cotemar is an entrenched and a gainful organization situated in Mexico. It provides different sorts of administrations and services that are related with respect to the advancement of numerous seaward oil fields by the utilization of various specific vessels. Its principle services include the updating and upkeep of platform, processes focusing on numerous offshore offices; they additionally give different work decks to development and constructions reasons for storage areas and much pre-fabricated sorts of gear.

Cotemar additionally gives semi-submersible stage operations. Additionally providing the standard gear equipment for diving purposes for leading reviews and redesigning work of process lines; necessary settlement and cooking administrations including nourishment readiness, pressing, clothing, recreational offices that incorporate ball courts, exercise room, silver screens, TV rooms. Cotemar likewise gives specific vessels operation to transporting structures required for oil abuse, mass materials, barite, sand and many related products. The fundamental area of this organization alongside extraction from stages is the handling and transportation of oil and fluids, hydrocarbon spill administrations and firefighting. As indicated by the different sorts of administrative processes taking place in Cotemar and the versatility of the range of the company, it is one of the biggest organizations working in the city of Carmen, Mexico.

Beginning itself primarily as a service provider organization particularly for the energy sector, Cotemar was established in 1979. From that point forward, the organization has accomplished new statures and has developed to become one of the main offshore suppliers in oil and gas industry. Fundamentally providing different services to Petroleos Mexicanos oil and gas operations. Back in 1979, they predominantly provided their services in two fundamental vital lines that included convenience and providing food. They likewise gave particular vessels in the Campeche Bay because of which they were the primary ones to obtain specific plunge, upkeep, and diverse transportation vessels. After a period of around six years, Cotemar was fruitful in propelling its first apparatus, through which they gave convenience and sustenance administrations. This permitted the organization to likewise work its settlement fix with superb administrations. Later following 10 years Cotemar kept on developing to grow its market by setting up and giving transport offices of various materials, providing food, and convenience and in addition development and upkeep on 3 specific vessels and 5 fixes all the while. By 2015, accomplishing new triumphs en route Cotemar constructed two semi-submersible apparatuses in Cosco 2016. This empowered the organization to grow its market and business openings in the inland upstream part. This year a backup of Cotemar was supplied with the Cuichapa Poniente range contract.


Long Hair Loves WEN by Chaz.

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