Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, & The Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most common illnesses in modern day society. If you haven’t been affected by this disease personally then you probably know of someone who has. There are numerous medications that are available to fight the cancer, but there is one medication that reigns supreme as of today. Have you ever heard of the drug ADCETRIS? If you haven’t then just know that this medication is one of the very best in this business. ADCETRIS delivers a cell killing blow straight into cancerous cells without harming any of the good cells. Biotech Giant Seattle Genetics produces this cancer breakthrough therapy and as of today, it is being used throughout the world in up to 65 countries.

Being such a successful drug as well as a successful business, Seattle Genetics is run by Dr. Clay Siegall, whom is the president and CEO. Dr. Siegall has built the foundation of this organization through scientific innovation and as of today, Seattle Genetics has racked up more than $350 Million from the ADCETRIS medicine alone. This guy is one of the most well respected in the game and he has a long list of accomplishments such as being an author with up to 70 publications and he currently holds 15 patents. Dr. Siegall’s strong passion and perseverance for helping others is truly why this organization is at the top of the apex. Forbes ranked Seattle genetics as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation and with so many new drugs already in the pipeline, this Bothell, Washington company is looking hire another 200 employees.

Last year, former Vice President Joe Bidden stopped by company headquarters on congratulatory purposes and over the past five years, Seattle Genetics’ stock has tripled. By implementing some of the most cutting-edge methods, Seattle Genetics dominates the industry much more so than any other cancer research center in the world.


Robert Santiago’s International Manaira Shopping Center Which Has Installations For Fun, Leisure And Comfort

Robert Santiago is the owner of the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira. The shopping center offers various leisure opportunities, comfort, fun and shopping ventures to its customers. The mall changes the perception of its clients by demonstrating that the North Eastern city has more to offer than private beaches, rich cuisines, and beautiful sunsets. Robert Santiago selects the best developers and business partners to build and launch his shopping centers such as the Mangabeira and Manaira shopping malls.

Currently, the Manaira shopping mall has approximately 750 new job vacancies and is expected to have an additional 2500 new jobs shortly. Robert’s work has received a ton of praises from the community and is a much-needed economy booster in Brazil. The Manaira currently has a range of leisure, tranquility and comfort activities to offer tourists. Other fun activities at the mall include the ballroom, bowling alleys, movie theaters and electronic amusement parks.

Manaira has a space that caters to a family’s needs, known as the Gourmet Space. The house entails the provision of snacks such as hamburgers, steaks, and drinks. In addition to the snacks, Gourmet Space has a fully operational food court which serves the clients with all their needs.

The Robert Santiago Manaira shopping center in Brazil has a highlighted cinema experience with 11 rooms which have full equipment considerations with modern high-tech installations. They also have VIP rooms, 3D rooms, and the idea of Stadium System, a bar with drinking services, gourmet popcorns and other snacks to cater to all types of audiences. Still, in the concept of providing leisure, Manaira has an electronic amusement park famously known as the Game Station. Game station covers 1800 square meters and has over 200 machines which are available for games and ballroom activities which are all fully electronic. Manaira has a house full of gyms, shows and university campuses. The inclusion of these activities allows an individual to engage in more than one activity at the mall. Robert’s main reason for the inclusion of all these activities is to forge a close and trustworthy relationship with all of his customers from Paraiba and the whole of Brazil.

The Future of Anesthesiology Services In Austin, Texas

Anesthesia plays a critical ole in medical care and without it, getting through intense medical procedures would be extremely difficult for both patients and doctors. There is one organization that has found the blueprint of success in this demanding field and that organization is known as Capital Anesthesiology Association. CAA is one of the nation’s largest independent practices of medical personnel that specialize in anesthesia. There are literally up to 80 physicians on deck as well as up to 130 certified registered nurses. Every staff member is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified.


This exceptional organization holds the key to success. Being so large in size, there are numerous medical facilities that receive services whom are under it’s protective umbrella. These facilities include CAREOS, Texas Surgery Center, Williamson Surgery Center, Hyde Park Surgery Center, Inspire Surgical Centre, Brackenridge Hospital, and numerous others. Capital Anesthesiology Association delivers the very best of care whether it’s for High Acuity Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, as well as Level 1 Trauma CentersCheck this out.


The organization’s administrative staff does a wonderful job serving the clients and patients through the billing process. Being thoroughly trained, this staff eases the frustration of having to deal with insurance carriers, which makes for a more efficient process. There are just too many benefits to name why CAA is the absolute best. Being equipped with advanced technology and well trained medical personnel, this organization is changing the status quo.  Follow them at

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Represents Clients in a Variety of Lawsuits

Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Represents Clients in a Variety of Lawsuits
Litigation Attorney Karl Heideck Represents Clients in a Variety of Lawsuits

A litigation attorney plays a key role in the U.S. judicial system. A skilled, experienced litigation lawyer can make the difference between success and failure in a lawsuit.

Many litigators actually set their sites on being involved in the legal profession as litigation attorneys while they are still in law school. When that occurs, these law students focus on courses that include civil procedure and trial tactics and strategies.

Upon graduating from law school, a new attorney interested in becoming a litigator is likely to seek out a position of employment that provides a good amount of hands-on trial experience. The heart of being a litigator is courtroom work.

Because of this early objective, a young attorney will elect to take work outside of the civil arena. Many individuals who desire to become litigation attorneys will join the staff of prosecutor’s offices. By taking this route, they are assured of spending a good amount of time in courtrooms.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney with a broad background in representing clients of different types in lawsuits. He has represented corporate and other types of business clients throughout the court of his career.

Heideck graduated from law school in 2009. He obtained his JD from Temple University School of Law. He obtained a BA in English and literature, with an emphasis in letters, from Swarthmore University. He was an honors student, both as an undergraduate and while in law school, including being on the Dean’s List as a law student.

In addition to working as a litigation attorney on behalf of a multitude of clients, Heideck also is involved with intellectual property law. This does include lawsuits arising from intellectual property-related disputes.

Heideck is also involved with mediation. This includes the mediation of a variety of commercial disputes, as an alternative to litigating a particular matter in court.

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Insurance Industry veteran, Troy McQuagge Recognized as the CEO of the Year in the One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, CEO, and President of USHEALTH Group was recognized in 2016 as the chief executive officer of the year in the distinguished One Planet awards. He beat many strong competitors among them eligible nominations which range from public to private, profit as well as the non-profit, large to smallest organizations in the world. One Planet awards aim at honoring successful businesses and professionals in every business category across the world.

Troy is a holder of a B.A degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. His contribution to the investment industry dates back in his young ages. Immediately after graduation, the successful entrepreneur joined the Allstate Insurance Company. While in this company, Troy gathered much knowledge which he relies upon today. After working with the enterprise for several years, Troy McQuagge left the company and proceeded to UICI where was promoted to the President after a few years of service. Under his management, UICI recorded more than $1 billion regarding sales which was more than expected. In 1997, Troy McQuagge left UICI and proceeded for UGA.

In 2010, Troy was approached with a job offer by USHEALTH GROUP. In this organization, Troy was tasked with restructuring its operations. His contribution resulted in a positive growth that can never go unrecognized. In 2014, Troy McQuagge was appointed as the company’s President and CEO. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Advisors have recorded impeccable success record that is beyond the expectations. Also, Troy is expected to supervise other USHEALTH subsidiaries. Besides, the respected business person has been involved with far-famed firms such as Freedom Life Insurance of America.

Troy McQuagge has over 30years experience in sales and insurance related position during which he has grown steadily as a veteran of the insurance industry. After being appointed as President of USHEALTH Group, Inc., he led the company to its highest sales limits that have never been exceeded since establishment. He undoubtedly deserved the Gold award and received it with much appreciation. “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry ad peer recognition,” he said at the award announcement on January 10th 2017 in Fort.

Although Troy’s success dates back into his early ages, to him, One Planet’s award was a great milestone in his career. In a moving speech after receiving the award, Mr. McQuagge dedicated the award to the entire USHEALTH Group, Inc. He continued to declare that the award belongs to every stakeholder of USHEALTH Group for their federal role in providing affordable health covers to the citizens. Besides his professional work, Mr. McQuagge has actively been involved with many charitable organizations including Hopkids Phoenix and volunteer initiatives such as Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE).


Mike Baur Furthers Support For Young Entrepreneurs Across Switzerland

Mike Baur has been working with successful entrepreneurs across Switzerland to help young individuals understand about running small businesses. He is among professionals who have helped to build small businesses across the country through the Swiss Startup Factory, which he founded with the sole aim to support the growth of entrepreneurship across the country. Mike Baur is a professional who worked as a banker for nearly 20 years before he resigned in 2014 to pursue his dream. Although a difficult idea, the resignation allowed him to join an industry that opened his life up and allowed him to get a better view of the world of business.


What the Swiss Startup Factory does is to offer young entrepreneurs the key to running their businesses profitably. The company offers a three months incubation program that is designed to allow entrepreneurs to get a clearer picture of the industry they are about to join. They take the startups through several stages, each with a distinct message and plan for development that ensures the business finally gets to grip the market well. The Swiss Startup Factory is made up of experts from different industries, who avail the tools needed to help the startups to implement their ideas.



A brand that is presented well and marketed for the entire world to see is able to make impact within a short duration. Lack of branding skills could stall the progress of a startup, reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers support to startups to ensure they embrace the right practices for branding.


Access to finance

Financing a business is one of the most demanding tasks that every startup has to work around. Although many talented entrepreneurs have good ideas, they lack the financial muscle to push their ideas to grow. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, entrepreneurs are able to access financial support from the wide pool of investors, who are always prepared to join any startup that promises growth and success in the long run.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the few entrepreneurs in Switzerland who have gone out of their way to offer assistance to upcoming entrepreneurs. In 2014, he exited banking and joined entrepreneurship, where he kicked his career off with launching the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working with startups across the Switzerland to help them get on the path of development. He is a Finance and Banking graduate with an Executive MBA.

Spring Fruit Flavors From EOS

Spring is a time of happy growth for many people. For many people, this is the time when they come outside, shuck off their heavy clothing and start to see what they can eat again from the ground. At Evolution of Smooth, they know that this is the time when people look to have fruit that is not always seen at other times of the year. This is why they want people to enjoy the fruit flavors even more. Those who love spring fruit can find many wonderful flavors of lip balm here that call to mind some of the best loved spring fruit when that fruit is at its ripest. Company officials have worked long and hard ( to create fruit flavors that are intense and yet also feel great the second they are applied to anyone’s lips. Using the fruit flavors here is one great way to embrace all spring has to offer.

A World Of Spring Flavor

One of the iconic fruit of spring is that of strawberries. Strawberries are thick, lush fruit that give off a pleasing scent. Strawberries are also used in many spring desserts including pies, jellies shortcake. The strawberry sorbet flavor from EOS lip balm is particularly popular as it brings to mind adored flavors of spring. Another highly popular flavor from Evolution of Smooth that is also all about spring is that of blueberry acai. Blueberries are the quintessential spring fruit, redolent of picking fresh, growing berries from a local tree. The combination, when paired with nutrition from acai berries is one that is all about flavor and all doing good for the user’s lips at the same time. Those at Evolution of Smooth know that acai berries have many wonderful qualities that pair very well with blueberries for a truly summer special lip balm.

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Do People Understand Kabbalah?

Since there have been many who have tried to learn Kabbalah, I have also sought to explain Kabbalah for writers without the proper knowledge to understand. It is important to know what you write about so as not to give information that is not true and compromise the truth. First, Kabbalah originated from Babylon in ancient times. What people may not know is that Kabbalah is a Science that existed many years ago. The reason why it was known by many is that it is a science and wisdom that takes the time to learn. Kabbalah Centre had not been disclosed for many years until Rav Yehuda decided to make it modern.

It came to the world again four hundred years ago even after many great people tried to explain this inherent wisdom that has many benefits to those who study it. Kabbalah was not known by many, and it is the knowledge that existed with only a few teachers. Because of this, many scientists became attracted and studied hard to understand Kabbalah but to no avail. What they did not know is that Kabbalah can only be taught by those who have grasped the wisdom and not by virtual studying. For example, people like Isaac Newton tried to study and understand but they could not. Others such as Pico Della Mirandola and Leibniz also struggled to understand the knowledge of Kabbalah but never succeeded.

There are many advantages for people of today because the knowledge is now widespread. There are now different ways of understanding Kabbalah, and a lot of information is everywhere. All you should do is to be careful to avoid being fed with information that is not true. Some people fail to understand things, but they end up giving false information. Remember that is not easy to comprehend the knowledge of universe because you have never experienced. That is why you get different people having beliefs about Kabbalah. There are those who associated it with things like curse, miracles, spells and other evil things but that are just because they do not understand what it takes to understand this eternal wisdom that existed millions of years ago.