The Excellence of Variety in Eos

What better way to treat yourself than with a new lip balm? I am one of those people that have to carry my kisser-quenching friend with me. Dry, cracking lips will zap the zest out of a good day.

I have gone through most brands looking for something really great, but I found a unique little gem while shopping at a Target near my home. It was a pastel-green, Honeysuckle Honeydew flavored Eos (Evolution of Smooth). Now- I must be honest. The first time I saw one of these balms, I thought it was a creamy, new candy waiting to be eaten. It was in a spherical container, and the balm inside was also round.

Easily entertained, I walked around to the other check-out lanes to see what other flavors there were. This time, a blue round container with Blueberry Acai (pronounced ah-cy-ee)was there. Another lane down, Coconut Milk flavor in a pastel-pink and white-swirl container.

Now, I go crazy for anything coconut. Around the holidays, the Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean and Sweet Mint flavors go fast, hop over to to read details.   I recommend being out of the way if you see the last few one a shelf and someone running towards them. Santa’s stocking stuffing is serious, people.

The Eos brand has been around since 2009, and they continue to come up with new flavors, including some that are seasonal. EOS website, found here, supplies handy interactive features that will help you track down where to buy their products. If there is not a convenient location near you, there is the option of buying Eos lip balm directly from the company.  Check on

More info here.

As for me? I am off to get some of the Blackberry Nectar and add it to my luscious lip collection.

Happy moisturizing!

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