Have you been searching for a product for your lips that makes them feel soft, smooth and heavenly? Well look no more. You have found heaven in a small egg shaped sphere. These little containers of heaven are 100% paraben and petrolatum free. They are gluten free for those that suffer with a gluten intolerance. What they do contain will have your lips screaming for more. they contain shea butter to soften the lips, while jojoba oil provides them the moisture and vitamin E to provide antioxidant protection.

While coming in a variety of color and flavors to catch your eye, they are compact and will fit into your pocket or purse with ease.

EOS Organic Smooth spheres have the most abundant flavors coming in vanilla bean, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, and honeysuckle honeydew. For these, click on ebay.com.

Visibly soft spheres come in 3 different flavors that mix them up a little with a vanilla mint, coconut milk and a blackberry nectar.

Active protection spheres come in lemon twist and fresh grapefruit which provides active protection with a shot of SPF.

EOS Organic smooth sticks also come in three flavors of pomegranate, vanilla bean, and sweet mint in a sleek stick instead of a sphere.

Now if you like a little color to go with your lip balm you can purchase the shimmer smooth sphere that comes in sheer pink and pearl.

These little spheres of heaven were founded by Sherry Jhawar in New York, New York in 2006. The company was also counded by Sanjiv Mehra who is also the managing partner. This small start up company has ballooned in the last five years and has become one of the leading products for millennials everywhere.

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Although a little difficult to get this product into stores, you now have to look hard to find them as they have become so popular that they are flying off the shelves.  Costco.ca provides additional info.

For more Info, visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/

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