Securus Technologies Helping to Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is A Dallas Texas-based company that has been in the communications industry for over a decade. Today, the company is one of the largest providers of communications Products and services to the law enforcement industry. The company is best known for their video visitation platform. This platform provides a secure way for an inmate to have a face to face conversation with a loved one or friend. The use of this has allowed correctional facilities to have to deal with a lower number of in person visits. This has helped to make the facilities safer and more efficient.


While the video visitation platform has provided numerous advantages and amenities to all people involved, there have been additional benefits received that were not previously expected. Securus Technologies requires that all people making a call, or receiving a call, accept a recording requirement. The company then offers a monitoring service in which they will listen to calls or search for calls discussing key words. In the event that a suspicious call is heard, they will forward the recording of the call to the local authorities.


To this day, clients that have used the video visitation service and recording and monitoring service have stopped countless crimes from occurring. These calls have also been valuable pieces of information and ongoing criminal trials. This has helped to make the facilities much safer places to live and work.


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