NuoDB’s Technological Contributions

NuoDB has accumulated many accolades over the year. The most notable thus far have come in recent memory. In year 2013, NuoDb was able to acquire fourteen million dollars in capital venture funding. In 2015, the company was named one of Boston’s Business Journals “Innovation All Stars”. In 2016, NuoDB was noted as have acquiring over sixty million dollars in funding due to their lucrative technology.

NuoDb is a company based in Massachusetts that holds a patent on “elasticity scalable database”? What does this mean? The name simply refers to it’s definition as a elastic SQL database used to enhance the performance of cloud applications. Jim Starkey is credited for inventing the technology which is an extension of IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s twelve rules for relational cloud databases. The company at first operated under the name NimbusDB, but changed later on to improve marketing efforts. The patented technology of NuoDb is utilized by notable tech companies around the world such as Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems.

The SQL compliant database is often referred to as NewSQL. NuoDb’s technology allows servers to scale out efficiently as a faster and more reliable pace. The database uses peer to peer communication.

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