White Storage And Pink Blankets In Wengie’s Apartment


Wengie has finally released a video showcasing her favorite features in her apartment. From the kitchen to a beauty area where she has shelves of makeup, she takes viewers on a fun tour inside her world of color and excitement.


When the video begins, Wengie explains a bit about her apartment and the rooms that are featured in the tour. She focuses on her bedroom as this is one of her favorite places to relax. There is a large pink comforter on the bed and several pink and white pillows. A large picture window is in the bedroom so that Wengie can look out at the city. There are white night stands beside her bed that contain her personal items, such as books and makeup.


Wengie loves flowers, so there are several bouquets and individual flowers in vases sitting in various areas around her apartment. The apartment appears light and breezy as there is a lot of natural light from windows. The kitchen is on the left of the entrance with the living room on the right. Her apartment is open and is designed with white all over. There are several storage cabinets for Wengie to keep all of her cooking supplies. The living features a comfortable couch and a double ladder shelf that is one of her favorite pieces. It’s a neat way to display belongings and pictures that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. Stools are positioned in front of a long counter in the living room so that Wengie can apply makeup.

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