A Genius of Finances – James Dondero’s Contribution to Dallas

Capital management is one of the hardest occupations to do right when you are just starting in the field. It can be a very tricky profession and being a financial advisor can, many times, lead you to unpleasant results and end up teaching strategies that are not the best financial plans for the time and client.


How, then, experts like James Dondero, became successful so fast in his career?


Today, James Dondero is the co-founder and President of the Highland Capital Management Enterprise, one of the most renowned companies that promote financial strategies and has some of the best national advisors in the field.


Born in Texas, Dondero founded his corporation in Dallas, Texas, and it quickly became part of the city as every enterprise and micro-company use the financial plans of Highland Capital Management’s advisors, as well as small investors who want to have a steady and secure climb.


Dallas is full of giant corporations, like AT&T and its enormous Whitacre Tower, where all the business decisions are made, and Exxon Mobil, currently holding the place as the second largest corporation in the United States.


Highland Capital Management has offered thousands of different financial strategies that have helped some of the greatest corporations in the nation grow and invest in the best businesses to increase their capital. James Dondero is directly responsible for the department that handles the investment strategies.


The genius of James Dondero can be noticed through his many awards throughout his career, like the MorningStar’s five-star review of James’ Business for Global Allocation and the same ranking brand’s first spot award given to his equity fund in the healthcare department, both in the year of 2014.


James Dondero, however, is not a genius of any sorts, although he does have a good grasp of a good strategy and how to earn money fast. All of the successes and failures of his career path were due to decisions, both right and wrong, and intense dedication on his part. James Dondero does something that not every entrepreneur has the courage to: He takes many, many risks; the difference is that he mitigates the chances of failure, like he did when he founded a corporation with his partner.


James Dondero was already quite successful before the foundation of Highland Capital Management, as he was the Chief Investment Officer of another company called Protective Life’s GIC.


During his position as the CIO of the enterprise, he was able to incredibly raise the company through the roof, making the subsidiary have a net worth of more than $2 billion in less than a decade. The strategies of James Dondero were something special.

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