Types of Vital Lifeline Screening services

Since it was founded in 1993 in Florida, Lifeline has become a household name in providing preventative healthcare and wellness services. Based in Austin, TX, the company offers affordable ultrasound EKG screenings. Lifeline screening uses state-of-the-art screening equipment to guarantee convenient lab-accurate results.

Types of preventative healthcare screenings:

Ultrasound screenings

Ultrasound uses sound waves to image various structures in the body. During the ultrasound screening procedure, the sound waves are directed to the area of concern, and the consequent echoes are recorded.

Since the technology was improvised during World War II to detect submerged objects, it has been pivotal in the medical field, especially in the specialties of obstetrics ophthalmology. Ultrasound has been used in pregnancy tests because it’s a non-invasive and painless procedure. It’s used for various screenings such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, Ankle-brachial index and Carotid artery disease among others.

Limited electrocardiograph

Lifeline screening conducts an EKG to detect an irregular heartbeat condition called atrial fibrillation. This is a common heart condition that is associated with increasing the risk of stroke. The EKG electrode screening procedure is very non-invasive that patients don’t have to remove their clothes to learn more: http://interview.net/life-line-screening-andrew-manganaro/ click here.

Finger-stick blood screenings

This is a screening used for identifying critical risk factors of chronical diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. The procedure is very simple because it involves the pricking of the soft pad of the finger to draw a few drops of blood. The equipment used in procedure are approved by FDA and are common in most pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and hospitals. The results are lab-accurate and are provided within a duration of about 10 minutes. Lifeline screenings include Complete lipid panel, High-sensitivity C-reactive protein, Elevated liver enzymes and Glucose screening.

Many of the conditions handled by Lifeline screening have no symptoms. They are health concerns that can be prevented before the symptoms start manifesting through supervised healthcare screenings conducted by professional medical personnel. The aim of preventative healthcare screenings is to detect the risks that predispose an individual to a certain disease or health condition and prevent it before it happens.

The Top Leadership at InnovaCare, Inc

Dr Richard Shinto works with InnovaCare, Inc where he serves as the current President as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Until Aveta Inc was sold in 2012, Richard worked there as the Chief Executive Officer and President. He also served as a member of the company’s management team. Richard Shinto also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Health Plans of InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. He has worked in the operational and clinical healthcare for more than 20 years and has therefore acquired massive skills and experience in the field of managed care. Before going to work at the Aveta Inc, Richard worked with NAMM California where he held the position of Chief Medical Officer.

Richard Shinto previously worked at the Medical Pathways Management Company where he was the Chief Medical Officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer. He also worked at the MedPartners where he held the position of Corporate Vice President of Medical management and worked for 2 years. Richard later went on to work at the Cal Optima Health Plan that is located in Orange County, California. While in this company, he held the position of Chief Medical Officer. The career path of Richard Shinto started when he became an internist and later a pulmonologist at Southern California. An established author, he has managed to write many different articles on the topic of clinical medicine and healthcare. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine where he acquired his BS. He also attended The State University of New York, Stony Brook where he earned his Medical Degree. Richard Shinto has led InnovaCare Health to achieve tremendous success and growth.

Penelope Kokkinides is also among the top leadership at InnovaCare, Inc. She holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope previously served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer before she was appointed to her current position. Before joining InnovaCare, Inc, she worked with Aveta Inc where she held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Rick Shinto has worked in the sector of healthcare for approximately 20 years and has therefore acquired massive expertise and experience in the field. Her specialty is in government programs as well as managed health care.Penelope Kokkinides is a former employee at the Centerlight HealthCare where she worked as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Executive Vice President. She has greatly contributed to the success and growth of InnovaCare Health. Penelope is committed to implementing the strategic plans of the company as well as developing the health model of the company.

EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms

EOS lip balms come in a variety of flavors and finishes. They are all natural and come in a fun egg shaped container. They are packed with an antioxidant rich formula, read more here. They also contain nourishing shea butter, and hydrating jojoba oil. These lip balms are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. They also don’t contain harmful ingredients like petroleum and parabens. These lip balms leave your lips smooth, soft, and beautiful.

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One of the most popular lines of EOS lip balms are their Visibly Soft Lip Balms. They come in four delightful flavors including: Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, and Honey Apple, buy it here at amazon.de. They also come in a unique swirl patterned egg. The colors of the packaging is a soothing pastel range. The Visibly Soft collection provides your lips with deep hydration. They also help to restore chapped lips with moisture and softness. The EOS Visibly Soft line is a long lasting hydrating formula. They are also available in multi packs and limited edition flavors. This formula is also specifically enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You will immediately notice smoother, soft, and less irritated chapped lips. This is specially formulated for dryer lips in mind.

Link to purchase Visibly Soft Lip Balm: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/visibly-soft/visibly-soft-lip-balm.html

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José Borghi: A Scion of Innovative Ad Revolution

José Henrique Borghi has carved out a name for himself as a master of eye-catching advertisements. His innovative ads are uniquely designed and use the right blend of colors, pictures and words to appeal to the emotions and cognitive abilities of the targeted audiences. The ingenious ads have seen him feted in some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals and industry awarding organizations. His impeccable skills have subsequently earned him lucrative contracts to develop ads for some of the world’s largest corporations. José Henrique Borghi‘s rise through corporate ranks in the industry as a corporate leader and entrepreneur is also testimony to his growing reputation as one of the best ads designers globally.


Towards Award-winning Ads

José Henrique Borghi’s ingenious ability to bring to the fore his innovativeness while meeting the unique demands of the targeted audience and the clients while creating ads has seen him win dozens of prestigious and coveted industry top prizes. He has been feted a staggering eleven times at the New York Film Festival. This is in addition to the seven London Statutes he has won during the London Festival Awards. At the annual Clios Awards, José Henrique Borghi has also been honored numerous times. He has also won 14 Cannes Festival Lions awards as well as several April Awards and learn more about Borghi.


Professional Background

José Henrique Borghi has developed an excellent portfolio of high profile clients including Fiat, Procter, Unilever, Parmalat and Mitsubishi among others. His early forays in the industry began with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Propaganda, which he received from Pontifical Catholic University. He was subsequently hired as an editor in 1989 by Standart Ogilvy. However, his strong passion for ad creation saw him leave the advertising agency a few later and partner with Erh Ray to found BorghiErh. Their excellent management saw their firm merge with Lowe and later with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe Brazil where Mr. Borghi currently serves as the creative director and Borghi on Facebook.

Other Reference: http://grandesnomesdapropaganda.com.br/tag/jose-henrique-borghi/

EOS Lip Balm for All Seasons

The peak time that blueberries grow is through the months of May, June, July and August, depending on the location of the crops. Blueberries are known to have a sweet taste similar to that of green and red grapes. If you enjoy blueberries, this is what you will find and taste with one of many EOS lip balm flavors, namely the product Blueberry Acai. The jojoba oil and shea butter ingredients in the Blueberry Acai EOS lip balm will sooth your lips and enhance your overall look for any occasion. Go to usmagazine.com for more fun articles to read.

To begin with, it was entrepreneurs Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra who created and developed the EOS lip balm products with many fruitful flavors, like blueberry. Each lip balm flavor is made with natural, healthy organic ingredients with antioxidant-rich vitamin E. The letters EOS in the company name stands for evolution of smooth, and millions of EOS products are currently being sold per week, read more here. According to Elizabeth Segran, Ph.D., a writer at Fast Company, dated Aug. 2, 2017, EOS products is selling globally and is expected to sell about two billion dollars by the year 2020 because of peoples’ demands for organic products.

From EOS lip balm flavors of blueberry and pomegranate raspberry . . . in the summer season, you will simply enjoy the flavor of honey and apple mixed together in the fall season. The EOS Honey Apple lip balm product is popular and a quick seller, available here at makeupalley.com.

No matter the season, spring, summer, fall or winter, you will be able to find that just right, and favorite, fruit taste to sooth your lips with EOS lip balms. Experience EOS lip balm products, such as Honey Suckle Honey Dew EOS lip balm, a fruitful flavor for the spring months to vanilla bean and winterberry flavors during the winter months and holiday season.

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The Epic EOS

Holy Lip Balm! Say good bye to the boring lip balm flavors that remind you of your grandmothers purse. I have possibly discovered the best and most delicious flavored lip balm out there, click here. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, lip balm is amazing! See also this related story here on blogwebpedia.com. Not only is it organic and extremely safe, but it works better than any lip balm I have owned. It also have become the lip balm brand with my favorite flavors. Here are my top favorite flavors! Amazing offer here on amazon.ca.


  1. Sweet Mint

The Sweet Mint is the first EOS lip balm I tried and it hooked me! It is minty, refreshing, but with a sweet, vanilla like twist. It almost reminds me of a mint ice cream. It was unlike any other lip balm or chap stick that I have ever tried. This is why I continued to purchase EOS and try all their different flavors.

  1. Summer Fruit

This one is exactly how it sounds! Super fruity and delicious, prefect for a little pick me up. It smells delicious and is a great summer flavor. The best part is that is avoids that super artificial taste that many lip balms have.

  1. Coconut Milk

Evolution of Smooth hit a home run with this one! This is a flavor in the line of their visibly soft lip balm. It is the sweetest and bet flavored lip balm I have ever tried. It is my go to flavor now.


This is just three of the many flavors that EOS offers. Try them all!


The Exotic Nihi Sumba Resort

Indonesia has a magnificent beach known as Nihi Sumba previously called Nihiwatu, in which a beach hostel was built. The hostel’s existence ceased from being in the year 2012 when an incredible duo of Chris Burch and James McBride came together and purchased the hostel. They invested $30 million in renovating and refurbishing the hostel to a five-star resort. It was officially reopened in 2015.

The grandiose resort has since received the privilege of being rated as the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure in two years. This can be attributed to the outstanding architect and features found in the resort. Nihi boasts of 27 private and luxurious villas, including Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private home. That particular section has a main house and four additional villas, each with its own private plunge pool making it ideal for holidays. One gets to enjoy the great sceneries across the Indian Ocean as well as the breeze.  Related article on wingsjournal.com.

There are various activities to engage in while on the beach. To add up the fun bit, there is a huge entertainment area catering for both indoor and outdoor activities. Additionally, there are two tree houses which give the guests a feel of the wild while enjoying the modern facilities in the houses that is, a lavish bedroom, washroom, balcony and a private swimming pool.

The resort is also known for its unique antiques that have deep meanings in relation to the history of Indonesia. They include Ikat prints, Sumbanese antiques, and local wood. To provide treatment to the body, mind, and soul there is a beach spa with professionals who will see to your needs and give you world class services. If you prefer not to go to the beach spa, you can also request for treatment inside your room. The resort also provides surfing sessions and training to those who want to learn. There are also beautiful waterfalls close by for you to take excursions. The resort undoubtedly has an amalgam of various sceneries and facilities to be enjoyed.  Additional article about Nihi on businessinsider.com.

About Chris Burch

As the founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur venturing in sectors like technology, fashion trends, and real estate. He basically has vast experience in the entrepreneurship world. For his latest cool offering in the market, click inc.com.

Interesting news to read here

He kicked off his career with the support of his brother named Bob when he was still at Ithaca College. They started a company called Eagles Eye Apparel and saw it grow to $165 million then sold it. At the moment, he serves as the principal of Burch Creative Capital. Visit the company’s website, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

To read more, visit the website at http://christopherburch.com/

Berry Nice Lips

Do you want berry nice lips? EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm has changed the shape of the general lip care stick into a fun shaped sphere that you won’t lose in your purse or your pocket. Now that you can locate your lip balm, wait until you try it. There are several EOS lip balm flavors, but for now, let’s uncover the berry nice flavors. Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai and last, but not least, Blackberry Nectar.

Strawberry Sorbet comes in a pink sphere container. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a Red, Blueberry Acai in baby blue. These flavors of lip balm are in the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm line. The Blackberry Nectar is in the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere collection. All these berry flavors roll smoothly on your lips so get one now here on ebay.com.

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I am a fan of all the “berry blends” listed, but EOS has several other flavors to choose from, depending on what you like. The EOS lip balm is a moisturizer and makes your kissable lips soft. Each lip balm smells and tastes just as good as their “berry” name. The Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere, Blackberry Nectar, serves as a lip conditioner. With EOS lip balm, your lips will thank you for a product that incorporates natural oils and vitamins that keep your lips soft. Did I mention EOS lip balms are Gluten free products? EOS lip balms are like health care for your lips. Try them all, and if you need a place to start, I suggest starting with the “berry blends,” these EOS lip balms are Berry Nice.

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Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Flavored Visibly Soft Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm will do exactly what it says by making your lips visibly smooth. This vanilla mint flavored lip balm comes in a unique container that looks like a painted Easter egg with an almost spherical shape and blue and white wavy stripes. With the unique form and color of this lip balm, you’re bound not to lose it in a bag or drawer like traditional stick shaped lip balms, read more. Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm is long lasting and does not contain preservatives such as petrolatum or paraben and instead contains shea butter to help moisturize your lips and make them silky and smooth. It’s 99% natural and contains vitamins C and E, which help with your health and are beneficial antioxidants. Evolution of Smooth’s Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm smoothes on clear and is gluten free for those in your life who have sworn off gluten or have a gluten allergy. Read more interesting stories here on frenchtribune.com.

EOS’ Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm makes a great gift for your friends and family. You can grab the similarly designed Coconut Milk and Blackberry Nectar flavors you can make a cute little Easter basket with these lip balms for your family and coworkers instead of giving out the usual candy and chocolate.

Related Source: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


Madison Street Capital’s Success in Merger and Acquisition

Madison Street Capital is a global investing banking firm with a known reputation for exemplary service in private equity, business valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise, venture capital services and corporate tax planning services. The firm commits itself to providing services integrated with excellence, integrity, and leadership to both public and privately owned businesses. The company’s focal aim is to ensure that clients successfully secure a position in the global market place.


Located in Chicago IL, Madison Street Capital advisors have been in operation for 12 years, amassing adequate experience to provide professional financial services. As a middle market investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital understands that every client is unique and requires careful analysis in addition to certain recommendations on the best buyers’ for appropriate financing. The firm works through providing their clientele with capitalization structures that are aimed at improving the client’s potential. The firm has a global-base network of offices based in Africa, Asia, and North America. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2017/06/23/madison-street-capital-maintains-distressed-industry-reputation/


In recent news, Madison Street Capital played a central role as a financial advisor to Sterling Packaging in Selkirk, Manitoba. The firm was successful in arranging for a growth equity investment for Sterling Packaging. Founded by Jim and Debbie Hickson, the packaging company is a leading manufacturer of folding cartons with shipping destinations worldwide.


The transaction was spearheaded by Madison Capital’s Senior Managing Director, Jay Rodgers. He complimented the packaging company on their efforts of securing a good client base and building a scale business.He also added that the firm’s clients would serve to benefit from the merger with Druid Capital Partners, an investing company that is funding the operation. Managing Partner with Druid Capital, Martin Holt expressed their excitement in partnering with the Hickson. Learn more: http://madisonstreetcapital.org/


Druid Capital Partners is an investment company that is solely focused on investing in private enterprises located in the Southeast. Founded in 2015, the company works with industrial, manufacturing and distribution companies.


Madison Street Capital reputation in providing expert advice in mergers and acquisitions played a vital role in ensuring the successful merger between Sterling Packaging and Druid Capital. The merge serves to benefit Sterling Packaging Company in expanding the company. Learn more: http://www.manta.com/c/mb4hqdt/madison-street-capital-advisors-llc


For owners of a middle-market business, identifying the right financial advisor is not an easy task. The market is full of investors promising to deliver on excellent services. Madison Street Capital is committed to its clients through gaining a reputation as the leading provider of financial advisory and services in the middle market business sector. Learn more: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/