Evolution of Smooth: The Evolution of Lip Balm Products

Lip balms have been around for a very long time. Brands such as Chapstick have been around for nearly a century. These popular products are in high demand thanks to their benefits and features. Have you ever heard of the brand Evolution of Smooth? Are you into using lip balm products? If you answered yes to either or both of the questions, Evolution of Smooth is for you. First of all, Evolution of Smooth has a new lip balm product on the market says evolutionofsmooth.com. This new lip balm product has a cult following only after a few months of its official release. Its name is Crystal, and Crystal lip balms are the evolution of its past predecessors.

Are you wondering why? Crystal lip balms come packed with copious amounts of ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil, check this out. These ingredients pull moisture in, which results in a full-pouted mouth. Say good-bye to chapped lips and say good-bye to that annoying weighted feeling. Crystal lip balms provide the user with a weightless experience thanks to being wax-free, you may avail this amazing product here on amazon.de. Everyone knows how heavy wax can be and this has been one of the main frustrations with lip balm products. Evolution of Smooth listens to its customers while applying scientific logic. In other words, it’s a win-win situation on all levels.

Unlike other brands that use a ton of chemical fillers, Evolution of Smooth has totally wiped out the nonsense. This brand is strictly organic, and it’s healthy enough to use on a daily basis, which can’t be said about many of the competitors. With such growing market trends, this $250 million company could cross the $300 million mark pretty soon. All in all, if you want the very best in oral care, Evolution of Smooth is the weapon of choice.

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Jeff Schneider is a Giver

jeffry schneider casual

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “it’s better to give than receive.” The well-known saying is actually adapted from a bible verse from the book of Acts. The direct quote is, “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” This quote sheds light on an important but rarely described attribute of giving. While altruism is often described as noble and good, it’s uncommon to hear it discussed as laborious; nevertheless, it is. Even though using your personal time to help others is no easy feat, it is incredibly rewarding. Jeff Schneider understands that helping others is hard work, but he doesn’t shy away from the challenge. He’s happy and eager to give back and help his community.

While some people find it challenging to help others seeking wellness, Jeff finds it invigorating. Volunteering can be arduous and even disheartening for the fainthearted. On occasion, volunteering can take you to environments that aren’t always safe and secure, leaving you feeling vulnerable.   However, it is important to remember time is precious and well spent trying to help others. We all understand we are given a certain amount of time on this earth and what we choose to do with it is powerful. To use that finite amount of time to help someone other than yourself is humbling. We give one another a number of reasons to not help others and yet there are those humans that do. Jeff Schneider is focused and committed to helping others – one step at a time in any way he can.

Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider knows that this is not easy to achieve, but he’s willing to try. Jeff strongly affirms that if someone aims to leave a positive mark on our world, the best place to start is building stronger communities. He recognizes and appreciates that to achieve this, a seasoned, experienced leader is required, and Jeffry is more than up for the challenge. Over the course of the past ten or so years, he has worked alongside charitable organizations during various community improvement projects. Indeed, Jeffry uses his time wisely. He chooses to assist communities with their member’s personal wellness and self-esteem. Whether he’s volunteering his time at a local charitable organization or running a marathon, health seminar, or another community event, Jeffry leads by example striving to strengthen communities everywhere. Subscribe to Jeff’s YouTube channel.


Why Jason Hope Believes in the SENS Foundation

The medical world is always undergoing serious change. Whether the change comes by way of technology or research breakthroughs, it is always coming. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a futurist who has taken quite the shine to the SENS Foundation. Hope fundamentally believes in the future of age rejuvenation technology. In fact, using his skills as a futurist Hope has started to put his money where his mind is at. Hope recently announced that he donated a stunning $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in order to support the non-profit and their mission.

The SENS Foundation is a non-profit located out in California that is focused on studying biotechnologies and how they can lead to addressing age-relate diseases and health issues. Hope has always believed in this medicine and it turns out that he decided to get involved. Hope says, “I have had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now.” Hope went on to list a variety of the different diseases that he thinks can be addressed by the SENS Foundation including Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. Hope’s donation would be revealed to the public in an announcement by CEO Mike Kope who leads the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope is located out of Scottsdale, AZ and he has had a passion for both technology and philanthropy for his entire life. Hope graduated from Arizona State University and he has since been plying his craft as a futurist. Hope is never afraid to put his money where his passions are and that is what led him to working with SENS Foundation. Outside of his philanthropic endeavors, of which there are many, Hope is also focused on a specific brand of technology called the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, often shortened to the acronym IoT, is defined as the way by which all of our devices network to the internet. This is commonly known by the public as smart technology. Don’t just think about your phone or your laptop. Consider smart watches, smart cars, and more. Right now Hope can easily admit that Internet of Things technology is relatively small. However, he soon believes that the Internet of Things will change the way that we live our lives — completely. Consider already how much of your life is spent related to the internet. As technology catches up we will see more and more IoT developments.

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Why Is The New EOS Crystal Lip Balm So Popular?

When it comes to lip balms, the field is literally cluttered with competition. There are thousands of products that come from the hundreds of brands that are on the market today. The best-selling brand, EOS, has just released another hit. Its new Crystal lip balms are taking the industry by storm on all levels. This new product has an all-new look and an all-new feature. First of all, Crystal lip balms are loaded with beneficial ingredients. This includes aloe vera oil, shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. On top of that, the new EOS lip balms are wax-free. Since being wax-free, Crystal lip balms won’t give the user a weighted down feel. Consumers can choose between Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. It does a great job of bringing in moisture instead of just giving your mouth a greasy feeling. Crystal lip balms also have a wonderful see-through appearance, available here at amazon.de.

EOS is reinvigorating the once dull oral care industry. These products are in-demand, they’re different from anything else on the market, and they’re used by many high- profile people such as Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus, see it here at https://www.dm.de/eos-lippenpflege-erdbeersorbet-lippenbalsam-p832992010978.html. EOS has a variation of lip balm products to choose from whether it’s shimmer, medicated, organic, visibly soft or multipack lip balms. The company itself has only been around for about nine years, and it is now worth an estimated $250 million. The numbers are rather staggering as EOS sells about one million lip balm products on a weekly basis. More helpful contents here.

No other brand is making such huge moves or is making such huge waves. This is the future of the industry and innovation is the key. EOS is simply on another level. Though there are other good brands on the market, none of them can compete with EOS on a consistent basis.

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Career of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician specializing in probability, ergodic theory and harmonic analysis. Lacey received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin in 1981, followed by his PhD from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Lacey completed his thesis in functional analysis, specifically Banach space, which is an area of probability.

Michael Lacey began his career at Louisiana State University in 1987. This short educational stint was followed by a professorship at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where Lacey and his colleague Walter Philipp proved the central limit theorem. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Lacey received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University, where he began to study the bilinear Hilbert transform. This transform was solved in 1996, and Lacey won the Salem Prize.

In 1998, Lacey gave a 45 minute address to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Berlin, Germany.

Michael Lacey has been a full professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 2001, where he won a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work with Xiaochun Li. In 2008, Lacey became a Fullbright Fellow and was sent to Buenos Aires Argentina. He also became a Simons Fellow in 2012, and a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2013.

In addition to his professorship, Michael Lacey keeps busy with visiting positions at a variety of universities in the United States and in countries like Greece, Spain, France and Norway.

Lacey has been giving speeches and colloquiums since 1988, and has been published dozens of times in scholarly magazines.

Great Things on the Horizon for Visionary Healthcare Company Tempus

Visionary healthcare startup Tempus recently made the major announcement that its series C funding round closed with a successful $70 million in additional investments. This brings the total funding to $130 million and an estimated valuation of over $700 million (this total has not been confirmed). This valuation is absolutely staggering based on the fact that tempus was founded just two short years ago.

The key investors in the Series C funding round include Revolution Growth and New Investors (NEA). Eric Lefkofsky and his founding partner also invested in this round of funding, as they have invested in every funding round. Lefkofsky announced that he would invest up to $100 million out of his own pocket because he believes so much in the work that Tempus is doing. An interesting piece of information is that cornerstone investor Revolution Growth is a major investment firm founded by billionaire Steve Case. Revolution Growth typically selects just two to three major startups based outside of Silicon Valley.

Tempuses goal is to help doctors customize their cancer treatment plans by using human genomic sequencing and a wealth of collected physician data. This data will then be put into an operations system that physicians can easily access when creating their cancer care plans for patients. Tempus has already begun working with the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University.

Eric Lefkofsky chose to pivot to working in healthcare after an extremely successful career in the tech industry. He has founded several successful companies such as Lightbank, which is a venture fund that seeks out and invests in disruptive tech startups. He also founded Uptake Technologies, which serves the world’s largest industries with its innovative predictive analytics software.

His is a well known name in tech circles, both in Chicago where Tempus is headquartered and globally. He is very vested in the Chicago community and serves as a Trustee for some of Chicago’s most well known institutions including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Science, Lurie Children’s Hospital and World Business Chicago, among others. He is also an adjunct professor teaching at The University of Chicago and a published author of a fascinating book called Accelerated Disruption.

Honest EOS Lip Balm Review

A growing number of women prefer lip balms to drab waxy lipsticks. the EOS brand makes applying lip balm a soothing and refreshing pleasure. EOS lip balm or the Evolution Of Smooth lip balm has built a solid reputation in the lip balm industry over the last few years. The company invaded the market with their little orbs of delight in purely natural flavors. The company has attracted millions of fans over the last few years. Now, they are introducing a new Crystal Vegan Flavor that is sure to delight EOS fans, check products here on makeupalley.com.


New Lip Balm

Everyone on the planet is probably familiar with EOS lip balms. Their new Vegan Crystal Flavor lip balm is an interesting new concept to their already wonderful line of natural lip balm products. The crystal clear lip balm is something quite different. It’s smooth like crystal and clear as glass. The product includes a delightful blend of moisturizing oils that soothe and hydrate the lips. Certainly, this product is going to attract even more fans to EOS. The new vegan lip balm is available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. The lip balm flavors are soothing and delightful. Women are raving about the really delightful and inviting aromas.

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EOS Beginnings

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is the little company that made a big splash in the lip balm industry, see thedermreview.com. The lip balm industry was monopolized by several giants. However, the little startup found a niche to fill within the lip balm industry.


EOS A Leader

All the lip balms on the market were clinical looking and boring. They decided to design a new container and introduce delightful, natural flavors to the market, making the product fun and exciting. Soon, people were raving about the natural flavors that tasted and smelled wonderful. Today, EOS is one of the leading lip balm producers.

Check out this trending video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.



Eric Pulier’s Approach Towards The Daily Life Of A Business Person

Eric Pulier is one of committed and engaged business visionaries in the busy tech market of Los Angeles over the last two decades or more. Pulier is, obviously, well understood for his involvement with the inventive XPrize Foundation even though that is a long way from his exclusive work in the business. Pulier is energetic about innovation, and he has been infatuated with PCs since his childhood.

To begin with, Eric Pulier concentrates on ensuring that he gets enough rest. He normally wakes up early and focuses on having introspective and quiet time before handling the day’s events. He makes out a point by point rundown of issues that should be solved including the topics to handle in his different organizations. Pulier realizes that keeping to a calendar is imperative, especially for business visionaries. He understands what needs to be done when handling different problems.

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After developing the love for PCs at an early age, Pulier commenced programming computers while at the fourth grade. The interest in technology put him at the forefront of the industry. Besides, he is an author and a leader where he applies technology in various fields n the market. For instance, Pulier has utilized technology as the way of assisting others using his skills and experience particularly those with health & mental issues.

In the 1990s, Eric Pulier worked with his accomplices Peter Samuelson, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, and Steven Spielberg to establish the first private social-media platform. The platform was designed aiming to help kids suffering from chronic diseases around the globe. To date, Pulier has applied his technological aptitude and intelligence to assist others. A graduate of Harvard started various successful firms that have won prestigious awards. He has additionally operated with well-known politicians and stars via his profession.

In any case, his most noteworthy accomplishments are not identified with his awards, colleagues or great ventures but with the huge number of people he has helped via his leadership and philanthropic giving. He has served on various boards including the X-Prize Foundation which is a humanitarian association that provides support to competitions dealing with “solving humanities huge problems.” Another board that Pulier sits is that of “The Painted Turtle”, a non-profit organization that supports kids suffering from chronic illnesses.

Search more about Eric Pulier at https://gazetteday.com/2017/09/how-eric-pulier-is-helping-to-shape-the-software-industry/

EOS Creates Unique Lip Balm Flavor Options

Not everyone wants to put a classic flavor such as mint on their lips when they are moisturizing them. There are some who would like to go with a flavor that is different and that is special. Those who are looking for unique lip balm flavors that they can use on their lips will find that the EOS brand has options available to them. The EOS brand uses some of the best ingredients out there to put together lip balms that not only work well on the lips but that are available in flavors that consumers cannot get from other brands.

Buy now here at https://www.dm.de/eos-lippenpflege-erdbeersorbet-lippenbalsam-p832992010978.html.

EOS has created many unique flavors of lip balm for their consumers, including Honeysuckle Honeydew. They have put together fruits that some would not consider putting together, and they have created products that not only feel good on the lips but taste good, too. They offer a Peppermint Cream lip balm option for those who are looking for a minty flavor that goes beyond the usual offerings, check it here at fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de. EOS has brought chocolate into the lip balm picture by creating a Peppermint Mocha lip balm option. The EOS brand is all about creating quality products, and they are also good at creating products that are different from what competitors are offering, see more details here.


Revolutionizing the World’s Entrepreneurship with Market America Events

Market America is an international marketing firm whose core business revolves around internet marketing and brokerage of products. It is renowned for its effective distribution of various commodities in different nations of the world. Market America founded in 1992 by Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger who currently serves as the President and CEO. Its headquarters are situated in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Every entity that sets out to commence operation has a vision of growing and attaining the next level. Market America has actualized that dream, and it currently operates at global scale. Its accumulated retail revenue amounts to more than $7.3 billion. As at 2009, its revenue had tremendously grown to a tune of $284 million while its total assets stood at $146 million. Moreover, its employee capacity was estimated to be well over 650, and this reflects how big a corporation has become.

Like other global corporations, Market America events are many. For starters, the firm holds International Conventions, World Conferences, Product Symposium, and Moving Up Seminars. Moreover, it also holds Certified Trainer Schools, WebCenter Certification Training, Conquer Entertainment, and Chinese Boot Camp.

These events are aimed at revolutionizing and reshaping the shopping behavior of people and their economic patterns in order to have financial independence. This way, the firm ends up building a distinct economy that is all-inclusive. As a result, Market America has been able to spread its vision worldwide. The approach has seen it grow from a being just a group to an international business powerhouse.

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