Academy of Art University: Projecting Into the Future

Fashion Week in New York is a well known and highly broadcasted event, which demonstrates the newest up-and-coming trends. Like any art form, putting together the event requires an immense amount of time and effort. This is no different for the students attending Academy of Art University.

On September 9, 2017, several students attending the university showcased the results of their hard work and determination. The fashion show put on by the school provided these students with the opportunity to get their work out there and potentially attract the attention of industry mentors and internships. Each individual artist displayed a remarkable variety in style and inspiration, allowing for their own voice to shine through.

Founded in 1962, the Academy of Art University offers a wide variety of majors. Located in San Fransisco, California, the school is regionally accredited. The primary goal of the school is to provide students with an excellent education in the arts. Each field of study offers students the opportunity to work with full-time and part-time staff members who are knowledgeable of the industries they’re teaching. These are only a few of the benefits of attending the Academy of Art University.

Under the instruction of the school’s current president the student body has grown from approximately 2,000 individuals to 18,000 over the period of a few years. This is truly a significant achievement! The school also offers students low income housing opportunities during their stay.

It has been reported that many of the students that graduate from Academy of Art University go on to work with companies like Apple, Nike, and Pixar. While these are only a few of the places of employment that students achieve, countless students have obtained and succeeded within the realms of an internship.

The Academy of Arts University is an excellent starting point for any individual looking to explore their options within many art fields. Recently on display has been the success demonstrated by students majoring in fashion. However, success of the student body is not limited to those in fashion.

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