A Civic Organization for the People

Just about everyone in the world wants peace, unity, and love. Sometimes people get distracted by motives which most of the times influences negative results. There is hope because of civic organizations such as Avaaz. Avaaz is a “global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.” (www.avaaz.org). A group of top officials in diverse background decided to use their power and network for the benefit of the people. Avaaz was built by people in order to avoid government restrictions and limitations. They were created to be the voice for people that don’t have one and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz uses technology to spread awareness around the world. This online community has been able to save many lives and help others with their issues. Members use email, online polls and other creative ways using technology to spread the word. Avaaz doesn’t just find an issue to fight, they follow a strategy to all members can get involved in. They work together as a unit in order to stop corruption in the world and their Linkedin.

Currently, they have new campaigns active throughout the world. One important matter is saving one of Avaaz members who was arrested by the Turkey government due to her attending a meeting about human rights. Another important campaign is on stopping the Brazilian government from killing the Amazon. The world understands the importance of avoiding extinction in any kind of living being. Ending support for Burma’s Butchers is a campaign that over 1.2 million people have already signed and more information¬† click here.

Avaaz has many more issues that they are working on together as a group. They are always looking for new volunteers. They are “managed by a team of campaigners working from over 30 countries.” (www.wikipedia.com). It doesn’t matter where members are because they operate mostly online. Visit Avaaz.org today to learn more about this amazing organization.



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