Eric Pulier’s Approach Towards The Daily Life Of A Business Person

Eric Pulier is one of committed and engaged business visionaries in the busy tech market of Los Angeles over the last two decades or more. Pulier is, obviously, well understood for his involvement with the inventive XPrize Foundation even though that is a long way from his exclusive work in the business. Pulier is energetic about innovation, and he has been infatuated with PCs since his childhood.

To begin with, Eric Pulier concentrates on ensuring that he gets enough rest. He normally wakes up early and focuses on having introspective and quiet time before handling the day’s events. He makes out a point by point rundown of issues that should be solved including the topics to handle in his different organizations. Pulier realizes that keeping to a calendar is imperative, especially for business visionaries. He understands what needs to be done when handling different problems.


After developing the love for PCs at an early age, Pulier commenced programming computers while at the fourth grade. The interest in technology put him at the forefront of the industry. Besides, he is an author and a leader where he applies technology in various fields n the market. For instance, Pulier has utilized technology as the way of assisting others using his skills and experience particularly those with health & mental issues.

In the 1990s, Eric Pulier worked with his accomplices Peter Samuelson, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, and Steven Spielberg to establish the first private social-media platform. The platform was designed aiming to help kids suffering from chronic diseases around the globe. To date, Pulier has applied his technological aptitude and intelligence to assist others. A graduate of Harvard started various successful firms that have won prestigious awards. He has additionally operated with well-known politicians and stars via his profession.

In any case, his most noteworthy accomplishments are not identified with his awards, colleagues or great ventures but with the huge number of people he has helped via his leadership and philanthropic giving. He has served on various boards including the X-Prize Foundation which is a humanitarian association that provides support to competitions dealing with “solving humanities huge problems.” Another board that Pulier sits is that of “The Painted Turtle”, a non-profit organization that supports kids suffering from chronic illnesses.

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