A Lifestyle of Success

For some people, success is a momentary high that is only attained once or twice throughout a lifetime. For others, however, success is much more transcendent. For these ambitious few, success is not merely an occurrence or even an accomplishment. It is a way of life. At least, that is the case with Jeffry Schneider.

Growing up in Manhattan, Schneider learned early how to navigate life’s pressures and come out on top. After his childhood, he spent his formative college years at the University of Massachusetts. Upon graduation, he quickly made a home for himself within the financial industry.


Financial companies can be particularly difficult for new employees, and it takes a good amount of talent, skill and hard work to rise above the competition. Schneider was able to do that, using his deep understanding of investment strategies to shine. During this part of his professional career, Schneider was an important player at several established and respected financial firms. With this experience as a base, he then pursued more entrepreneurial efforts by developing alternative investment solutions in Austin, Texas. In this capacity, Schneider proved that he could build his own success from the ground up.

If these successes seem impressive, then it is important to remember that a person exists beyond his or her job. Schneider has been equally aggressive in his personal life, tackling health and fitness with the same vigor as he does equity investments. To this end, Schneider is an apt triathlete. By training hard, Schneider has successfully competed in both Ironman and Half Ironman events. For those who may not be familiar with such events, these competitions include running, swimming and biking in a vast marathon effort. These one-day competitions are among the most challenging in the athletic world.

This success story may seem complete to most people. After all, Schneider has accomplished a lot in both his professional and personal life. However, for someone as talented and ambitious as Schneider, it is safe to say that the story is not over yet. Only time will tell what other successes await Jeffry Schneider in the future.

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