EOS Vegan Lip Balm

EOS, the Evolution of Smooth, lip balm is a staple in many households, including mine. The colorful egg shaped packaging puts a smile on everyone’s face and is easy to locate in a bag or purse. EOS lip balm does a great job as a daily wear lip balm, buy here at amazon.de.

It smooths and protects dry cracked winter lips, click here. EOS lip balm smells great! Still one of my favorite parts is the cute packaging. It comes with SPF protection. During the hot Summer months, it doesn’t melt while in my bag. The ingredients are organic, check also dm.de for more details.

EOS has taken things a step further by introducing a new vegan crystal flavors lip balm, that is animal by product free. I know, as a former vegan, how difficult it is to locate vegan products when the majority of products and restaurants out there are not vegan friendly. A few years back, due to health concerns, I found this out the hard way. Now that it is okay for me to have dairy and other products, I still am drawn to the healthiest items I can locate. I will be trying the new EOS vegan crystal flavors lip balm, not because I have to but because I want to. There is something simple and good about a product that does not use animal by products. It will be my preference. As usual, EOS lip balm, will be my go to lip balm.


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