Evolution of Smooth and Thrilling Vegan Crystal Flavors

EOS or Evolution of Smooth is a fine brand that prioritizes high-quality lip care products of all varieties. It specializes in A+ skincare products, too. Evolution of Smooth is a company that’s always trying to take things to the next level for its audience members. It even has a brand new lip balm that’s ideal for vegans who don’t want to use any products that involve animals in any way. This fresh lip balm is all about tantalizing and exciting crystal flavors. This lip balm is notable for a handful of strong reasons. This balm, first and foremost, is nice and transparent. It offers more than lovely clarity as well. It’s totally organic. It’s 100 percent devoid of any and all animal byproducts.

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If you want to pamper your gorgeous pout, regular use of this vegan product can be wonderful. This lip balm can moisturize your lips and make them feel and appear smoother, softer and more even than ever before. Who wants to have rough lips? Who wants their lips to be full of patches and flakes? EOS vegan lip balms can help people who want to get on the path to flawless and enviable pouts, shop here!

Evolution of Smooth has been delighting people with incredible lip balm flavors for quite some time. People are unable to turn away from EOS lip balms for a variety of reasons. Flavor choice is one reason. Evolution of Smooth is known for lip balm flavors that are simply out of this world. If you crave fruity tastes on a routine basis, you’ll without a doubt fall for EOS. Some of the brand’s most famed flavor options include magnificent strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, honeysuckle honeydew, wildberry and summer fruit. These flavors keep lip balm lovers coming back for more and more.

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EOS Crystal Vegan Lip Balm Is The Bomb

EOS, Evolution of Smooth has mastered the world of lip balms. They learned early on what they needed in order to make it in the world of lip balm. The company that has been creating a buzz in the industry has been a success right out of the gate. When they had the idea to come up with a way to sell lip balms that had not been done before, they had the idea to come up with a round sphere instead of the standard, typical tube.

They have now taken it one step further by coming up with a way to make the formula vegan friendly. The previous formula had the ingredient bees wax. The people who live by the vegan lifestyle would not purchase the product because of the bees wax, Since the introduction of the beeswax free lip balm, the lip balms have been flying off the shelves.

To be honest, EOS had no idea that the new line would be such a hit. They had expected it to sell out over time but had never imagined that it would occur in just moments of the release. Not only did the stores sell out quickly of the formula, the online stores also sold out in a matter of time from the release says usmagazine.com.

This type of lip balm is appealing to a variety of people. Not just because it is bees wax free but also because it has such a long line of flavors available, buy here. Most people who purchase the EOS brand are purchasing it because it is available in a variety of flavors and a variety of ingredients. The latest addition has the introduction of shea butter, coconut and avocado. All of these ingredients together will help your lips regain the moisture that they have lost.

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EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors Are Selling Out Faster Than Ever

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has introduced a new line of vegan flavored lip balms. The tiny round dispensers are popular and have great appeal with the convenient packages. Not only are the ingredients catering to untapped markets. If you liked the original products, then the new flavors are sure to please.

EOS has been around for some time, gaining a larger consumer base each year. Their products were notable among those seeking alternative moisture for lips on an ongoing basis says usmagazine.com. Beeswax was one ingredient contained in the original formula that was limiting for vegans. The new formula that contains vegan crystal flavors have sold out almost immediately and show that EOS is popular even among alternative or health conscious consumers. The large positive response suggests that EOS products may be appealing to an advantageous market.

There are a few reasons that vegan crystal flavors are taking the market by storm. The price point for these products are low enough to keep them accessible to the public while maintaining niche placement. They are only $5.49 per unit and can be found online and at local convenience stores, purchase here. Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and other major distribution channels make it easy to find EOS lip balms wherever you are.

EOS has received significant acclaim based on celebrity endorsements. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are on the list of a-list endorsements for EOS. Coconut, shea butter and other ingredients set this lip balm apart from the rest. The essential oils and other natural ingredients make EOS a crowd pleasing favorite. The revolutionary technology and innovation of EOS makes it possible to get lasting results for smooth and moisturized lips. They also make it easy to find flavors that smell great. To get a smooth and naturally effective remedy for chapped lips, EOS vegan flavors are sure to hit the spot.

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Healthcare Waste Is Pushing Up Healthcare Cost According To Healthcare Entrepreneur Drew Madden

Waste in healthcare is the new normal in the healthcare industry. Healthcare experts say the industry wastes $765 billion every year. That’s 25 percent of the yearly healthcare expenditures. More than $210 billion of that total is for unnecessary and expensive healthcare procedures, according to a National Academy of Medicine report. In fact, healthcare waste is an innate part of the system. Hospitals don’t use new supplies. They throw them away. Nursing homes throw away medications that are reusable. And drug makers use cheap pharma ingredients to make expensive and special drugs. Plus, arbitrary expiration dates on drugs force pharmacies and hospitals to throw valuable drugs away.

But any conversation about waste must include a conversation about antiquated medical record keeping, according to Drew Madden. Drew Madden is a healthcare entrepreneur who specializes in setting up and helping healthcare provides put an effective electronic medical records platform together.

Madden is no stranger to the flaws in the healthcare system. He cut his healthcare teeth working for companies like Ingenix, a division of United Healthcare, and Cerner, one of the top healthcare information technology solution companies in the industry. When Madden took the Nordic job, Nordic went from a $1 million company to a $130 million company while Madden was president. He is currently one of the managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare. Evergreen specializes in implementing electronic medical records systems that give healthcare providers a better idea of consumer needs in terms of treatment, prescriptions and other pertinent healthcare information.

The news that CVS may buy Aetna Insurance Company and Amazon may get into the healthcare equipment business is creating a stir in the industry. Amazon executives may also get into the retail prescription drug business. Some waste may go away when Amazon shines a light on a few areas where healthcare is hurting patients more than helping. Drew Madden and his partners know any change in the healthcare industry creates more opportunities for them.

Talkspace Is Your Online Therapist

The average person spends more time interacting with their smartphone than with other people. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Therefore, a large majority of people are more comfortable interacting with others over their smartphone. This has led to a rapid increase in services like Talkspace that deliver online therapy sessions and counseling to people that are facing a mental health issue. Many find that online counseling fits their lifestyle perfectly and is a better alternative to traveling a long distance to a therapist in their community for a counseling session.

Talkspace Is The New Alternative To Counseling

Talkspace is promoting their online platform as the new alternative to counseling for busy people that do not have the time to travel to a therapist in their location. In addition, the cost for therapy session with an experienced counselor is relatively cheap, compared to traditional counseling sessions in an office. In fact, their counseling sessions start at about $32 a week for one counseling session via text per day.

Talkspace Therapy

Talkspace is a new online application that will allow users to connect with a licensed, professional therapist who is experienced counseling mental health issues. Clients that use the application are able to connect with their therapist through text messages, video chatting, or phone calls. Once a client downloads the application and signs up they are matched with a counselor. The counselors are licensed, mental health specialist with plenty of experience working with patients.

Talkspace is a discrete and confidential service that provides online therapy with professional, licensed therapist at a very reasonable price. The service is convenient affordable and has helped thousands with their mental health issues. They have treated issues like depression to anxiety and much more. Talkspace is receiving a lot of positive reviews by satisfied clients across the Internet.

Talkspace and Why People Don’t Always Get Therapy

Therapy is one of the most recommended issues for people. However, not everyone who feels they need therapy are getting the therapy they are looking for. There are a ton of reasons behind this. For one thing, therapy costs a ton of money. Another thing is that such a fast paced society can make it a little challenging for people to get the therapy they need. There are also plenty of other issues that make a need such as therapy more like a luxury enjoyed by some of the most privileged people. Fortunately, there is an alternative that is very effective for people to take advantage of.

This alternative is known as Talkspace. One of the reasons that Talkspace is gaining popularity is that it is cost effective. Another reason behind its success is that it is convenient. Instead of spending an hour every week in an office talking about an issue and then getting a suggestion from the therapist, all therapy sessions are done over the phone. Therefore, people can get their therapy from people at any time as opposed to having to designate one day and hour in the week for therapy.

The plans at Talkspace start at $32 a week. This is very affordable compared to traditional therapy which is known to charge hundreds per session. Also, there have been a rise in online therapy services. This gives people options on how they can get the help they need online. The only challenge for therapists is that they have to learn how to use the written word to get across their empathy and their care for the individual. Therapy is a rather delicate activity.

Talkspace: New Is Good

When people hear about something new, they might not exactly be sure how to handle it and they might not be sure what to make of it. For Talkspace, it is an app that allows someone with mental health issues to talk to a therapist, as they have over 1,000 professionals. It is the talk of the mental health game and in many ways it is a game changer. It is what people out there have been yearning for in their lives. They have wanted and needed something like this for the longest time. They don’t have to wait a second longer. It is here and it is here to stay.

Talkspace offers video, text, or phone calls. With videos, they get a more interactive experience. It is always nice when they can see the person they are talking to and really get to know them, understand them, and find out what they are all about in their lives. They can put a face to the name. For those that suffer from social anxiety, it is not so easy to do that, which is why they prefer the phone call or the text. Talkspace has thought of every possible situation in this case, and they are prepared for it.

They don’t want their clients to go without anything or have to suffer, especially when it comes to mental health. It needs to be taken seriously and it needs to be respected. It is the only way that anyone is going to get any better and it is the only way people are going to live long and productive lives. Talkspace takes mental health seriously and many have said they take it more seriously than therapists that have their overpriced offices. Talkspace is in it to help people and not just fatten their pocket books.

EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Focuses On The Vegan Side Of Lip Balm Choices

While reading a magazine the other day, usmagazine.com, I spotted a little round sphere in an ad which talked about lip balm and keeping your lips moisturized. It was the very first time that I had spotted the lip balm in an ad and not on the drugstore shelves. I clearly had been missing out on something.

As I looked up what the round sphere was, I learned that EOS stood for Evolution of Smooth. They had the right name down because as I purchased my first one, I learned that it does make your lips smooth and silky. I never knew lip balm could work so good.

The one thing that I did not like in the EOS lip balm brand was the fact that it contained beeswax. The beeswax is not something that is good for vegans who love animals and want something that does not contain anything made by animals or insects.

In the new EOS vegan crystal lip balm, there is nothing in it that will offend someone who is vegan. The added ingredients are now coconut as well as shea butter and sunflower oils. The new mixture will leave your mouth feeling the best it has felt in a long time.

The vegan crystal lip balm is available in two flavors for the moment. The vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus will make your lips feel as if they are in heaven. You might be surprised to find out that the cost of the EOS vegan crystal lip balm is less than the cost of a lunch meal from your favorite fast food chain.

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If you like something that is more traditional or that is a bit less costly, you will want to check out other brands but if you want something that is healthy for your lips or that is going to make you feel refreshed, then EOS is the brand for you. Read more here.

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Financial Services that are Custom-made for Clients

NexBank recently announced its donation of a hundred thousand dollars in support of the advancement of women leadership and economic security. This money came as a result of NexBank sponsoring the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Women’s Foundation in Dallas. DR. Hope Jahren, a very influential scientist and author, would be part of this luncheon that was set to take place at the Dallas based Hilton Anatole Hotel.

More than ten thousand students in North Texas would be able to hear the keynote speech as it was streamed live in their schools. This luncheon that is organized by the Dallas Women Foundation hosts a variety of people, leader, and businesses as they work towards advocating for the economic and social growth of the girls and women in the society.

NexBank has a charter that dates back over 9 decades ago and has assets worth 7.6 billion dollars. It is a regional bank that deals with institutional, mortgage and commercial banking services. They have a huge client base which includes individuals, corporations and financial institutions across the nation.

NexBank focuses on meeting their clients at their point of financial needs through tailor-making products that suit their interests. They are a result oriented financial institution with the goal of providing solutions to their clients diligently. NexBank understands the fact that not all clients are the same. This has led them to provide client-oriented products instead of similar products for all their customers.

The bankers at NexBank use their skills and expertise to offer strategies to their clients on management of cash by first analyzing their financial positions and goals. Their clients rely on them to provide them with long-term strategies to gain and grow their wealth. The solutions and strategies offered to clients are customized in terms of deposits and management to make sure that every client has their banking needs attended to. Whether it is growth, safeguarding or managing your wealth, NexBank will offer their expertise.

Clients are usually very diverse. Some prefer traditional investments while others prefer modern ones. Depending on what is needed by the client, NexBank offers their diverse options that range from mortgages and institutional services to investment and commercial banking.

The Perfect Lip Balm for Pumpkin Spice Lovers

It is impossible to deny to the popularity of any and all things pumpkin spice. Every fall you find almost all restaurants and retailers embracing it! From coffee drinks, fragrance sprays, and even candles. If you consider yourself to be a pumpkin spice connoisseur, you are probably well aware that EOS sells pumpkin-spiced lip balm, available here on amazon.com. For those of you who are not, you will be happy to know that this year EOS is offering a “holiday lip balm duo” which includes pumpkin spice, as well as an organic vanilla bean flavor. These spherical balms sell for roughly six dollars and are only available for a limited time.

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If you are unfamiliar with EOS, which is an abbreviation for “Evolution of Smooth,” they specialize in a variety of lip balm, hand and body lotions, shaving cream, and limited edition bundles. Most famous are their lip balms which range from an organic lip balm, visibly soft, crystal, shimmer, active, and medicated variants. All of which come in a spherical outer casing. One of the most popular products is their peppermint limited edition balms that tend to sell out pretty fast, click here.

One of the pros to EOS is that all of their lip balms are packed with vitamin E and other antioxidants. They are all natural and dermatologist tested. For more information, you can visit their website at https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.

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