EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review

Many lip balms on the market today are very waxy. You put them on and you can tell that they are there, and you just want to take it off. However, this is a company that just came out with a brand new product that will make your lips feel great. This company is called Evolution of Smooth. Their new product is called Crystal Lip balm. Here is a review of their awesome new product, and some information about the company.

Evolution of Smooth’s new product called Crystal lip balm hydrates your lips without the waxy feeling that other lip balms leave behind. When you put it on it feels like you are wearing nothing on your lips, yet they get hydrated. This wonderful lip balm is perfect for people that use a lot of lip stick and need something to keep their lips hydrated (makeupalley.com). This lip balm comes in two different flavors. They have a Hibiscus Peach and a Vanilla Orchid flavor.

This lip balm uses a lot of high quality ingredients to keep lips hydrated. It uses Aloe Vera which provides moisture and antibacterial properties to your lips. It uses Avocado Oil which helps sooth lips. It uses Coconut Oil to moisturize and fight aging lips.

Evolution of Smooth is a great beauty company that specializes in natural products. They offer products that are hypoallergentic, and are full of vitamins. They use ingredients that are great for your skin, and even sensitive skin.

Evolution of Smooth sells their products in a wide variety of stores. These stores include mass retailers such as Target and Walmart. They also sell online through Amazon. If you are looking for a way to hydrate your lips without a waxy feel then you should check out Evolution of Smooth’s amazing new lip product.  Check influenster.com for more reviews.

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