A Review Of EOS Lip Balm And Its Many Flavors

EOS lip balm is available in flavors that suit the tastes of all of the brand’s customers. Those who are interested in trying a new flavor of lip balm can find something special from this brand and their product offerings (amazon.com). There are flavors available from the brand for those who enjoy something fruity as well as those who would like their lip balm to be minty fresh and make their breath feel fresh.

Some of the fruit flavor offerings from EOS include Strawberry Sorbet and Wildberry. These lip balms come in brightly colored containers and they are a fun gift. These are appropriate for younger people as well as older people. Some of the mint flavor options from EOS include Sweet Mint and Vanilla Mint. The Crystal lip balm that the brand puts out is available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

The EOS brand is careful about the ingredients that they use in their products. They work with a dermatologist to make sure that their products are appropriate for use on all skin types. This brand wants those who use their products to use them without issue.

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Those who are concerned about certain ingredients in beauty products will find that EOS stays away from those ingredients. This brand makes their products without the use of petrolatum, mineral oil, and parabens.

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