Review of the EOS Vegan Product Line

EOS has recently launched a vegan line of lip care products known as Crystal Plus. Crystal Plus is essential for adding a touch of nature to your skincare and lip care routine. These amazing products are made using plant oils, so you’re still getting the hydration that you need without the problems that come when using animal-derived products. Plus, you’ll find that the Crystal Plus line is much better for your lips and adds a gorgeous touch of shine rather than a matte finish. This line was launched specifically because it contains no animal ingredients and does not involve animal testing.

The EOS line of cosmetics and body care items is a trusted company that has been used for years. It is one of the best because of the quality of the ingredients being used in each and every one of the products being manufactured. In fact, you can find EOS products both in your local drugstore or by checking them out on the internet ( For updates, you can also find EOS on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where they keep their feeds updated daily.

The great thing that comes when choosing EOS is that you know the quality of the products is far superior to anything you might have used before. This means that you will feel soft and have touchable and smooth lips that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other lip balm product on the market. Make sure to take a peak at the wide range of products that EOS has created and launched to the world. EOS is known all over the world, and their name stands for Evolution of Smooth. This means you get smooth and hydrating products at a price that you will finally be able to afford on your own.

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