EOS Goes Vegan, Gets Rave Reviews!

In consumer business today if you’re not going vegan you’ve missed a big segment of the market. EOS lip balms have now created a product that is fully vegan and completely animal safe. Former EOS aficionados who shifted their lifestyle to vegan products were unable to enjoy their favorite lip balm due to product contents including beeswax. Going vegan affects so many aspects of one’s life there is a community of vegans. Vegans often utilize social media to inform others about where to locate the best vegan products. Not only has EOS created a buzz in these markets, it often appeals to those who haven’t made the vegan commitment yet still want to make the easy choices to better the world through kindness to animals. EOS makes that choice easy with their vegan crystal flavors in the same EOS shape with the same broad availability that we’ve come to love.

Read reviews at  http://celiacandthebeast.com/2012/04/review-eos-organic-gluten-free-lip-balm-smooth-spheres/

EOS first created a sensation in the beauty community with its unique packaging. The little egg shaped containers which we’ve all come to know and love are easy apply, easy to spot, and (perhaps best of all) to easily grab from the bottom of your purse.

Evolution of Smooth offers a wide range of lip gloss flavors plus hand or body lotion and shaving cream.  See allure.com.  Some of their best-selling lip gloss flavors include Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Mint, Sweet Mint, and Pomegranate.

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