Susan McGalla Builds Platform for Women in Workforce Leadership

Susan McGalla knows her way around the fashion world. She has worked as a CEO of a major company like American Eagle and this has given her a great perspective on what consumers look for.

As a vice president for creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers there is a great amount of interest in what she is doing when it comes to the world of athletic fan gear. Most people never really give a lot of consideration to the process that goes into fan gear for football teams. In many cases a lot of the gear looks generic, but Susan McGalla has been taken in by the Pittsburgh Steelers to spice things up. She knows about clothing lines and the way that consumers respond to clothes that are developed for fans. This is why she was the perfect person to create this type of atmosphere where the Pittsburgh Steelers have evolved with the clothing line.

In a plethora of magazines for news in Philadelphia it was great for people to see how someone like Susan McGalla could continuously rise to the top in the world of leadership. She has served as encouragement for many women that may have never seen someone in such a dominant role when it came to leading a movement.

There has definitely been a great amount of interest in the conversations that Susan McGalla has been able to have. She has been able to get many young women that are in the marketing world to see that there is a change taking place. More people are recognizing what Susan has done because she is highly visible when it comes changing the way that business practices are handled. She is in a position of leadership as a creative director, and this gives her a platform to help other women see what they need to do to build better career plans.

In most instances where Susan McGalla is speaking to women in business she puts a heavy emphasis on education. She earned a degree in marketing early on, and she continued to build her resume with marketing jobs.

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