A Review of EOS’s Newest Lip Balm

EOS is the new juggernaut in the lip balm industry. Even if you don’t recognize the name, if you are a lip balm user, chances are you have used their products. All of EOS’s products come in a unique packaging that consists of an egg-shaped plastic container. EOS has been able to make their brand stand out from the competition by steering clear of traditional tube-shaped packaging.

EOS has a long list of flavors and sub-brands for the consumer to try out. Originally only providing lip balm to customers, EOS has since branched out to include other products such as lotions in its ever-expanding catalog.

One of their newest products is a cooling menthol blend that has been commissioned to simulate the flavor of chamomile tea.

The new flavor, which retails for 3 dollars, contains elements of real chamomile so it provides you with all of the medical benefits of normal chamomile tea (mapleholistics.com). The Chamomile balm is an antioxidant, it can work as a mild anti-inflammatory agent and of course provides users with the normal benefits of lip balm.

As well as chamomile, this flavor of EOS contains aloe, cocoa and shea butter, and vitamin E. Whether you are looking to switch to a superior lip balm product, are a long-time consumer of lip balms, or simply a fan of chamomile tea, if you haven’t tried EOS’s newest Chamomile flavor, you are missing out. Check Amazon.

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