Here’s An Explanation Of The Great Things Ryan Seacrest Has Done

Just about nobody in the entertainment industry has experienced a more successful, exhilarating ride than Mr. Ryan Seacrest, best known to many as the longtime host of American Idol, a singing competition series that first aired on Fox in 2002. After its closure in 2016, ABC earned the rights to air American Idol on its network, which Mr. Seacrest has hosted since it started its broadcast tenure in 2018.

Following are some of the most prestigious roles and accomplishments Mr. Seacrest has accumulated throughout his nearly 30-year career across the entertainment industry’s various fields. Not included are countless other awards, designations, credits, and feats that Ryan Seacrest worked hard enough to tally up throughout the years.

Seacrest has done so many great things in hosting TV shows

Unarguably the largest, most popular show that Mr. Ryan Seacrest has been a part of is American Idol, a show aired for 16 seasons that still continues today. He spent the first season’s tenure – the show was then formally known as American Idol: The Search for a Superstar – as co-host beside Brian Dunkleman. From season two through the show’s reboot by ABC, Ryan Seacrest has served as its sole host, save for emergency fill-ins.

Mr. Seacrest is also known around the United States for being involved with Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, a perennial airing of New Years’ Eve celebrations that Ryan has hosted for 13 straight years. He’s also held the role of executive producer on the long-running program.

Ryan (@ryanseacrest) has co-hosted Live with Kelly and Ryan, also anchored by Kelly Ripa, since May 2017.

Seacrest has a successful radio career, as well

Believe it or not, according to Forbes, Mr. Ryan Seacrest has been involved in radio broadcasting since the age of 16, when he began an internship with a radio station in Atlanta. He got his first shot at being a show host after one of its program’s regular hosts made an emergency exit just weeks after he picked up the internship through his high school.

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Ryan Seacrest- The Shining Prince

Ryan Seacrest is always trending for being the Hollywood busiest man, and he recently became among the notable stars by earning his name in the famous Hollywood Walk of Fames. He is a producer who won the Emmy-award, and he is known to leave an impact in every place Ryan steps. Ryan had a life dream of becoming a DJ and a famous one, but he has overtaken his goals by becoming the most successful person in the industry of entertainment.

Ryan Seacrest has been a long time host of the famous American Idol, and he welcomes the country with a big and bold smile. The show launches the aspiring singers to the public and into the superstardom, and it’s on its 16th season with Ryan taking the lead with his charming and unique hosting voice.

The American Idol launched Ryan Seacrest career to the entertainment industry, and he always had the honor of announcing the Idol winner and also crowning of the American greatest artists like Ruben Studdard, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. After the cancellation of American Idol by Fox, Ryan decided to team up with Kelly for a live daily talk show on ABC. He becomes the first Kelly permanent co-host of the retiled show Live with Kelly and Ryan’s. Ryan Seacrest relocated to New York City to co-host with Kelly on ABC Network, and he received a contract to host the 16th season of Idol.

Ryan Seacrest power to Multi-task has seen him build a New Distinction of the Menswear line offering a lifestyle of iconic and tailor-made looks ideal for everyday man. The brand has made an invertible success in the fashion industry targeting the designer choices of musicians, celebrities, and A-list actors. Ryan Seacrest love for radio has seen him launch the On Air with Ryan Seacrest a Live Radio Show on secrets and news of celebrities and much more. Seacrest has a giving heart, and he began the Ryan Seacrest foundation with the core aim of helping those in need with his money and time. The Foundation provides healing to children who are hospitalized through creative outlets exploring the television, media, radio, and media high-tech centers. The foundation also offers journalism sponsorship on broadcast media.

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Stream Energy: Help When You Need It

Stream Energy is an energy company that focuses on giving back to their workers as well as to the community. Stream Cares is their self-made philanthropic organization that works with other non-profit organizations to ensure that displaced residents in the Dallas, Texas area are getting the help that they need. The organization also partners with other non-profit business to reach more people and make a more significant difference. A company whose foundation is built on giving back to their community lets individuals know that they are important. Displacement, or losing your home due to natural disaster can be scary. For some, it can be devastating as they have children to take care of. Stream Energy understands that it can happen to anyone at any given time. Not to mention, since they service the area, some of the individuals facing this turmoil could have been a client. The clients are the force that funds the business. They are the reason that Stream Energy can give back to the community in the first place, which is why it is so important to take care of them the best way possible. When a natural disaster threatens to make life hard for people in the Dallas, Texas area, Stream Energy is there to support their community. One remarkable example of this is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey is a storm that will never be forgotten. It flooded most of the Houston, Texas area. Neighborhoods were under water after close to 60 inches of rainfall was dumped at once. A stream will always be remembered as one of the first organizations to come forward and release funding to start the cleanup and recovery process for the area. Let’s not forget that they used their own money earned from energy sales to fund the reconstruction. Philanthropy is at the center of the Stream energy corporation. Generosity is the reason they have such a good reputation with their community. It is why their associates love working for them. Overall, they are changing philanthropy as we all know it today through long-lasting relationships and showing each family and business in the area that help exists.

Greensky Credit creates new business model for lending

GreenSky Credit has been operating since 2006. It was in that year that David Zalik, a child prodigy and serial entrepreneur, had an idea that would potentially allow merchants to increase their sales on big-ticket items by billions of dollars each year. Zalik knew from operating a previous e-consulting business that merchants like Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and other sellers of high-end home remodeling, furniture and other items often lost sales due to the simple fact that customers were not competent at assessing the likely price tag on jobs they wanted to do.

The solution Zalik came up with was to facilitate true instant loans at the point of sale. But unlike other forms of retail financing, like in-store financing or installment plans, the loans that Zalik envisioned would be able to be approved at the job site or on a sales call. With this idea in mind, he founded GreenSky Credit in 2006. The model quickly proved itself.

Unlike other fintech startups, GreenSky Credit does not keep any loans on its books. In fact, it doesn’t even really originate loans. The only thing that GreenSky Credit does is line up customers with its partner banks. This incredibly simple model might be easy to write off as being trivial, being an already saturated market or not having a large enough total available market. But Zalik’s genius lay in seeing the huge potential that still existed for high-end loans on niche retail products for customers with excellent credit.

The majority of GreenSky Credit’s customers have excellent FICO scores, usually above 700. This means that the risks that banks incur on these loans tends to be minimal. It also means that from the customer’s perspective, GreenSky can make highly enticing loan offers. Usually, the loan offer that the merchant makes to the customer through the GreenSky interface involved no money down, no payments for a year and zero interest for an introductory period. Zalik says that the vast majority of customers pay back their loans in full before the higher rates and payments kick in.

All told, GreenSky is currently valued at more than $4.5 billion and is murmurring about a possible IPO.

Kamil Idris Sheds Light On The Importance Of Patents And Intellectual Property Rights

As someone who served as the Director of the World Intellectual Property Rights Organizations, he is someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the topic of intellectual property rights. Dr. Kamil Idris has served as a member of several organizations that have worked towards the enforcement of some form of beneficial development to countries. With intellectual property rights being something that he is incredibly knowledgeable about, he often writes blogs and articles on the events within the field, and the challenges that countries are facing as a result of this.

One of the recent articles that Dr. Kamil Idris decided to write about was with regards to understanding the modern law that is directed towards safeguarding and enforcing intellectual property rights. To begin, he spoke about the four primary forms of intellectual property and how it gives the person who made it the right to use it and possess it.

In the article, Dr. Kamil Idris gave a practical example of the company My Pillow, which was able to patent their product so that no one else could produce the same kind of product as theirs. This made them unique and something only they could do. This was also something that the company had to do for their economic growth. If another company were to start selling the same product as them, it would dilute the market, thereby reducing the profits that they earn from it. Through patenting the product, they retain control of that niche of the market, thus helping them grow into a more successful brand.

Kamil Idris stated that one of the biggest reasons to promote intellectual property rights is because of the development that it can bring a country. Innovators and brands are put in a position whereby they have to be more creative and come out with products that are truly unique, thereby improving markets and the development of global industries. With the rampant globalization, the importance of having good intellectual property laws in place to protect the rights of creators, brands, and innovators is growing.

One of the main fields that are affected as a result of lack of intellectual property rights is digital content creation. Content creators currently lack the tools to be able to properly patent their work, thereby making it easier to pirate and create counterfeits. With how much digital content is growing every day, Kamil Idris emphasized the increased need for intellectual property rights.




William Saito: Entrepreneur from Japan

William Saito first began to program software professionally when he was only ten years old he incorporated his first company only ten years later. This company was eventually acquired by Microsoft. William Saito has been listed as the entrepreneur of the year in 1998 and has also been considered one of the 100 Most Influential People for Japan. He graduated from the University of California in Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He is perhaps most well-known as the founder of technology company InTecur.


As the founder of this company, he is well respected as an entrepreneur and businessman. He has recently spoken about his advice to individuals who are in the process of launching their own startup companies. He believes that the most important thing for a company during the startup phase is to pursue expansion aggressively and to look for additional avenues of improvement continually.



It is far easier today to start your own company than it has been at any other point in time. It will be possible for you to launch your own company successfully with the right attitude and ideas.

William Saito is originally from Japan and has made a career out of using the experience and knowledge he has to create a number of the successful company. He is both a businessman and an investor. This dual approach has given him the perspective needed to see both sides of businesses.

William Saito believes that a unique marketing plan is of the utmost importance to reach the demographic that you are trying to target. He believes that you can have an incredibly enticing but individuals will not purchase it if they do not know that it exists. William Saito believes that the marketing of your company should be one of the number one priorities during the startup phase. This is due to the fact that it has a disproportionate impact on the potential success of your company. He believes that it could be beneficial for your company to hire an individual who is a marketing professional during the startup phase. These individuals will have more experience and could potentially know what will work for your company.

William Saito also states that in order to attract venture capitalists and other potential investors it is important to have a defined niche that you are attempting to fill. This will show these individuals that you have a purpose in the market.

Sean Penn’s New Novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Creates A World That Reflects United States of Now

All across the country, there are lies. There are deceit, craziness, madness and full-blown deception. There are politicians who fake their way into politics, and there are honest people downtrodden and beset by depression too much to continue their virtue. Many of these social problems get ignored, but in the case of Sean Penn, he harnesses all these elements to create his new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

What You May Want To Know About The Book Before Reading

Sean Penn understands the power of the arts to move people to action. He is a man who has used his platform in highlighting issues that go unnoticed. He’s also the actor who went out of his way to extend his help to various organizations, even risking his life to reach his aims. In his latest work Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he lays out all his observations as a man who works both as an artist and a man who cares in relief efforts all over the world.

In the interview from Vogue, we learn that the inspiration behind the book could be hard to pinpoint, but it’s enough to say that without the kind of work that Sean Penn had done before, it would probably be hard for him to get the kind of material that he seducing created and churned out in his debut novel. There’s a lot to be said about the book, and how it’s got so many influences going through it, but Sean Penn said in the interview that the entire business of all these attributions could not have interested him less. He wanted people to read the book and let them the judge for themselves. He didn’t want to link his work with anyone out there, even if readers like Sarah Silverman attribute his style to Thomas Pynchon or Charles Bukowski.



The Splash



It is also said in a Rolling Stone feature about this debut novel of Sean Penn that he’s made an impact for the world to take notice in the freedom of his words. He’s able to make sure that he can ignite the conversation and let the message come across. The book also has the ambition to say everything that Sean Penn could perhaps not say in his movies, and the world that he has created in his debut novel is something that’s not that easy to replicate by others.



The book is also being described by Sean Penn himself as a snapshot of what the country looks like now, and how it is essential for writers to put this in a perspective that’s both fun and meaningful to do. Sean Penn understands this more than anyone else and is now enjoying the limelight of the success even without meaning to.

Achievement and Success of Vijay Eswaran

When it comes to success, Vijay Eswaran is the role model to lots of entrepreneurs. He is the most prominent person since he is the great motivational speaker as well as the philanthropist. He is the co-founder of the QI Group and has enabled the company to achieve a lot in their operations. Through the life of Vijay Eswaran, so many people are impressed since he started from a humble beginning, and he has been the wealthiest person and besides the company that he led has been successful in the market as well. According to Eswaran is that his success has been motivated by his business and philosophies that have made him successful.

It is a challenge to excel in the market or any form of business when the market is not pleasing. The need for every business person in the market is to earn better profit margin and sometimes it is challenging even when the market conditions are pleasing. Vijay Eswaran was able to rise to prominence when the economic condition was not welcoming, and it was uncertain. The motivational talks and books, as well as the articles from Eswaran, is a clear indication that he had a self-drive and passion towards his success. He affirms that for one to succeed, one must have a clear plan and the appropriate design since that will guide you towards achieving the goals set.

Moreover, it is imperative to follow the set plan since will provide a platform towards achieving the goals. It is not challenging to become successful if at all you adhere to the plan. From the Vijay Eswaran article about the Two Minutes From Abyss and also # ways Fear Drives Success, and even the 5 Cs of Servant Leadership he provides an explanation that fear can be used to motivate people towards their success by having a good mindset.

Fear can be used as a stepping stone to the success since it can drive one to have the ability to overcome the obstacles that can be available along the way towards the success. From his articles, he profoundly elaborates how fear can be used to achieve your goals in life with a lot of ease. Vijay Eswaran ensured that from his leadership at QI Group all the staff members could achieve their goals despite the obstacles available by motivating them. Therefore, it is evident that Vijay Eswaran is a great motivational speaker and have helped a lot of entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Dr. Dov Rand and The Arrestingly Effective and Ethical Solutions He Offers To His Clients

Many people think that obesity in America and Europe is a sign and a challenge for the policymakers to make sure that these issues don’t escalate. There are also many solutions at our disposal, but without the right leaders and influencers to push the envelope and enact the solutions, nothing could happen. Nothing would be fixed. People are going to get fatter, less healthy and more vulnerable to diseases. This is the problem that many health and weight experts today are trying to solve, and one of them that have the heart and passion for addressing it is Dr. Dov Rand, the specialist at the West Orange NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist Center.


The Training at Albert Einstein Medical Center

There are plenty of reasons to trust Dr. Dov Rand today. In the first place, Dr. Dov has already helped a lot of people in the department that he’s in at the West Orange facility. His sincerity to improve the lives of others is admirable, and the fact that he’s been able to offer a lot of his expertise to a lot of patients who need his help is what makes him stand out in the series of doctors today.

Some doctors always have a vested interest in the service that they do, and there are instances that this can influence the opinions and diagnosis negatively that they give to their patients. This isn’t what’s happening with Dr. Dov Rand. He offers quality and ethical treatment to all his patients to make sure that his ideas get translated to real therapy to those with aging problems.

In the second place, Dr. Dov Rand has built experience at the Albert Einstein Medical Center at the New York location. He is a master at helping people achieve their weight loss goals and helps other people cope with the aging process all the more gracefully. His approach to regenerative medicine is also known to be extensive and arrestingly effective in delivering the kind of quality, supreme results that patients deserve. He also makes sure that the alternative solutions and nutrient therapy that he offers to the people are specific to the patients’ needs.



The Financial Pillar Behind Age-Breaking Inventions; Mr. Jason Hope

There is a guaranteed smile on the faces of the aged after major discoveries of reversing or slowing down their aging process are being worked on by various foundations and organizations. Aging is one condition that many don’t even argue with or bother to look for its cure because they think it’s a natural condition which cannot be controlled. Nevertheless, our generation is much privileged to control even their aging process. One of the major financial pillars to those organizations researching for anti-aging methods is philanthropist and entrepreneur Mr. Jason Hope.

Jason Hope studied at State University in Arizona where he earned his Master in Business Administration and later began several technology-related businesses and became a renowned personality in the technology field. His startups prospered greatly enabling him to become a philanthropist. He has been supporting SENS Foundation which was established in 2009 and has been helping the public access the age-breaking technology so as to enable the elderly overcome diseases that accompany the aged like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancer etc.

In many hospitals, their approach has been aimed at treating these diseases when they appear but for SENS Foundation their aim is to use a biotechnology approach that aims at preventing the occurrence of such diseases. The foundation invests heavily in carrying out researches about aging and consequently tries to change the perception of the public regarding aging process.

With the amount in their basket that comes from philanthropists like Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation supports other organizations that carry some promising research in the same field. Some of the beneficiaries of this foundation include Universities like Harvard, Yale, University of Arizona, Cambridge University and other organizations. The Co-Founder of this Foundation is Aubrey de Grey who is also its Chief Science Officer. He is very passionate at bringing to halt all these age-related diseases and this commitment can be seen in the millions of dollars he has put in the organization.

During his donation of half a million dollars, Mr. Jason Hope expressed his confidence in this non-profit organization in fighting diseases like Diabetes and Alzheimer which are the major diseases that many elderly people are struggling with. According to him, SENS Foundation is one of the pioneers that will bring major transformations in healthcare and biotechnology industries entirely. His donations are very vital in developing Age-breakers medications and setting up a laboratory program in the UK. Despite the success in their research, they have a major problem of overcoming the belief in the minds of people that age is to be respected and actually it’s a desirable occurrence.

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