Ara Chackerian, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor.

Ara Chackerian is an investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is currently the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. It is an investment firm which looks for investment opportunities in healthcare startups. Ara Chackerian is also the co-founder of TSM Health Solutions, a firm which provides treatment services for depression.




Even before creating TSM Health Solutions, he was into investing and entrepreneurship. He has been in the healthcare sector as an investor and entrepreneur for two decades. Ara Chackerian serves as a board member of a number of startups that he supports in San Francisco. Some of these companies include Mint Medical Education and PipelinRX.




Healthcare in first world countries




According to Ara Chackerian, first world countries are very much worried about their health care. The main concern comes from the increase in costs of accessing medical service, especially among the low-income earners. Medical services are even becoming bothersome for well-earning individuals especially where regular treatment has to be done.




Even first world countries that have well established medical system are worried about maintaining them. Many financial challenges are hindering maintenance of these systems. Countries which offer free healthcare services are constantly worried about the viability of supporting the medical plans satisfactorily.




First world countries are having their fair share of challenges with but are trying to find solutions. There are advantages and disadvantages to all health care system, and that is why these countries are trying to deal with disadvantages.




Ara Chackerian as an investor




Ara Chackerian holds a degree in marketing from the University of Florida. Ara has kept his career in the line of business and investment. He has proved that he is good at it by making successive profitable investments. He is particularly focused on the digital medical industry which presents the best opportunities for the future. He is using his investments to push for advanced medical treatment such as transcranial magnetic stimulation. Check out





Ara Chackerian is not only good in the healthcare industry; he offers guidance on various other industries. Generally, he is a person who can be depended upon for the right investment information. His experience comes in handy when looking for an investor who will offer raw investment advice.



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