Zeco Auriemo’s JHSF breaks ground in New York’s fifth avenue

It is every architect and developer’s dream to have a complete structure developed in one of the biggest States of the United States. You know you have made it when you can boast of a structure in the big apple. However, when you are a foreigner and manage to get a structure in New York, then you are definitely more than a big shot. This is true for one Brazilian developer that grows by the name Jose Zeco Auriemo. Jose has managed to spread his developer wings far beyond Brazil with multi-million dollar projects all over the globe and several prestigious collaborations.


Zeco’s New York project

New York’s fifth avenue is known as the home to the most influential moguls and businessmen in the State. In other words, it is a metropolitan area. Among the structures in the area now stands a four-story mansion developed by the one and only Jose Zeco Auriemo. The building which Auriemo acquired for 2 million dollars was built back in the year 1871. Over the many years, it has lost its appeal over the area and was becoming close to an abandoned building until Zeco set his eyes on it. Upon acquiring it, Auriemo Zeco intends on building into a state-of-art luxurious structure with 14 flours. The development project is currently underway and its completion will place it on the 815th position of all the prestigious projects completed by JHSF.


Zeco Auriemo’s JHSF

JHSF is a real estate development company that was established by Auriemo’s grandfather then passed on to his father and eventually made its way to the leadership of Zeco Auriemo. The primary focus of the company before Zeco took charge was the development of shopping malls in Brazil. Since Zeco took charge, the company has expanded its services beyond shopping malls. The company has developed several luxurious properties including residential apartments, offices and even hotels in Brazil and beyond.


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