How OSI Food Solutions Stays Ahead Of The Competition

Back in 1975, OSI Food Solutions was a company that sold processed food to quick-serve restaurants in the United States. They have seen explosive growth since that time and are an international company with a host of subsidiaries they have acquired over the years. They are active across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Their products are sold to several international restaurant chains and can also be found in grocery stores sold as private label brands. Visit

Their customers use OSI Food Solutions for a number of reasons. They have a great reputation for providing safe, wholesome food. They are also a company that believes that their global supply chain can always be made more sustainable which benefits the environment and the communities in which they operate. They also offer highly customizable food options and can meet the exacting requirements that their customers need.

Back in the 1970s, they just sold processed beef products. They now offer far more to their customers. This includes pork, poultry, seafood, dough-based products, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables. They have all types of meals covered whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, or appetizers.

OSI Food Solutions is the 11th largest food processing company in the world. One key advantage they have over their competitors is that they are privately held. This means that they can be very nimble and responsive to the needs of their customers. It also allows them to take the long view when it comes to developing partnerships. They don’t have to focus on short-term growth at the expense of the long-term, either.

They have over 65 food processing facilities around the world. One of the newest ones is in Chicago and had been owned by Tyson Foods. This company announced in December 2017 that they were shutting this facility down. OSI Food Solutions needed additional capacity and so they made an offer for this facility that was accepted. By purchasing this plant they saved 1,000 local jobs. The plant had processed just poultry products but OSI Food Solutions is retrofitting it to also being able to process pork and beef.


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