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The OSI Industries headquartered in Aurora, Illinois began in 1909 as a family meat market. It has remained committed to its core mandate and dedicated to customer’s success ever since. Many of the world’s leading brands rely on OSI group as their main global food provider. OSI’s main products include meat patties, hot dogs, bacon, fish, pizza, vegetables and poultry products. OSI’s solutions deliver great value, quality and streamlined processes at an affordable cost.

Besides culinary innovations around the world, they also operate test kitchens in their four major plants and have trained R&D specialists at every stage of the production process. Innovation starts in the kitchen but it doesn’t stop there for OSI customers, they recognize that adding value across the supply chain is critical to their business. They also prioritize their processing, logistics and packaging systems.

The OSI Industries food processing engineers bring a truly global experience to business and customers around the world. Their food process engineers are linked to a system of manufacturing facilities and regional offices around the world. The team can share their experiences and a common goals to provide innovative solutions and to meet the needs of their customers. OSI Industries understands that the world we are living in is on the fast lane because they prioritize the competitive nature of business. Getting a new product quickly can be the difference between being a global leader and just one of the many businesses available.

OSI Industries has global product research and development that develops ideas into tangible products to deliver to their customers. They work with meat processors around the world to develop exactly what they have in mind.

OSI Industries has massive purchasing power to help their partners to acquire the latest technology at an affordable price. They use the most innovative solutions to cut the production costs without need to cut corners.

There are a lot of ways that OSI group has improved over the years. They are now an incredible and prominent force in the business.

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