Sandy Chin Helps Give Students An Opportunity To Get Reading During The Summer

Literacy is important when it comes to not only grades in school, but also the chance to succeed in life. This is why portfolio manager Sandy Chin dedicated much of her time this past summer leading PS11’s Summer Reading Program in New York. Not only did this program help students with their ability to read, but it also provided a safe space for these children to learn and interact with their friends during their summer break.

When Sandy Chin saw that PS11 was in need of help, she decided to be the one to take action by leading the program. While reading is essential and children need to have access to books during all times of the year, it’s especially important during the summer when they are not being encouraged by their school’s staff to do it. In many cases, providing books for their children can be a rather large financial burden especially for the school district that serves 2 housing projects for low-income residents. The students from PS11 are a diverse group of children who come from a variety of different backgrounds.

During the summer, many children’s reading skills slide because they are distracted by many other activities, some of these are not always good options and Chin saw that she could provide an effective solution for the problem in the district. Some children find themselves unable to read any books during their summer vacation because they just do not have access to them. With her own son being a student at the school, she ensures that he is able to read throughout the summer break. 3 months is a long time to go without reading and Sandy Chin wanted to make sure that every child in the school was able to if they wanted.

Sandy Chin is the Chief Investment Officer at Tidal Bore Capital as well as a Portfolio Manager for the company. Before working at Tidal Bore, Sandy Chin was with Visium Asset Management as a portfolio manager there as well. During her time with this company, she largely dealt with stocks related to the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, she is based out of New York.


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