Luke Lazarus Emphasizes the Importance of Creating a Story

Startup consultant, Luke Lazarus, has developed a stellar reputation over the course of his career, working with a number of reputable entities throughout the Southeastern region of Australia. Since garnering a degree from the Melbourne Business School, he has worked alongside a variety of CEOs in various sectors, helping to guide their businesses into new territories. Based on his time as a consultant, Luke Lazarus has observed that many of the most successful companies around the world are forward-thinking, taking an avant-garde approach to their businesses while remaining open to new ideas. Since embarking on his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Lazarus has garnered general expertise in a myriad of areas regarding consulting, most notably, concerning business plans, market research insights, investor presentations, and financial projections. Recently, he sat down to discuss his career to date, as well as the secrets to his productivity and continued motivation.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, working for startup companies provides considerable fluctuations regarding his schedule, causing him to take a fluid approach to his business as a whole. Despite working in a career that is volatile in mean, Luke Lazarus generally follows a strict schedule, beginning his day early in the morning. Constantly multitasking, he generally begins his day with a cup of coffee, before beginning his exercise regimen. Despite the intricate nature of entrepreneurship, Luke Lazarus implements a simple, yet effective process in order to stay on task––a to-do list. Because his time with each client is generally very limited, he often leans on his ability to remain organized and in the moment.

One of the most important aspects of Luke Lazarus’ job as a consultant, is to bring his ideas to life, while also staying within the parameters of the client’s vision. In order to do so, he works to ensure that “the product or brand is synonymous with its story,” championing the idea that this is a key element to connecting with the target audience on an intimate level. Creating strategies that are simple, yet repeatable, has allowed him to connect with business across all sectors, continuously growing his clientele base.


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ClassDojo: Improving Communication Between Parents And Teachers

Teachers all over the world have been catching on to a new trend that enhances the communication that they experience with parents. The trend is to make use of online platforms and mobile phone apps to be able to communicate better with parents of the students that they are teaching. ClassDojo is one app that has particularly become well known in this regard and is one of the more preferred options for those who are on the lookout to improve the manner in which they communicate with one another. The app is now being used in over 180 countries across the world, and more and more schools are beginning to incorporate this into their classrooms.

The growth of ClassDojo came because of the need for a proper means of communication between parents and teachers. In the past, parent-teacher meetings were one of the only places in which they could communicate with one another. This communication time was also incredibly short, and parents weren’t able to always get the full update on what their children were up to in school or even what was being taught in class. All of these issues led to the emergence of ClassDojo, which stood as a viable solution to those problems.

The platform has not only opened the lines of communication but has also provided a more efficient and convenient tool that parents and teachers can depend on. Teachers can give updates to parents in their own time and at their own convenience, and parents can reply when they see fit.

With the help of ClassDojo, parents and teachers can communicate on a regular basis without even meeting in person. The app functions as a kind of messaging platform that helps keep both parties up to date. When teachers have anything that they want to share with parents, they can easily do so without having to call them over to the school. If a teacher wants to individually talk to one of the parents of their students, they can also do that discretely without altering the students and without actually calling the parent onto campus. Preps to Share Innovation at Las Vegas Electronics Event is a online retailer founded by CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong. The e-commerce company is a billion dollar business that sells a huge variety of wares. It size and success are not its only story though as Jingdong is also a huge proponent of the latest and greatest in technology. So far has pioneered commercial drone delivery, blockchain software, augmented reality, and robotics. In fact, the company has prepared for this occasion by opening up two new smart stations in China. These stations control the path of driverless delivery robots who make local deliveries within a 5 kilometer radius.

The automatons are programmed to obey the rules of the road, stop at red lights, and avoid obstacles. Working in tandem with human delivery service each smart station can deliver up to 2000 parcels per day. The delivery robots use facial recognition to properly identify the consumers who purchased the parcels. The system has proven to be very effective overall.

Delivery robots are just the tip of the iceberg for The internet retailer also pioneered commercial drone tech, blockchain software, and augmented reality. Jingdong will have a booth where customers can try out their software, and will also showcase their hardware. The main goal is to demonstrate how effective such tech is for commercial use. These demonstrations will be of both concepts and real-life applications. As actually offers its infrastructure to rising business, the booth could bring a lot of needed exposure.

About went online in 2004. The virtual e-commerce shop initially sold optics and computer parts. Since then it has become billion dollar business expanding through Aisa and Europe. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 1998. Qiangdong currently serves as CEO and has made a trend setter in the world of advancing technology.’s: Twitter.

Talkspace Co-Founder Talks About The Future

Sometimes it is interesting to get the prospectives of people who have gone on to do great things. Oren Frank is the co-founder of the therapy app known as Talkspace, and he is also someone who has given a lot of thought to topics of interest such as what the future of our planet holds.

Oren Frank believes that one of the most important things going on in the workplace right now for example is the extreme work culture that many of us have taken part in. We have gone to great lengths to work an incredible number of hours to try to prove that we are good and hard workers. Oren Frank argues that this is destructive to the human condition and that it does not help the productivity of businesses either. He believes that we have all gotten into a competition with one another over who is working the most hours without consideration to how productive those hours really are. Visit talkspace on Instagram for updates

There are other things happening in our world that Oren Frank is thinking about as well. He believes that the end of a male dominated culture and the rise of women is something to be very excited about. He wants to see more and more women in leadership roles, and it is likely going to be the case that he gets his wish on this. Many more women are grabbing the mantel of leadership and running with it.

Talkspace is a wonderful app that is changing the lives of a lot of people, but it is not the only contribution that Oren Frank has made to the world. The ideas that he shares about the world around him are also very interesting and perhaps could influence how others around him think going forward. Consider this when you check out his latest creations.

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OSI Industries; a Force to be Reckoned with

OSI Industries, founded in America at the turn of the 20th century, is now one of the worlds largest food suppliers. With 65 installations in 17 countries, the company has more than 20,000 employees and ranks as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Its products offer basic materials required by other food-related enterprises.

Retail food brands and restaurant chains use OSI as a reliable provider of value-added food products. Today, the OSI resources and its global capabilities, give this company access to food products on a global scale. In turn, this allows OSI Industries to offer lower costs, reduce preparation time, ensure food safety and customize culinary profiles. Food items have distinct formulation processes which allow business clients to satisfy a wide range of tastes. The company’s international profile ensures product availability for most countries.

In the more than 100 years of business operations, OSI Industries has developed many joint ventures or acquired processes, warehouses, farms, and poultry processing infrastructure. These aggregate industries have placed OSI as a primary global food provider. Along with hubs in North America and Europe, OSI has acquired a number of facilities in China, India, Australia and the Philippines. OSI Industries has doubled its chicken processing plants as a result of increased consumption of poultry. To know more about the company click here.

This rapid expansion of food production facilities around the globe allows OSI to continue to expand its product line. The company also nurtures environmental sustainability in all its new projects.

The growth of OSI industry allows it to develop a wide expansion of new products. OSI is diligent in its focus toward more sustainable products. For example, new equipment fitted into the Toledo installation, have cut electricity by more than 15%. Many of the OSI facilities meet environmental Standard Requirements set by Standard ISO 14001 and the Food Safety Standard FSSC


Reasons Why Rebel Wilson is a Versatile Actress

Rebel Wilson is 39!

In a series of Instagram posts, she shared her birthday celebration with her 6.1 million followers. Wilson also used this chance to share news about CATs (an upcoming movie in 2019). She is part of this film, which according to publications is one of the most anticipated films in 2019.

On this important day, Wilson shared videos of her friends celebrating with her on this important day. In one of the posts, she also shared news about her new interest, which is baking. To prove passion for baking, she prepared a beautiful cake, which she shared with her friends.

Rebel Wilson had one of the best months in February. She was part of the biggest Valentine’s movie of 2019. In this body of work, “Isnt it Romantic” she was part of the creation and acting. Commentators pointed out that the film was important in three ways. First, it challenged the typical Valentine’s scripts by incorporating comedy on romantic film.

Second, Rebel Wilson and her fellow cast members delivered a masterpiece in this particular movie through owning the characters. ‘Isnt it Romantic’ was one of the few bodies of works that matched the hype it attracted before release. Finally, the movie was brilliant because of its production. Just like other entertainment genres, romantic comedy requires excellent production.

Apart from being one of the most talented actors in this genre, Wilson has a vast knowledge of production and directing. In the last five years, she has been directing some of the best works in the world of entertainment. Rebel Wilson has also produced some brilliant works in five years. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The main reason why she decided to venture in these areas within the movie production is due to two reasons. First, Rebel Wilson wanted to push her creativity limits.

She believes that even in production and directing, creativity is important. Second, Wilson wanted to inject another perspective in these two areas. She is a firm believer that creative art is home to diversity and injecting diversity in these two areas is vital.

Apart from redefining the acting scene in the USA, her journey to the USA is one of the most inspiring stories in the world of creative arts. She is from Australia, and apart from being one of the few Australians actors that are currently big in the USA, Rebel Wilson is one of the hardworking professionals in the acting world. She shares her journey on her social media platforms, which is characterized by long working hours.

Wilson believes that hard work is key to being the best brand in the world of acting. Second, she is talented, and many journals have referred her as the queen of romantic comedy. Rebel Wilson is brilliant in owning characters and making average scripts look brilliant.

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