Luke Lazarus Emphasizes the Importance of Creating a Story

Startup consultant, Luke Lazarus, has developed a stellar reputation over the course of his career, working with a number of reputable entities throughout the Southeastern region of Australia. Since garnering a degree from the Melbourne Business School, he has worked alongside a variety of CEOs in various sectors, helping to guide their businesses into new territories. Based on his time as a consultant, Luke Lazarus has observed that many of the most successful companies around the world are forward-thinking, taking an avant-garde approach to their businesses while remaining open to new ideas. Since embarking on his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Lazarus has garnered general expertise in a myriad of areas regarding consulting, most notably, concerning business plans, market research insights, investor presentations, and financial projections. Recently, he sat down to discuss his career to date, as well as the secrets to his productivity and continued motivation.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, working for startup companies provides considerable fluctuations regarding his schedule, causing him to take a fluid approach to his business as a whole. Despite working in a career that is volatile in mean, Luke Lazarus generally follows a strict schedule, beginning his day early in the morning. Constantly multitasking, he generally begins his day with a cup of coffee, before beginning his exercise regimen. Despite the intricate nature of entrepreneurship, Luke Lazarus implements a simple, yet effective process in order to stay on task––a to-do list. Because his time with each client is generally very limited, he often leans on his ability to remain organized and in the moment.

One of the most important aspects of Luke Lazarus’ job as a consultant, is to bring his ideas to life, while also staying within the parameters of the client’s vision. In order to do so, he works to ensure that “the product or brand is synonymous with its story,” championing the idea that this is a key element to connecting with the target audience on an intimate level. Creating strategies that are simple, yet repeatable, has allowed him to connect with business across all sectors, continuously growing his clientele base.


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