Isabel Dos Santos Pinpoints Investment Opportunities that Women Should Exploit

Despite all the challenges that women have to face in Africa, Isabel dos Santos that there is still a chance that they will be successful. However, one has to be committed to what they do and spend much time refining their skills. According to Isabel dos Santos, women in Africa have to follow their passion and do what they like. That is the only way they will be able to compete with their male counterparts who are miles ahead.

However, there are other several areas that women need to venture and invest heavily so that they can start recording the necessary success. According to Isabel dos Santos, there are many untapped areas in Africa and Angola to be specific where women can try their luck. One of these areas is investing in digital technologies. Most of the people are yet to access technological advancements in other parts of the world, this is an opportunity that women can use to create a fortune for themselves. Learn more about Isabel Dos Santos at Forbes.

Secondly, agriculture remains to be one of the most important economic activities in Africa. However, food shortage and malnutrition remains at all-time high, which is a clear indication that food produced is not enough. Women should therefore start investing in the modern farming techniques so that they can maximize output. Isabel dos Santos notes that women should not just sit down and watch as men drive the economy. Instead, they should stand up and claim their rightful share.

Besides low food production, manufacturing is another problem in Africa. A considerable number of manufacturing companies have collapsed over the last few years. This has been brought about by lack of raw materials and poor management. Women should increase production of raw materials and help revive collapsed factories. They should also take management and leadership roles in these companies.

Finally, Isabel dos Santos highlights that tourism is a lucrative market that has not been exploited. Women should invest their resources in tourist related businesses, which will enable them to attain the much needed success. Some of the available opportunities in the tourism sectors include hotels and resorts, camping sites, tour guides, tour operators, and entertainment joints among others. Learn more:

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