JD.com Becomes a Procurement Middleman for Chinese Businesses

JD.com is making the tedious task of procurement a much easier chore with its new platform JD Business. The platform connects suppliers and contractors who offer the general means needed to run a company with the actual company’s that require their service. The program not only cuts down on the time allotment for procurement but also allows company’s to save on cost as well. But exactly is procurement?

Procurement is one of those less-than-glamorous aspects of running a business no one pays attention to. Basically, it is the task of supplying the company with all the rudimentary things it needs and finding services to keep the building running. No one really cares who produces the paper, or the staplers on the desk. No one asks about where pens come from or how the water cooler got into the rec room. If the elevator stops working most employees do not think about how it gets fixed the next day. They do not think about who supplies the light bulbs in the fixtures, or who cleans the building after everyone has left. All these little things are the nature of procurement.

Procurement is a arduous task that requires research, funding, and patience. After al most of these services will be used with frequency so a good relationship has to be created. Companies have to pay attention to reliability and overall cost to make sure they get the best. JD.com has decided to become a middleman to this process with its JD Business platform.

JD Business is another example of Jingdong’s RaaS, Retail as a Service. The platform uses JD’s online presence to create a huge marketplace for all a company’s procurement needs. As JD.com is the largest e-retailer in China and a transparent provider of the best money can by, companies can fully trust in the services that advertise through its platform.

About JD.com

JD.com is an e-commerce mega force that serves Asia, Europe, and Australia. The company began as a series of storefronts in 1998 and expanded to the internet in 2004. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong and remains a forerunner in the field of marketing and advancing technology.

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