Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a type of dry dog food that is manufactured by Purina Company. The food is healthy and beneficial for dog consumption. Beneful is also full of flavor as compared to other dog foods.


There are two types of recipes used to prepare the food: beef and chicken. Real meat is used to make Beneful Puppy Food, and no sugar additives are used. However, beef and chicken were not the original ingredients when the company first introduced the product in the market. However, customers requested the company to make the ingredients more familiar products. The result was the current beef and chicken options.


Baneful food manufacturers look forward to listening to pet owners and innovatively develop products that exceed people’s expectations and delight dogs.


Research indicates that dogs enjoy Beneful as it has a variety of texture: crunchy and tender. Naturally sourced glycerin is also used to keep the tender Beneful chewy. The glycerin helps to tender kibble soft and still ensure that the crunchy kibble retains its texture. This makes pups enjoy every bite of the meal.


Purina manufactures Beneful with the utmost attention to quality. Onsite quality assurance laboratories and staff exist in each of the manufacturing plants. These help in monitoring the comprehensive food quality programs in Purina that ensure product safety and quality.