Classdojo Gets Even Better

For the last seven years Classdojo has been helping teachers all across the nation. This amazing app is helping teachers communicate with parents and students will making it easier to create a positive culture within the classroom. After years of not charging teachers or school Classdojo has decided to release a subscription service that will empower both students and parents.

The new service provided by Classdojo is called ‘Beyond School.’ Beyond School is centered around helping parents and students use strategies to help deal with everyday life. These strategies might include mindfulness and meditation. Beyond School includes a series of videos that guide parents in helping their children begin to use these strategies. These are techniques that can be taught outside of school but used everyday at school.

Beyond School has a number of other great features. Building on the popular behavior incentivization system that is already in place, the Beyond School now gives parents the power to assign points to students for tasks which they can choose. In addition Beyond School sees another very popular part of the app upgraded. Now students can create their own avatar as opposed to choosing one that is included with the app. Students even have the abilty to record videos as a response to questions presented by their parents.

CEO Sam Chaudhary believes Beyond School is a big step in the right direction. He is convinced that students have lots of free time and this will be a great way to fill that time. Chaudhary has already begun testing the new app in select locations. It is set for a full release early next year.