EOS Lip Balm- Cooling Chamomile Review

Everyone’s favorite lip balm company, EOS, has launched a new sphere of comforting lip goodness with a Cooling Chamomile lip balm. Like all of its other lip balms, it contains natural ingredients that soothe, soften and hydrate parched lips and keep them that way. It also comes in a fun round colored container which is fun to use and keep handy in bags and pockets.

The cooling chamomile gets its cooling from menthol, an oil derived from mint plants. It has a cooling effect, which is wonderful for dry chapped lips. Chamomile is a flower that is used in tea and naturally contains a vast array of antioxidants that nourish and soothe. The flower is also known for its calming effects and is best known for relaxing and stomach calming teas.

Chamomile is also hydrating and a natural anti-inflammatory, a delightful choice for a lip balm. It makes you wonder why we haven’t seen this in lip balms before. Like all the other lip balms EOS makes, this one boasts shea butter and coconut and jojoba oils to ensure softness and hydration.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, has been making its very affordable lip balms since 2009. The vision for the company was simple. To make an easy to use, easy to find natural lip balm that was easily available and affordable. The company has made over $250 million by selling a simple $3 lip balm that is sold in drug drugs and mass merchandisers like Walmart, Target and Amazon. Not only is it cute and inexpensive, it is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

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It branched into launching different colored orbs for different flavors and is often espied in the bags of some of Hollywood’s most elite folks. It’s a simple product that works.