Lime Crime Partners Up With Revolve

The unique and fearless Los Angeles based cosmetics line, LimeCrime wanted to market their products overseas to China recently but hit a small snafu. Their products are one hundred percent vegan and animal cruelty free and for them to sell wholesale in China, they would have to have their products tested on animals. This was one of the many mandates China has presented to every cosmetic wholesalers. Since there was no way that Lime Crime would ever betray what they wholeheartedly believed in, they found a clever alternative so they could stay true to their own.

There was an option for Lime Crime to ship directly from the U.S. to avoid that mandate requirement, that sounds simple enough but in hindsight it was complicated. There would be the bothersome transportation logistics involving managing taxes, duties, international exchanges, customer returns and resolving customer questions in a foreign tongue. The company found out last year that someone had counterfeited over a million units of their signature lip topper and sold them in marketplaces across China. This was one of many reasons that Lime Crime had to push their products in China as soon as possible.

The global general manager of the cosmetic line, Kim Walls shared that the company joined forces with Revolve, a fellow Los Angeles based company that has an e-commerce designer apparel shop. Revolve wanted to expand and include beauty products in their marketplace, so the partnership with Lime Crime was meant to be. For their initial move, Lime Crime would build a following in China by using their social media platform and website to encourage people that visited to visit Revolve’s shopping service. By doing this, the people knew that this was the only way to get legit Lime Crime products. They also had a hub that Chinese commuters could access that was set up two hours from the official launch. This generated more word-of-mouth online and offline.