The New Vegan EOS Lip Balms

EOS has long been an organic ingredients based lip balm product for some time. However the company has never sold Vegan ingredients lip balms, until now. The crystal EOS lip balms are one hundred percent Vegan. The only reason why EOS was not certified Vegan was because the regular EOS lip balms use beeswax. The crystal ones do not contain any beeswax.

When the crystal EOS lip balms were released, the company was shocked when they sold out of the Vegan ones almost right away. Besides consumers purchasing the EOS lip balms because of the fact that they are Vegan, the other reason is because of the fact that the EOS lip balms are inexpensive ( The company sells their lip balms for only $5.49 apiece.

The crystal EOS lip balms are available in hibiscus peach, crystal plus, and vanilla orchid. The variety of options permits Vegan beauty consumers to enjoy options. The Vegan options contain shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural oils instead of the beeswax that is in the regular EOS lip balms. Take care to ensure you are purchasing the EOS crystal variety of lip balm flavors if you are focused on only buying Vegan beauty products.

New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm from EOS

We all know that having soft, supple lips is a goal that most women aim to achieve, so having a top-quality lip balm is an absolute beauty must. EOS’s (Evolution of Smooth) lip balms took the lip balm market by storm when they hit the market, outdoing one of the most popular lip balm company at the time, Chapstick (

Now, with EOS Lip Balm on the market, buying and using lip gloss didn’t seem so “medical”–instead it became fun and exciting to pull out an egg-shaped container of lip gloss that smelled good and had yummy flavors such as Strawberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint. Not only did EOS lip balms revolutionize the shape and scent of lip balms, but they offered natural and organic formulas which is very appealing to modern women, check

EOS has a new product out that is taking the market by storm again–the new EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Gloss. This critter-friendly lip balm is meeting the latest in our demands for cruelty-free products. This clear-colored lip balm is available in stick form or in EOS’s signature egg-shape and still has scented options available like EOS’s other lip balms. With weightless hydration and five natural oils to create soft lips, this product is like no other lip balm on the market. EOS is an innovative company and I can’t wait to see what new egg-shaped products they put out for us next.