Talkspace Is Your Online Therapist

The average person spends more time interacting with their smartphone than with other people. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Therefore, a large majority of people are more comfortable interacting with others over their smartphone. This has led to a rapid increase in services like Talkspace that deliver online therapy sessions and counseling to people that are facing a mental health issue. Many find that online counseling fits their lifestyle perfectly and is a better alternative to traveling a long distance to a therapist in their community for a counseling session.

Talkspace Is The New Alternative To Counseling

Talkspace is promoting their online platform as the new alternative to counseling for busy people that do not have the time to travel to a therapist in their location. In addition, the cost for therapy session with an experienced counselor is relatively cheap, compared to traditional counseling sessions in an office. In fact, their counseling sessions start at about $32 a week for one counseling session via text per day.

Talkspace Therapy

Talkspace is a new online application that will allow users to connect with a licensed, professional therapist who is experienced counseling mental health issues. Clients that use the application are able to connect with their therapist through text messages, video chatting, or phone calls. Once a client downloads the application and signs up they are matched with a counselor. The counselors are licensed, mental health specialist with plenty of experience working with patients.

Talkspace is a discrete and confidential service that provides online therapy with professional, licensed therapist at a very reasonable price. The service is convenient affordable and has helped thousands with their mental health issues. They have treated issues like depression to anxiety and much more. Talkspace is receiving a lot of positive reviews by satisfied clients across the Internet.