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There are a lot of people in the NBA who look up to Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson. He did a great job in Atlanta, where he turned Atlanta from one of the worst franchises in the NBA to one of the best. There are few people who were up to the challenge, so he stepped up and made the right kind of investments into the team. A lot of people today are excited about all of the progress that he has made. He is currently involved in a lawsuit with the team, and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Bruce Levenson

From the time he was in school, Bruce Levenson has always been interested in owning a large company. He started a variety of businesses in the first of his career, and he worked to make sure he understood how to take advantage of trends within the marketplace. This led to him starting companies that a lot of people were nervous about. If you want to invest in a great person, Bruce Levenson can help you get to that next level. Over the long term, it is people who are there for you that you can count on. No matter how hard it got, Bruce Levenson was always there to pour back time and money into the local community in which he lived and worked. A lot of people today are excited about all of the things that he has done.

Future Plans

UCG founder Bruce Levenson has a lot of plans for the future. Although he is no longer with the Hawks, he is still working on a variety of ways to invest in the city of Atlanta. Having lived there for many years, he has a special place in his heart for the city.


Former Atlanta Hawks Owners Take AIG Insurance to Court

Filing a lawsuit against an insurance company can be difficult. Often, insurance companies hire a team of expert lawyers to defend, and plaintiffs have a hard time proving their claim. Bruce Levenson and AHBE, the group of former Atlanta Hawks owner, aren’t the average plaintiffs. The AIG they’re filing against is New Hampshire Insurance Company. AHBE is claiming that there has been a breach of contract on the part of AIG. For clarification, this lawsuit does not involve the current owners of the Atlanta Hawks. Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler, one of the current owners, wishes AHBE all the best.

The lawsuit was filed after AIG refused to pay AHBE to cover damages suffered. AHBE is also claiming that AIG is conducting insurance in bad faith. According to AHBE’s policy, they were to be covered for certain losses that related to employment practices. AHBE has provided documents showing that they notified AIG that their claims had been recognized by Danny Ferry, former general manager of New Hampshire Insurance Company. Despite documented evidence, AIG continues to withhold paying AHBE for any of their losses. Due to AIG’s decision, AHBE has filed an additional lawsuit seeking an added 50 percent penalty.

Bruce Levenson, the front man of AHBE, is co-founder and partner at United Communications Group (UCG). He founded UCG with a well-trusted partner, Ed Peskowitz. Bruce was able to use his writing experience, learned while writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing, to represent his newly founded company best. He has also served as Director of many different companies. He recognized that he could use his fortune to help the less fortunate and became President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation.” He continues to be involved in many philanthropies.


Dynamic Retail Leader Kenneth Goodgame Drives Profitable Results

Principal Executive Kenneth Goodgame is a dynamic retail leader with over twenty years of experience in the industry. He has held a wide variety of positions ranging from Hardlines Merchant to Senior Vice President and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.

Kenneth Goodgame has been directly responsible for increasing year-on-year revenue and profitability from his earliest experience as a Hardlines Merchant right through to his current executive position at True Value. His first position was as a Hardlines D28 Merchant for Home Depot from 1995 to 1999. In that role he directed merchandising operations for the company’s Southern Region as it expanded at a rate of 220 new stores per year. He was later promoted to Director of Proprietary Brands and served there from 1999 to 2001. In that time he engineered and executed a major manufacturing partnership with John Deere and added $100 million to overall revenue. He also increased profitability by creating the RIDGID brand wet-dry vacuum series, revamping the Husky and Workforce product lines, and creating the 20 SKU Husky Air Tool program that secured a dominant market position over Sears by 2002. Mr. Goodgame’s final position with Home Depot was as Senior Global Product Merchant from 2001 to 2002. He wasted no time increasing gross profitability by the millions by adding new product lines, offering Toro-branded snow equipment in retail stores, and improving purchasing incentives through a comprehensive rebate program tailored to power equipment engine suppliers.

He achieved results almost immediately and turned around a failing enterprise into a profitable venture within the first year. He went on to secure the Division’s long-term success by forging profitable partnerships with Wal-Mart, integrating its commercial and consumer units, and expanding its overall product catalog. He was promoted to President and General Manager of the Bernzomatic Division in 2004. He achieved 94% growth over his unit through the addition of many new product lines, and the acquisition of a profitable competitor. He was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2006. He led growth through innovative national ad campaigns, the addition of new product lines, and the minimization of losses.

Mr. Goodgame moved on to Techtronic Industries North America in 2008 as President of both Baja Motorsports and Direct Tool Factory Outlets. He added millions of dollars to the bottom line, oversaw the addition of 30 new stores, increased service fulfillment rates from 65% to 90%, and delivered his division’s first profitable year. He transferred to Ace Hardware Corporation as General Merchandising Manager in 2010. That role solidified his executive experience by placing him in charge of all profit and loss results rated in the billions. He focused on overall profitability by overhauling the Craftsman offerings, reducing expenditures by eliminating weak product lines, adding high-margin offerings to stores, and redesigning private label branding. Mr. Goodgame launched into his current role as SVP CMO at True Value Company in 2013. He is responsible for full profit and loss results accounting for billions of dollars. He has reinvigorated the company by eliminating under-performing staff, restructuring inventory management, adding new SKUs that have a history of profitability, and launching the “New at True Value” 4 SKU end cap program.

Mr. Goodgame is an expert in marketing, sales and retail merchandising. He provides high-quality industry-related articles on his website His comprehensive experience in the retail industry is sure to be an asset to any company wishing to employ him.

Adam Milstein And Strengthening The Jews

There is a common theme among people that have been oppressed and marginalized. They often wind up being one of the more opposed people. The Jews are an example of people that have a history of being oppressed. One of the most recent forms of oppression that the Jews have been through was the concentration camp set up by the Hitler regime. Fortunately, they have been set free from the Holocaust. However, they have supported each other through all of the trials that they went through. They have eventually become very successful in many of the most important industries.

While Jewish people have become successful, they have also been very influential. They have influenced many other people in the world with their success as well as their example on how they have worked very hard for their positions. Among the most influential Jews is Adam Milstein. One of the reasons that he is so successful is that he has a heart for his own people. He is willing to strengthen his Jewish people throughout the world including in Israel. He has not only run a very successful career, but he has also built a foundation that is meant for helping others in their circumstances.

One of the aspects of success for a person is his willingness to provide for others. Many people that are selfish do not find themselves with true success. Selfish people often find themselves experiencing limited success. Therefore, Adam Milstein has made sure that he is able to provide for people beyond his family. He also wanted to be a strong example for his people. Philanthropy goes a long way in success for people. However, Adam Milstein is not self seeking. He is in fact one of the people that are very generous in the success that they gain.

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Talk Fusion Gets Great Award

Marketing strategies must work well with the new media landscape the internet provides. Talk Fusion provides a comprehensive solution to handle a tremendous variety of marketing requirements. Video chat features are among the excellent programs offered by Talk Fusion, the company that innovated the use of video inside of emails.

The browser-to-browser video chat service produced by Talk Fusion absolutely does help those in need of a dynamic and effective video service receive what they are asking for. The overall marketing industry has noticed just how outstanding Talk Fusion’s programs are. The company has just won an incredibly prestigious award for its vaunted video chat.

The honor, bestowed in August of 2016, was the “The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award”. The award is issued by the highly-prestigious Technology Marketing Corporation. The competition for the award is fierce as many different media and marketing entities are in contention for winning it. Talk Fusion deserves an enormous amount of credit for being able to overcome the competition and do so well.

Talk Fusion produces a number of ways businesses and entrepreneurs can explore marketing and promotions strategies. Video chat and video email are certainly not the only methods. Online streaming and promotional newsletters are among the other offerings the company makes available to those in need of them.

Talk Fusion, under the guidance and direction of its leader Bob Reina, is poised to continue delivering outstanding services in 2017 and beyond. More awards are sure to be on the horizon for this company.

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A 1-Million Grant from Highland Capital Management to Boost the Family Place’s Funding Campaign

Earlier this month, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management L.P., James Dondero, declared that his firm would offer a $1 million challenge grant to fund The Family Place, which is one of the most relevant organizations providing support for family violence victims in Dallas. During the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, the announcement stated that the firm will match 50% of the funds raised by the mainstream The Family Place’s campaign up to $1 million.

In the past two weeks, The Family Place has already funded over $200k which will reach $300k thanks to the challenge grant by the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. The goal of the funding campaign is to gather no less than $16.5 million to cover the expenses of the assistance the organization provides. Right now, the goal is only $2.8 million away from being accomplished but the ending of this campaign will surely be solid with the foundation contribution.

During his speech, Dondero said that the Dallas community got things done. He also added that the assistance provided by The Family Place had caused a serious impression. The assistance offers a complete philanthropic support. In the same event, Paige Flink, The Family Place CEO, also shared the conviction of having the impact of their activity enhanced thanks to the donations. The main aim of this funding campaign is to make the building of the Central Dallas Counseling Center for violence victims an upcoming reality.

Within the most relevant features that this center will have, there will be 13 emergency bedrooms, a medical clinic, a call center and several counseling rooms for any victim’s profile. There will also be multipurpose and job-training locations in this building. The most solid reason to pursue the construction of this counseling center is to expand the assistance provided by The Family Place because the existing center is 100% full.

Nowadays, the family violence victims require ongoing support to overcome the difficulties that arise from their circumstance. The psychological assistance in combination with the shelter services creates an inflection point in the sufferer’s life.


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