Luke Lazarus Emphasizes the Importance of Creating a Story

Startup consultant, Luke Lazarus, has developed a stellar reputation over the course of his career, working with a number of reputable entities throughout the Southeastern region of Australia. Since garnering a degree from the Melbourne Business School, he has worked alongside a variety of CEOs in various sectors, helping to guide their businesses into new territories. Based on his time as a consultant, Luke Lazarus has observed that many of the most successful companies around the world are forward-thinking, taking an avant-garde approach to their businesses while remaining open to new ideas. Since embarking on his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Lazarus has garnered general expertise in a myriad of areas regarding consulting, most notably, concerning business plans, market research insights, investor presentations, and financial projections. Recently, he sat down to discuss his career to date, as well as the secrets to his productivity and continued motivation.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, working for startup companies provides considerable fluctuations regarding his schedule, causing him to take a fluid approach to his business as a whole. Despite working in a career that is volatile in mean, Luke Lazarus generally follows a strict schedule, beginning his day early in the morning. Constantly multitasking, he generally begins his day with a cup of coffee, before beginning his exercise regimen. Despite the intricate nature of entrepreneurship, Luke Lazarus implements a simple, yet effective process in order to stay on task––a to-do list. Because his time with each client is generally very limited, he often leans on his ability to remain organized and in the moment.

One of the most important aspects of Luke Lazarus’ job as a consultant, is to bring his ideas to life, while also staying within the parameters of the client’s vision. In order to do so, he works to ensure that “the product or brand is synonymous with its story,” championing the idea that this is a key element to connecting with the target audience on an intimate level. Creating strategies that are simple, yet repeatable, has allowed him to connect with business across all sectors, continuously growing his clientele base.


Follow Luke Lazarus on twitter. Preps to Share Innovation at Las Vegas Electronics Event is a online retailer founded by CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong. The e-commerce company is a billion dollar business that sells a huge variety of wares. It size and success are not its only story though as Jingdong is also a huge proponent of the latest and greatest in technology. So far has pioneered commercial drone delivery, blockchain software, augmented reality, and robotics. In fact, the company has prepared for this occasion by opening up two new smart stations in China. These stations control the path of driverless delivery robots who make local deliveries within a 5 kilometer radius.

The automatons are programmed to obey the rules of the road, stop at red lights, and avoid obstacles. Working in tandem with human delivery service each smart station can deliver up to 2000 parcels per day. The delivery robots use facial recognition to properly identify the consumers who purchased the parcels. The system has proven to be very effective overall.

Delivery robots are just the tip of the iceberg for The internet retailer also pioneered commercial drone tech, blockchain software, and augmented reality. Jingdong will have a booth where customers can try out their software, and will also showcase their hardware. The main goal is to demonstrate how effective such tech is for commercial use. These demonstrations will be of both concepts and real-life applications. As actually offers its infrastructure to rising business, the booth could bring a lot of needed exposure.

About went online in 2004. The virtual e-commerce shop initially sold optics and computer parts. Since then it has become billion dollar business expanding through Aisa and Europe. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 1998. Qiangdong currently serves as CEO and has made a trend setter in the world of advancing technology.’s: Twitter.

OSI Industries; a Force to be Reckoned with

OSI Industries, founded in America at the turn of the 20th century, is now one of the worlds largest food suppliers. With 65 installations in 17 countries, the company has more than 20,000 employees and ranks as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Its products offer basic materials required by other food-related enterprises.

Retail food brands and restaurant chains use OSI as a reliable provider of value-added food products. Today, the OSI resources and its global capabilities, give this company access to food products on a global scale. In turn, this allows OSI Industries to offer lower costs, reduce preparation time, ensure food safety and customize culinary profiles. Food items have distinct formulation processes which allow business clients to satisfy a wide range of tastes. The company’s international profile ensures product availability for most countries.

In the more than 100 years of business operations, OSI Industries has developed many joint ventures or acquired processes, warehouses, farms, and poultry processing infrastructure. These aggregate industries have placed OSI as a primary global food provider. Along with hubs in North America and Europe, OSI has acquired a number of facilities in China, India, Australia and the Philippines. OSI Industries has doubled its chicken processing plants as a result of increased consumption of poultry. To know more about the company click here.

This rapid expansion of food production facilities around the globe allows OSI to continue to expand its product line. The company also nurtures environmental sustainability in all its new projects.

The growth of OSI industry allows it to develop a wide expansion of new products. OSI is diligent in its focus toward more sustainable products. For example, new equipment fitted into the Toledo installation, have cut electricity by more than 15%. Many of the OSI facilities meet environmental Standard Requirements set by Standard ISO 14001 and the Food Safety Standard FSSC

22000. and Michelin Offer Value and Great Service has been expanding its involvement in China’s auto parts and service industry in recent years, and now it is further developing its partnership with Michelin China to offer a convenient and high-end consumer service. Michelin has a global reputation for excellent products and will be protected by JD’s zero-tolerance toward counterfeit goods and its speedy reliable service. JD is the largest retailer in China, covering 99% of China’s population with its 7,000 delivery stations. JD’s technology is expanding through AI, automation, robotics and autonomous vehicle systems, providing a vast network of customers for Michelin. Michelin tires, dating back to the company’s founding by the two Michelin brothers in 1889 has gone on from one success to another, and as of 2008 is the world’s largest tire manufacturer.

Michelin China has launched a flagship store on the JD platform, offering customers who buy Michelin tires the choice of using offline networks such as TYREPLUS to experience a first class installation service.

The launch of the and Michelin partnership will provide the first time that customers will be able to purchase Michelin tires online with installation. The new partnership will insure that customers purchase authentic products that are delivered for installation by JD’s well known speed and dependability. Customers will be able to use high-end services such as TYREPLUS to install the tires, making the purchase and installation as easy as possible and also increasing the profits for the new partnership.

The partnership between and Michelin unites two of the world’s most successful business ventures and will provide unique services to customers as well as increasing profits substantially for the two companies. is dedicated to offering excellent products and unique services to its clients. The Michelin-JD partnership is a venture at the forefront of customer service.

Jingdong’s: Facebook Page.

Energy Supplies from Agera Energy

When it comes to getting electricity in your home or business, there has always only been one choice of company to go with. In recent years, however, deregulation has allowed other companies to come into the energy market and offer customers competitive prices. Agera Energy is one of these companies and they have been serving their customers for over ten years. They provide both electric and natural gas products for your home at much lower rates than others have.

Agera Energy is also looking to change the way homes get their electric and have started a Pure Wind program to do this. Pure Wind is based on wind turbines conducting electric. The savings you receive by changing over to this form of energy supply is tremendous and it also allows you to reduce the amount of your carbon footprint. Many households have changed to this new form of energy and are finding it to be reliable and cost effective.

Contact Agera Energy for more information on any type of energy product that you have or want to change to. They can provide all of the information you need to get started. They will set up an online account for you to pay your bills also.

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank Aims to Help More People With Advanced Services

Talkspace is an online therapy app that allows those struggling with mental health to connect to therapists anonymously. Available in text, voice and video therapy modalities, the app charges a nominal subscription fee to its users in exchange of connecting them to licensed and professional therapists. As a result, it makes access to therapy easier and more affordable under the leadership of its CEO, Oren Frank.

After almost 7 years of successful operations, Oren Frank, who co-founded the company with his wife, Roni Frank, aims to take Talkspace one step further and allow the platform to help people beyond online therapy.

Keeping this in mind, Oren Frank, along with his team, aims to make it possible for mental health professionals on Talkspace to prescribe medications to those who are in need of them. This way, Frank and his team are hoping to assist those for whom therapy alone can only obtain slower results of progress. Read more about Oren Frank at

In order to make this possible, Oren Frank and his team have brought along a chief medical officer on board in the form of Neil Leibowitz. Having formerly served as a senior medical director at UnitedHealth, Leibowitz has the experience and the expertise to achieve this ambitious goal by the company.

At the time of writing, Oren Frank and the Talkspace team members are still going through the process to make it possible to prescribe medications online, but they are hopeful that they would be able to achieve this feat.

In the meantime, Oren Frank continues to advocate for mental health and how access to affordable healthcare is important for all. For this, he uses social media platforms such as Twitter actively to spread the word about his and his company’s mission.

In a recent tweet in response to a New York Times report about U.S. colleges making minimal efforts to allow access to therapy, Oren Frank mentioned that the measure was better than nothing, but that it still left a lot to be desired.

Oren Frank is also an advocate about the dangers of social media and its negative influences on adults and adolescents alike.

With his work in the mental health sector and his efforts to make therapy more accessible to everyone, Oren Frank has established his reputation as a revered expert on the medium. If you’d like to learn more about Frank or Talkspace, then make sure to follow him on Twitter or check out the Talkspace app and website today.



How To Find Jeunesse Global Products

You may have heard about a company called Jeunesse Global. They have been in business for ten years and have been growing in size and reputation. The company offers many lines of health and beauty aids that can be used by anyone, regardless of age. However, you may not know how you can get your hands on their products. The company does sell many of their line on their website, but, the best way for you to find out about them is by contacting one of their partners.

The partners who work for this company are independent sales agents who will be able to take your order and send it in for you. By contacting them, you will not only be educated on the types of products they have, all of your questions about the products will be answered. You can find a partner who is located in your area by checking the company website where they have all of their representatives listed. They are located in over one hundred countries and you should be able to find one that is near you.

The products that this company sells are known to be quality products and they stand behind them with a guarantee of happiness. Many of the lines that are featured in their product list will help you to restore your hair or skin. They feature lines such as the RVL hair care line and Luminesce skin care. All of the products use natural ingredients and have wonderful botanical scents. If you want to restore the look of your hair and skin, using these products on a daily basis will help you to do so.

Reducing the signs of aging has become one of the biggest trends in skin care in recent years and many products claim they can do so. But, Jeunesse products have been shown to give you immediate results that will last for a long time. The reduction of fine lines on your face will last well into your day if you apply the products they have each day. Check the website for more information on obtaining their products.

Wes Edens Co Owner of Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens is well known for many things, but owning the Milwaukee Bucks has been a huge accomplishment for him. When he first jumped into the co-ownership of the Bycks with Marc Lasry they knew that they were jumping into a project that would last a very long time. The facilities that the team was using in Milwaukee needed a lot of work, and so did the team. Edens and Lasry were determined to rebuild both.

Read more about Wes Edens at

Both of the men were very wealthy, and knew what they were getting into. They realized that it would not happen over night, but with hard work they could become even more successful off of the team. So, they got started with their plans. They built a huge practice facility and an arena that now has more fans than the capacity of the facility will hold. They also rebuilt the rooster and have an outstanding team now.

Building the business side of things was the main concern for Wes Edens. He knew that the team needed new marketing strategies and a better presence within the community. He worked hard to help find people that he could hire to help him carry out better practices that would help make the team successful. It did not take him long before he had the business side of things up and running. He became successful with that very fast.

Wes Edens helped to bring the Milwaukee Bucks back to the light. Even though they were going through some rough patches, Wes Edens worked hard with his co-owner Marc Lasry to make sure that their purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks was a success. Being successful in life is something that Wes Edens has always prided himself in. His work with the Milwaukee Bucks is going to be something he is remembered by for a very long time.



“James Rivers Capital Outlook on Burnout “

James Rivers Capital is a financial institution that is located in America. It caters to citizens in the United States only. Some of the services that James Rivers Capital provides include advisory, commodity trading and investment advice. Paul Saunders is a Principal at James Rivers Capital.


Burnout can cause a lot of adverse effects in an institution one of them being failure. When the employees in the organization have burnout, their work productivity greatly reduces causing them to be ineffective at the workplace. According to Paul Saunders, their bright side is that employee burnout can be curbed if employers follow certain regulations. Employees are important to any organization because they accomplish tasks that ensure the vision of the company is attained.


Paul Saunders is sure that with the right procedures, an employer can curb burnout among the employees. Some of the ways that they can achieve this are:


  1. Maintaining transparency


Some organizations give promotions to workers without following the correct procedures and protocol. This construes negative feelings among other employees who feel turned down for the promotion. This eventually causes burnout as the worker does not have trust in the organization and therefore is negative about anything that pertains to it. In this case, employers need to ensure that employees are kept in the scope of everything that happens in the organization. Employees will have a positive attitude in the company and work effectively to ensure the goals are met.


  1. Maintain a flexible schedule


It is human nature to want to be in control of everything. When an organization take up all the control and create fixed schedules, they strip their employees the freedom of being in control. This loss of control can eventually lead to burnout because the workers are not as helpful as they want to be in the workplace. A good way to maintain the work productivity of the employees is to lessen the control of the staff members by creating a flexible work schedule. This way the employees can manage their time properly.


  1. Team building activities


Team building activities are essential in the workplace as they allow team members to work together and create better working relationships. It is also an effective way for the employees to let out any stress related to work and any negative feelings. When employees are facing burnout take them out for team building so that they can take up new hobbies that help them keep their mind off work. Their attitude will improve greatly and as well as their drive to work.




All the above tips can greatly help a company eliminate any burnout that may have been among the staff members. Learn more:


Why Deirdre Baggot is a Successful Executive in Healthcare

For many doctors, the life of their patients always comes first. However, there are many operations that take place when an individual visits any medical facility. There are medical tests that should be conducted on the patient in question so that the problem they are facing can be solved. Without the right medical care, many people are bound to lose their lives. There are numerous advancements that have been brought into the healthcare department. All of these are aimed at making life healthier and longer for everyone. One of the people who have brought a new idea in this industry goes by the name Deirdre Baggot. The American based clinician and entrepreneur gives the perfect definition of a hardworking woman whose mission is to make the healthcare system better than she found it.

Visit to learn more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot had a dream to make the American healthcare department develop when she joined the industry many years ago. As a clinician who had taken time to acquire the best education, the doctor knew how to treat the patients that who came her way. During her daily activities in the workplace, the American clinician noted that there was a need for a modern payment system. With the help of executives in the healthcare department, Deirdre Baggot helped to introduce the bundled payment option. The businesswoman has invested so much in this revolution, and she has shown great benefits. The healthcare companies that use this platform are performing so well in the American market. It is now quite easy to deal with the huge number of patients that come into the clinic using the modern technology. When Baggot is not working in her company, she loves to write publications about bundled payments so that students in the university can improve their knowledge. Her books have been selling in many nations.

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