Kamil Idris Sheds Light On The Importance Of Patents And Intellectual Property Rights

As someone who served as the Director of the World Intellectual Property Rights Organizations, he is someone who has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to the topic of intellectual property rights. Dr. Kamil Idris has served as a member of several organizations that have worked towards the enforcement of some form of beneficial development to countries. With intellectual property rights being something that he is incredibly knowledgeable about, he often writes blogs and articles on the events within the field, and the challenges that countries are facing as a result of this.

One of the recent articles that Dr. Kamil Idris decided to write about was with regards to understanding the modern law that is directed towards safeguarding and enforcing intellectual property rights. To begin, he spoke about the four primary forms of intellectual property and how it gives the person who made it the right to use it and possess it.

In the article, Dr. Kamil Idris gave a practical example of the company My Pillow, which was able to patent their product so that no one else could produce the same kind of product as theirs. This made them unique and something only they could do. This was also something that the company had to do for their economic growth. If another company were to start selling the same product as them, it would dilute the market, thereby reducing the profits that they earn from it. Through patenting the product, they retain control of that niche of the market, thus helping them grow into a more successful brand.

Kamil Idris stated that one of the biggest reasons to promote intellectual property rights is because of the development that it can bring a country. Innovators and brands are put in a position whereby they have to be more creative and come out with products that are truly unique, thereby improving markets and the development of global industries. With the rampant globalization, the importance of having good intellectual property laws in place to protect the rights of creators, brands, and innovators is growing.

One of the main fields that are affected as a result of lack of intellectual property rights is digital content creation. Content creators currently lack the tools to be able to properly patent their work, thereby making it easier to pirate and create counterfeits. With how much digital content is growing every day, Kamil Idris emphasized the increased need for intellectual property rights.