Sussex Healthcare Looks to a Bright Future of Care

The hallmark of a successful medical care facility is determined not by the availability of current technology, but the love it receives from the staff and patients alike. Sussex Healthcare is group of buildings in the England region that combines hospitality with medical services in a blend that is unlike any other facility. They specialize in treating patients with mental disorders, or elderly individuals who need long-term care solutions. The company was founded in 1985, and has recently entered in its 25th anniversary celebration. A recent article with Medical Daily Times reflects back on the origin of the company and where its future is heading.

The birth of Sussex Healthcare stems back to the shared vision of its co-founders. This pair of individuals who had completely different skill sets, but believed the combination of their ideals could create a medical facility unlike any other. The first individual is Shiraz Boghani, with over two decades working in the hotel business. He learned what an individual seeks in a home like environment, and how to meet client expectations with their living assignments. While Shafik Sachedina bring his medical knowledge to the table. He has all credentials and certifications of a doctor, and brings that experience to the care of each patient who they treat. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

In order to combat the ever changing medical care market, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for new innovations in its approach with patients. They hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO of the company. She is a young individual with a nursing background. Her fresh medical approach will aid in updating their practices and how they administrator medicine to their clients. In addition, the company has a wide variety of voices on its bored. They pride themselves on considering all view points before making any major company decision. All combined, this approach has given the company a positive reception from clients.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has everything it needs to sustain a successful business model, but they still refuse to sit on their hands. They know a moment of rest could be the different in a client’s experience.

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