Rally driver Rodrigo Terpins talks about environmental conservation.

Brazil is one of the leading producers of natural wood. This means that the country earns quite a bit of revenue from the venture. However, there is a limit to the number of companies that produce fully certified natural wood, and this is where Floresvale comes in. Rodrigo Terpins established Floresvale as a way of introducing sustainability in the wood business. The company prides itself on being environmentally conscious and as such, leading the way in ensuring that they only supply certified wood. This ensures that clients get quality wood while the environment remains intact now and in the long term.

Rodrigo Terpins has been a leader of environmental sustainability for a long time. When the Green Initiative foundation came calling within the rally circuit, he was among the first drivers they approached. His influence on the sport is well known, and it was easy to understand why they needed him to be part of the carbon-free initiative. This would help plant trees in the Amazon forest to compensate for the environmental degradation that the Sertoes rally may cause. Rodrigo Terpins and the entire Bull Sertoes Rally quickly jumped on board, and as an affirmation of the same, they were given the official car sticker. Check out Terra for more.

Rodrigo Terpins continues to run his company while at the same time giving time to a hobby turned the second profession. As a rally driver, there is a constant need to practice and ensure that your skills are at peak at all times. This ensures that no mistakes or slacking that would lead to disastrous consequences in this sport that is a true blend of man and machine. His brother, he notes has been very instrumental in nurturing his career as a driver. This was one of the reasons he was so adamant for him to join the sport even though he was at the peak of his career as a rider in the Brazilian Cross-country championship. He and his brother would become a formidable team under the Bull Sertoes Rally team, and despite having become independent drivers under the same team, they still influence each other a lot.