Affordable Stock Based Loans

Equities First is a private, full service and non-purpose lending institution that mostly specializes in securities based lending activities to investors who need to raise capital fast. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, and it has branches in different parts of the globe. The institution has very straight forward processes, and this makes it easy for clients to gain fast access to lower constant interest rates by using their publicly traded stocks as collateral. Equities First Holding was founded in 2002, and it has completed almost seven hundred transactions for its clients, ranging from international company to ultra and high net worth people.


Just recently, the company published a new report, stating that more people in the world are looking for alternative loans to fund their businesses. The margin loans offered by most of the lending institutions available are no longer available to consumers, especially those who want to raise capital fast for their businesses.


The credit qualifications have been significantly tightened, and according to Equities First Holdings, most of the consumers are no longer eligible. Government institutions have not been left behind. They are offering loan at very high interest rates to the clients, making everything difficult for the upcoming businessmen.


Stock-based loans, on the other hand, are providing a reliable alternative to investors. If a customer owns shares that are traded on public platforms, they can now get loans using the stocks as collateral. The interest rates on the stock-based loans are lower, and they do not change after some time. The loans are offered fast, and there are no high risks for the investors.


Equities First Holdings has transformed the lives of many investors in the world. Recently, the international company announced that it had acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited, a company that is based in the United Kingdom. According to the announcement, Meridian Equity will operate under Equities First Limited.


The president and founder of the business, Al Christy, say that the new acquisition will transform the lending institution and bring the services to a new international level. Equities First Holdings has over seven offices in different parts of the world.

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