The Different Look of EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth has become a hot company in a short amount of time. People are buying these lip balm products at a fast pace, and this has attracted the attention of magazines like Fast Company.

The EOS brand has been able to build an audience because there are an abundant number of flavors and people want to know a lot more about what this company is bringing to the market. There have already been Disney themed lip balm items that have actually been so popular in stores that these princess themed lip balm containers sold out. Some people that purchase these Disney EOS lip balm containers in massive amounts resold some of these containers online for substantial profits. This is just how much people are paying attention to the EOS lip balm. It has become this interesting company that has managed to build an audience of teenagers and young adults that were looking for something different.  Check on for added reading.

Chapstick was the same as it has been for the last decade. There has been no innovation, and the shape of the container looks the same it is as it has always looked. What would be interesting is the arrival of a company that presented lip balm in a completely different way. Sphere_shaped containers are not the norm in the lip balm industry.  More of EOS on

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Many people argue that this may be the reason that this lip balm from EOS is easily recognized. It doesn’t look like anything else that is out there. The design and packaging requires these items to be hung up. These products cannot simply sit on a shelf. The packaging is much bigger than other lip balm packages so it stands out in a way that overshadows lot of other lip balm rivals when it is seen in stores.  To learn more about EOS, visit their page.

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