The New EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm: One Consumer’s Review

EOS (Evolutionary of Smooth) just announced the launch of a new lip balm that is perfect for the cold winter months as well as the hot, potentially humid, month of the summer season. The product is the EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm. It is made with real chamomile extract and is designed to protect and sooth lips during the winter months when the cold and the wind chap lips severely, as well as the summer months when your lips need a fresh burst of moisture and coolness.

The new Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm not only is made with chamomile but has extracts of healthy menthol that are responsible for the cooling burst that come from using the product. As with all EOS products, this lip balm contains a high dose of organic, natural oils and butters that help set the EOS lip balms apart from the rest of the market. The Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm contains wonderful natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E. It also contains cocoa and shea butter for a wonderful softness that sets this lip balm apart.

The sphere for this new lip balm is a rich, semi-deep blue with EOS’s signature swirl in a lighter blue. Not only is it deeply hydrating, but this particular balm has a load of antioxidants that keep free radicals off the lips ( Free radicals are known as one of the biggest causes of the lips looking to have aged drastically. The Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm is unlike any other. It is technically classified as a medical lip balm due to its healing properties. If you want to get your hands on the EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm is is hitting the shelves of most local drug stores and is available for a bargain at just $3.  More reviews on


Review of the EOS Vegan Product Line

EOS has recently launched a vegan line of lip care products known as Crystal Plus. Crystal Plus is essential for adding a touch of nature to your skincare and lip care routine. These amazing products are made using plant oils, so you’re still getting the hydration that you need without the problems that come when using animal-derived products. Plus, you’ll find that the Crystal Plus line is much better for your lips and adds a gorgeous touch of shine rather than a matte finish. This line was launched specifically because it contains no animal ingredients and does not involve animal testing.

The EOS line of cosmetics and body care items is a trusted company that has been used for years. It is one of the best because of the quality of the ingredients being used in each and every one of the products being manufactured. In fact, you can find EOS products both in your local drugstore or by checking them out on the internet ( For updates, you can also find EOS on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where they keep their feeds updated daily.

The great thing that comes when choosing EOS is that you know the quality of the products is far superior to anything you might have used before. This means that you will feel soft and have touchable and smooth lips that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other lip balm product on the market. Make sure to take a peak at the wide range of products that EOS has created and launched to the world. EOS is known all over the world, and their name stands for Evolution of Smooth. This means you get smooth and hydrating products at a price that you will finally be able to afford on your own.

EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review

Many lip balms on the market today are very waxy. You put them on and you can tell that they are there, and you just want to take it off. However, this is a company that just came out with a brand new product that will make your lips feel great. This company is called Evolution of Smooth. Their new product is called Crystal Lip balm. Here is a review of their awesome new product, and some information about the company.

Evolution of Smooth’s new product called Crystal lip balm hydrates your lips without the waxy feeling that other lip balms leave behind. When you put it on it feels like you are wearing nothing on your lips, yet they get hydrated. This wonderful lip balm is perfect for people that use a lot of lip stick and need something to keep their lips hydrated ( This lip balm comes in two different flavors. They have a Hibiscus Peach and a Vanilla Orchid flavor.

This lip balm uses a lot of high quality ingredients to keep lips hydrated. It uses Aloe Vera which provides moisture and antibacterial properties to your lips. It uses Avocado Oil which helps sooth lips. It uses Coconut Oil to moisturize and fight aging lips.

Evolution of Smooth is a great beauty company that specializes in natural products. They offer products that are hypoallergentic, and are full of vitamins. They use ingredients that are great for your skin, and even sensitive skin.

Evolution of Smooth sells their products in a wide variety of stores. These stores include mass retailers such as Target and Walmart. They also sell online through Amazon. If you are looking for a way to hydrate your lips without a waxy feel then you should check out Evolution of Smooth’s amazing new lip product.  Check for more reviews.

EOS Lip Balm’s Wonderful Product Design That Gives Real Results

EOS Lip Balm is making its round across the nation and throughout the world because of its adorable and fun tasting lip balm that so beautifully captures the essence of your lips. Users love how it nicely glistens across your lips and truly enwraps around your lips all at once. EOS Lip Balm is very well-known because of their wide range of flavors and different types of lip balms.

Their blueberry acai is widely known because it has that fruity scent. EOS lip balm Passion Fruit flavor is popular as well but mainly because of the tropical approach it gives you, check this on This brand has so many to choose from, and they can all give you that unique taste you strive for and truly want. They have lip balms that are not just spheres but also regular sized. Their SPF options are known for being very healthy on the lips and really protecting them genuinely and giving them the protection they need. Another name their products have is lip moisturizers mainly because they truly protect the lips both from the sun and natural harmful effects that could come from dryness.

EOS Lip Balm is popular and has gained a huge following on both Facebook and Instagram. Single photos of their products on Instagram could capture more than 40,000 likes simply for existing. Their social media channels is what helped them grow over time, and they truly are providing users with countless products that are only the best for the lips. There are countless people who work for this company, and they all strive to come up with new technology that brings their lip balms to fruition.  For additional info, hit

If you are looking for a way to protect your lips and keep them healthy for the long haul, this is by far the best way to do just that.


Enjoy The Benefits Of EOS Lip Balm Products Today

Your lips deserve an equal balance of moisture and protection against the effects of aging, smoking, and extreme weather. Thousands of women around the world are relying on EOS lip balm products as an all natural solution to soft and sultry lips. They provide a extensive selection of flavors that are a top selection for women and men who want to pamper their lips with delectable flavors. EOS lip balm products are infused with shea butter and jojoba oil. These ingredients have been used on the skin for centuries to heal dry skin and now you can use it on your lips.

Why Thousands Of Women Are Choosing EOS Lip Balm Care?

EOS lip balm products are packed with eleven essential amino acids, along with vitamin C and E. You have the perfect blend of ingredients that will leave your lips ultra smooth ever time. Enjoy superior coverage and protection when and where you need it. EOS lip balm products are easy to apply and easy to store. Popular celebrities that include Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing some of the industries top EOS lip balm products. Indulge in a lip balm that will leave your lips feeling vibrant and soft.  Useful reference here.

Why Choose Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth gives you the freedom of pampering your lips with an organic EOS lip balm with delectable flavors that your lips will crave. Best of all, they are hypoallergenic and LEAP Bunny approved. Choose from flavors that include Lemon Drop, Purple Sorbet, Wildberry, Original EOS, Raspberry, Almond Milk Mint, and more. You’re invited to learn more about Evolution Of Smooth by visiting their exclusive website, click You can also visit the beauty care aisle of select retailers for more purchasing options today.  Check for additional info.

The Delicious Flavors of EOS Lip Balm Help Keep Lips Soft

The lip balm products from Evolution of Smooth took the beauty industry by storm. Looking at the variety of flavors it is easy to see why these adorable little spheres have become the popular choice for lip care.

EOS lip Balm‘s line of organic smooth spheres has eight amazing flavors to choose from, including their classic Vanilla Bean. Made with the extract from the vanilla plant this product contains many beneficial natural ingredients including coconut oil, sunflower oil and a jojoba seed extract.

Also in the organic smooth sphere line is their Summer Fruit flavor. This lip smacking lip balm contains a mixture of natural fruit extracts that includes peach, strawberry and blueberry. EOS Lip Balm product also contains coconut oil and Shea Butter to help keep lips smooth and supple.

Their Blueberry Acai flavor is also found in their line of organic smooth sphere’s because it contains ingredients that have been certified as organic by Oregon Tilth. In addition to the extracts of blueberry and acai, this balm also contains the softening properties of Shea Butter and sunflower oil.

EOS Lip Balm also has a line of visibly soft lip balms that are designed to help heal and soften dry lips. The tantalizing flavor of their Blackberry Nectar contains the healing properties of Shea Butter, vitamin C and vitamin E. Categorized as being 99 percent natural this balm is free of paraben, gluten and Phthalate. As a product in the visibly smooth line, this balm is designed to last longer to help keep lips soft and smooth.

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People who spend a lot of time outdoors might like the products available in Evolution of Smooth’s line of active protection lip balms. The Fresh Grapefruit flavor is not only a refreshing change, it is also made with an SPF factor of 30, which blocks both the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Try clicking

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