Taste the Excitement with Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm From EOS

Who knew lip balm could be so exciting? EOS came onto the beauty care scene fiercely, with something to prove. Seven years after it all started, Evolution of Smooth stands as the second-best lip balm brand on the market, beating even Chapstick, the company who led the way for more than 100 years. EOS made many attributes to their lip balm, and it is each of those that make it such an exciting product. But, the flavors stand out the most.

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Seven flavor choices can be yours when you add EOS lip balm to your beauty care shopping list. Although each lip balm flavor sends chills up and down the spine after it reaches your lips, the strawberry sorbet flavor is one of the most popular, and with good reason.

Strawberry sorbet lip balm tastes like a freshly whipped batch of goodness on your lips, see also here on walmart.ca. The flavor isn’t overpowering, but instead, the perfect taste when you’re smoothing and soothing your lips with the balm. The flavor is so great that reapplying the lip balm comes easily as you’ll want to maintain the delicious taste of whipped cream and berries as long as possible. And you should. Purchase products here.

The flavor isn’t the only quality of the strawberry sorbet lip balm that you will love. Did you know that EOS lip balms are made with all-natural, organic ingredients? Not only do you get an amazing taste, you also get the comfort of using a product that is toxin-free!

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