Lime Crime Makes Headlines with Feature in Self-Made Magazine

In a recent interview Stephanie Janetos did with Doe Deere, the inspiration behind Lime Crime, a cosmetic company dedicated to providing a galaxy of color to the industry, she uncovered a number of interesting facts about the Doe and Lime Crime. Doe was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine since creating her popular brand.


When asked where her idea for the company started, something GaloreMag also covered about LimeCrime, she explained that she was always an artistic and creative kid from her early years. She loved color and using it to express herself. She said she dressed each day with as much color as possible. The love of color led her to making fashions and selling them on eBay. She loved the items she created, however, she had trouble finding makeup and accessories to go with the fashions. She started Lime Crime cosmetics to fill a void that she saw in the industry. People would now have the ability to get vibrant with lipstick, nail color and more.  They’ve since seen a meteoric rise on websites like Love Makeup where they remain one of the most popular makeup companies.


Since she had chosen the name as her eBay handle, she decided to keep it for her makeup line. Doe claims that she was fairly bad at makeup until her 20’s, but she jumped into the business with both feet. After discovering theatrical makeup brands like Krvolan and Ben Nye, she says nothing was off limits for her line, Demand for her product line exploded because no other company offered the vibrancy her products did.

Her website traffic jumped immediately, because people wanted to see what she would come up with next. The Internet was the method she used to promote her business and to introduce new products, and it worked. She continues to come up with new ideas that she can offer through Lime Crime.


She says that if she had known that the sales were going to take off so quickly she may have chosen a different name for the company, but lime is her favorite color and the products she offers are so out-there, she claims they could easily be illegal. So, the name sort of fits.

Doe says that she is inspired in business by well-known people like Dita von Teese to her friends on Instagram, Elena and Stella Rose. She says that being featured on Self-Made magazine along with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington was a surreal experience. She loves what she does, and feels good about being recognized for it. She hopes to be a role model for other woman wanting break out on their own in business.  Continue following the story of this famous CEO on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.