Norka Luque’s Inspiring Career

Norka Luque is one of the most inspiring Latin singers on the scene. She has worked hard to get to the point that she is at and she always makes sure that she is doing her best job while she is working toward doing different things with the music scene. Norka has made a name for herself and has landed major record deals on her own without the help of insiders like some of the other Latin singers have done in their careers. She is a self-made woman who has worked very hard to get to where she is currently at.

Throughout her career in the music industry, Norka has had many different things that have made her want to be a better singer. She has had a great experience on the road and this has led to her putting out even more great music. She uses all of the experience that she has to help her come up with new music. This is one of the ways that Norka is progressive and it is something that she feels she can always do better at no matter where she is singing or whether she is not tour or in any other place.

There have been many people in Norka Luque’s life, but her parents are the ones who have been there for everything. They supported her as a child who wanted to be able to sing and they helped her by providing her with the opportunity to have singing lessons. They encouraged her to do her best during this time and they never left her side. As she grew in popularity, her parents were always there for her. It is not uncommon to find them backstage at any show that she is performing around the world.

While Norka Luque has been extremely successful since she first started, she plans to continue the path of success that she set up for herself. Just because she is doing great at what she has set out to do right now does not mean that she is going to stop. There are many things that she wants to do in her singing career and she is not stopping until she does them. Norka knows that she can be even greater if only she continues to push toward the other goals that she has for herself and for her music and singing career and aspirations.

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Norka Luque is the Musician to Watch This Year

She was born in Caracas in 1986. The Venezuelan musician discovered her knack for singing at a young age. Luckily, Norka had supportive parents who allowed her to begin musical training with piano, flamenco, voice practice, and ballet classes. She participated in several singing competitions like the “School Festival of Gaitas” (Venezuelan folk music competition) and “The Golden Voice”.

Academics and music

Norka Luque serves as a role model to young people who want to succeed in music. She knew that education would give her the necessary exposure and experience that could benefit her musical career. After completing her high school studies, Norka departed to France and pursued a business administration degree. While studying, she found time to perform alongside a band called Bad Moon Rising.

Her MTV profile shows that Norka’s passion for singing has remained vibrant even during her studies. She has always achieved her goal of spreading message full of inspiration through her music. For instance, the song MILAGRO advises people to pursue their dreams and to work tirelessly towards overcoming challenges they encounter. The song is now a big hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Switching from banking to music

After receiving her degrees, Norka worked briefly in the Monaco’s banking industry and relocated to the United States to pursue her music dreams. Jose Velazquez produced the album that introduced her to the music scene. Norka’s burst onto the music industry happened after she started working with producer Emilio Estefan. Under the guidance of producer Emilio, she released three successful singles that topped the Latin Billboard, and they were nominated for the Latin Music Awards.

Personal crisis

In 2007, Medical professionals diagnosed Norka with Epilepsy. Her health conditions deteriorated in 2014, and she had to undergo a brain surgery in 2015.  The medical condition nearly ended her career, but Norka is making a comeback. Her new song produced by talented producer Fito Blanko has become an instant hit in the Latin America.

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